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Automatic Data Processing


Discuss about the Automatic Data Processing.



On June 12, 1961 organization ADP was incorporated, which is a supplier of HCM (Human Capital Management) solutions as well as provide outsourcing of business processes. The organization works through following two segments:- First one is the Employer Services and Second one is Professional Employer Association (PEA) services. Approximately hundred countries experience the HCM solutions of Employer Services offered by ADP organization. United States, Europe as well as Canada all countries are material markets for ADP organization HCM solutions. Likewise, it provides expense or wage collection and settlement administrations in the UK, Canada, the United States, France, the Netherlands, India, Australia, and also in China. PEA Services provides best services, administrations in the US. This study includes the vision, values as well as mission statement of the ADP association. ADP organizations TotalSource framework gives Human Resource Management services, Employee Benefits Operations which include Human Resource Administration and Employer Risk Management services for the client. Main goal of ADP is to provide secure and safe outsourcing services to clients. This research study is about the concerned physical impacts or security issues which affect ADP. As the technological measurements of software and hardware in the computer framework to protect or secure data against some unapproved access, have been studied in this paper. Major security issues and legal issues affecting the ADP organization information security have been studied. This study includes the easy understanding, that it is hard to put unbending limits on the secret aspects of security of data used in data processing in ADP organization. Broad view on the current security of ADP is done during this study. This study includes the suggestions for security improvements which helps the ADP to achieve many organizational goals.

Current Security State

ADP provides wide range of solutions such as software and service-based payoff and outsource delivery models, which different organizations utilize to enlist staff for their payroll procedures and retain the workers performance (ADP, 2016). It serves about 600,000 customers by means of SaaS process, which usually alluded as a cloud-based model. Business Resource Planning of organization additionally provides outsourcing arrangements that empower its customers to outsource their Human Resource services (Automatic data processing glossary, 2000). However, ADP provides lots of brilliant services for customers but today organization has to face lots of security issues. Hence, different security models and frameworks are there which organization utilize to overcome security concerns. Main areas where ADP need security models are personal privacy of organization, confidentiality of data as well as computer security. Managers and security administrators of ADP has performed several endeavors to provide effective solutions to organizations for every technical problems experienced and help them to attain the overall benefits of the organization. Data confidentiality as well as computer security of organization are reliant upon the various application of an adjusted set of technological and managerial safeguards. For the total security plan ADP organization use Physical Security as well as Risk Management methods to overcome the security issues.Organization perform timely checking of work flow within organization to slow down the potential fraud, theft and reduce the misuse of organizations personal assets and in the organization. Incorporate different procedures which help ADP to minimize the exposure of the loss. Such procedures might include, participation of administrators between two people to maintain the performance of critical tasks performed in the organization. ADP appoint superior managers for the higher positions of management for easily perform system programming, input and output control. Managers implement some major plans such as record keeping processes to prevent the organization from unauthorized processing. Provide control access to the physical data records to make sure that the data integrity is clearly maintained, storage media is secured, for the care of confidential data files as well as to stop unauthorized utilization (Automatic Data Processing Inc., 2007). ADP currently implement a suitable security awareness programs and techniques, for instance, training lectures as well as seminars; orientation booklets; posters; amendments through which employees of ADP experience the better security planning. ADP security administrator used responsible security planning process (Bennett, 2007).

Word security when connected with ADP organization, is frequently interpreted as insurance against bad exposures and then seemed as a assurance against a forceful assault on ADP’s services. However, ADP security level is not completely secure and solid. These are surely desirable qualities for successful delivery of organizational operations and these are incorporated into the more extensive importance of security which this study (Automatic data processing handbook, 2001). ADP directors and managers use best security models to fulfill ADP physical security prerequisites, creating and actualizing physical security programs, as well as setting best audit reviews plans. ADP organization support its clients to achieve their business goals for their guardian organization as well as different clients (Automatic Data Processing Inc., 2006). More disciplined functions are performed in the organizations to achieve the benefits and fulfill the customer requirements. In spite of the fact that the organization itself would manage no immediate misfortune it unmistakably would have fizzled in its central goal. Sometimes data itself may have market esteem as, for instance, a restrictive programming bundle or a name rundown which can be sold. Aberrant burglary of benefits because ADP framework is utilized to control different resources, for example, money or approval for execution of administrations, then it might likewise be utilized to take such resources. The misfortune potentially happen in the organization would be the estimation of such assets which might be stolen before the extent of the misfortune is sufficiently vast (Barnes, 2001).

Legal issues

ADP may require the information and there might be very statutory necessity to hold them.Controls on the precision of information records are the main objective of the security plan of ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc., 2006). There are an extensive variety of conceivable checks such as keypunch confirmation, PC coordinating against foreordained legal values or qualities for control fields as well as for self-checking digits. Standard outline criteria ought to incorporate the subjective controls to be incorporated into any innovative application or any update of any type of old application (Clason, 2006). There are number of legal issues which affects the organization security. To minimize obligation and decrease dangers from the electronic and from physical dangers, and to overall diminish the misfortunes from the legal activities, data security professionals should altogether comprehend the present legal concerns, stay current with laws and directions, and look for new and rising issues (D'Amico, 2007). By instructing the administration and representatives of an association on their legitimate and moral commitments and the best possible utilization of data innovation as well as data security , security experts can keep an association concentrated on its essential targets (D'Amico, 2007).

