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Applied Innovation for Designing and Manufacturing


Discuss about the Applied Innovation for Designing and Manufacturing.



Aeronavics a drone parts company that later moved into designing and manufacturing complete drones and also started to offer training to fly the drones. According to the founder of the company, the system that people had to put the drone parts together by themselves was now ending and the business had to change. Aeronavics has been operational commercially since 2010 being the world-class designer and manufacture of the aerial robotics solutions. With the main business in New Zealand, the crafts are today being exported across the world to sustain the highly growing professional and industrial drone business. The applications of the drone include surveying and mapping, farming and precision and media broadcasting among others.

Scope Statement

As a way to improve the product by the company, there are innovative measures that can be followed to ensure that the profitability and market sustainability of Aeronavics is strategically laid and founded. In the quest to add a competitive advantage to the company product, there has been an innovative move to develop drones that will be using the solar systems. To reduce the costs used by the consumption of the fuel and other energy systems in flying the drone, I have critically thought of developing drones that will use solar system energy to fly (Dalamagkidis et al., 2009). This innovative move has been driven by the fact that there can be an alternative to the high consumption of energy in the industry that can be significantly reduced through a real time innovation. The mobile power innovative technology is believed to be extending the battery life extensively in any application and is I most cases could be an advantage to the elimination of the need to recharge from power grids (Forsythe, 2012).

Innovation Choice Justification

The innovation will be ideal for the drone systems especially considering the systems that are in need of power to sustain their long endurance missions without returning to ground. The expected innovation of the solar cells is expected to be a boast to the efficiency in the world record and can as well be integrated into curved and limited lengths. A keen observer will notice that the innovation in the technology is so thin and light weight that the additions do not impact on the weight or the aerodynamics of the drones. Low temperature coefficients and a higher sensitivity to low light would mean that the drones can be offered with the real-world performance that is unsurpassed by the rapidly advancing technology (Love, 2014).

Type of Innovation

The innovation in the solar systems in the drones, or the unnamed aerial vehicles is basically based on the quality control for the utility scale clean-tech projects using the incremental innovation system. While thinking of the QC the visual that comes on the spot are the engineers in the hard hats walking in the field of the solar panels (Austin, 2010). The idea is soon coming to an end as it is becoming obsolete and outdated as the major themes is to look into the sky aiming to find out why it is like so. In the current innovative and technological era, the drones appear to be effective as double the human QC agent for many reasons. One is that they can see better from various angles that are difficult to achieve by the human capabilities that is minus wings (Peterson, 2014). The other advantage of the runes over the human capabilities is that they do not get bored after many miles above the ground. The innovative idea was based on critical thinking of what could be done in the process to ensure that the drones are more effective and reliable in the fields they will be used in. the innovative idea had the agenda of making the best out of the drones by the use of solar systems that will cut the costs involved in using the unnamed aerial vehicles that consume a lot of energy and sometimes fuel.

Aeronavics is known to have launched its first system in 2010 and it offered an air vehicle that many people and companies found interesting and useful in their business missions. In the quest to make the drone services better, it is suggested that the company start manufacturing drones that will be using the solar system rather than the energy cells that have been used in the past. The use of the solar system will facilitate a longer person of movement of the drones rather that situations where the energy cells are dying and the air bus has to be taken back to the ground for recharge of replacement of the cells (Rajendran & Smith, 2015).

Required Strategic Steps

In the strategies to apply the solar system to the company; the first step is to set aside funds that will be needed to facilitate the whole innovation process from the beginning to the time when the drone’s solar system will be fully functional. Secondly, the company has to find the best technology approach and staff that will successfully carry on the innovation process. there will be as well the need for the company to find the necessary resources that will be practically be used in the innovation process to avoid cases of the innovation coming to a standstill because certain resources are not available (Cunliffe, Brazier & Anderson, 2016). The innovation is expected to run for a period of eight months. Since the company will still be in the market, the current drones will still be manufactured and be practically used before the new innovation is completed. This will be in process as the company will be advertising the new innovation that will be expected to come to the market soon. As soon as the innovation is complete, Aeronavics will be free to bring the product to the market to replace the old technology (Rossi & Brunelli. 2016).

SWOT analysis table


The use of solar systems will be cost effective as it will cut off the costs incurred while using energy consuming drones.

The drones will be able to go for more miles than current drones without demanding for renewed energy.

It will be marketable as many people would want to use the solar driven drones to experience the effectiveness.



As a new product in the market, it will gunner many people attention to want to purchase it.

Aeronavics being a well-known and recognize company, people will be free to buy the solar driven drones from their trusted company



It will be difficult to prove whether the solar drones will be effective as new products in the market.

Convincing customers to buy the new drone will be a challenge as many people will need to be convinced to trust them.


Sustainability in the market will be a challenge as a new product that is to be used for the first time.

Challenges and Risk Mitigation

Considering the facilities used in the solar panel systems, and with the large farms using the solar systems, it will be a great challenge to cope with the environmental conditions that most of the solar systems will be affected with. Also, finding the opportunity to make the target market understand the strengths of using the solar driven drones will be costly (Springer, 2013). It will need extensive materials to make sure that the clients re well taught and aware of the benefits of using the drones driven by solar systems over the current ones in the market. To ensure the success of the project, the company will be expected to be at the fore front to create the awareness on the benefits associated with the drone systems prior to their introduction to the market to make the clients conversant with their purchases (Versprille, 2015).

Budget proposal

The entire project is expected to cover an approximate budget of one million INR. Under the budget, it will be inclusive of the entire strategic process, maintenance and the surveillance of the project to its completion. The budget is to cover both direct and indirect costs that will be met in the process of making the process a dream come true. All the miscellaneous costs will be inclusive in the budget.


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