Impacts of security issues on organization and impacts of issues in organization  by business continuity planning

A decent business progression plan ought to obviously express the business' key operations in composing. The document ought to recognize and organize which frameworks and procedures must be supported and give the vital data for maintaining. Business entities nowadays exist within a very focused world and they are very focused world advancing to meet organization business targets of providing the significant and unique type of services for ADP clients. Technology progress have empowered ADP to accomplish their differed procedures (Doughty, 2001). However then, the dangers of the debacle, by virtue of business interference, are not wiped out and they have additionally developed alongside the technology. Business intrusion does happen, however, what is of more importance is, what amount of the results of such interferences can the business manage? Business Continuity arrangement is the demonstration of proactively working out an approach to anticipating, if conceivable, and deal with the outcomes of any disaster, constraining it to the degree that an ADP organization easily bear (D'Amico, 2007).

Suggestions for improvement of level of security in ADP

The current security level of ADP organization is good but some suggestions are there for the improvements of security in ADP.

ADP need to prepare as well as maintain a complete policy and design a plan  for security levels and models used in it which include:

  • ADP organization physical security level policy statements used for the organization inner security;
  • Essential security or protection procedures;
  • Management procedures such as Transaction Processing Systems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Executive Information Systems.
  • Security frameworks for the system programming, design, testing, as well as maintenance or contingency designs for the security;
  • Risk and threat analysis;
  • Annual Loss Expectancy;
  • Security audit plan;

The technique proposed here for creating and executing physical security level policy statement and essential procedures can be summarized as follows:

  • Analyze threat as the premises for improvement of the security policy.
  • Select as well as the implementation of the best security procedures to diminish the exposure to various losses ADP face.
  • Develop contingency designs arrangements for the backup operation, emergencies, and disaster recoveries.
  • Provide training for the personnel to develop best security procedures.
  • Plan as well as perform continous tests and reviews, as well as adjust the security levels and alternate courses as required (Enterprise security concerns in the year ahead, 2003).

ADP need to perform an analysis of previous security levels used to evaluate the number as well as duration of huge hardware or software failures and impact of these failures on ADP functions and operations. Estimate the yearly loss anticipation which cause delays in executing urgent operations of ADP. Where expenses are justified, increase the framework quality by leading the peripherals, various designs, and so on (Hans Dieter, 2007). Review the maintenance of security levels of organization. Examine and record hardware failure in the organization, to recognize the failure trends quickly and optimize the preventive maintenance for such failures (D'Amico, 2007). Identify basic ADP regions including everything such as computer room, information control and change area, information document storage area, developer's zone, frames storage area, support region, as well as mechanical hardware room, as well as give sufficient physical access and assurance control (Heng, 2015). Ensure against the issues such as theft, vandalism, harm, espionage, common issues and some constrained intrusions with enhanced interruption and detection frameworks, with the physical hindrances.With the help of business continuity plan for information security ADP need to determine the potential focuses for fraud, Misuse of important information assets by analyzing or breaking down the work process and the way of ADP operations. Incorporate methodology which will diminish the exposure to misfortune of information and data used for processing (Knapp et al., 2006).

Security procedures might include

Requiring collaboration between two people to perform the difficult tasks; performing an extra checks as well as limits correlations; formalizing measures for big risk operations or tasks; and independent control checks (Hiles, Noakes-Fry and Hiles, 2014).

Assign significant positions in management sector of ADP organization, for framework programming, to control the program library, for quality control, exception control, for applications programming, for DBMS, review and equipment support and for suitable pre-employment screening. Compile an arrangement of move down arrangements which oblige the normal scope of crisis events requiring go-down operation (Business continuity management, 2006). The target of such emergency courses of action is to secure clients of organization operations against unsatisfactory losses. Archive execution determinations, operation guidelines as well as specialized needs for every crisis operation. Three-level model depend on the kind of choices taken at various levels in the ADP for safety purpose (Bowman, 2008). Similarly, by altering the criteria of security to diverse sorts of data and information that are handled at various levels within association, ADP can also used a five-level framework for the security (Miller, 2004). Five level model depends on automatic data processing needs of various levels in ADP. There are a few unique forms of the security levels, the most widely recognized security levels frameworks are there discussed in this study. Constructing the characterization with respect to the individuals who utilize the data framework implies that huge numbers of alternate qualities, for example, nature of operations and enlightening prerequisites, are checked pretty much consequently (D'Amico, 2007).

Transaction Processing frameworks: Transaction Processing frameworks are the operational-level frameworks.They are normally worked specifically by low level workers or by front-line employees, which give the key information needed to support the management of ADP operations. This information is normally obtained through semi-mechanized and the robotized tracking of the low-level exercises and fundamental transactions of data (Bowman, 2008).

Management Information Systems (MIS): For verifiable reasons, a number of the diverse sorts of data or Information frameworks found in business associations are alluded to as MIS for the security of information systems in ADP (Bowman, 2008). However, inside these model, MIS are administration level frameworks that are utilized by center administrators to guarantee the smooth running of association from small level to higher level of organization. The profoundly organized data gave by these frameworks permits chiefs to assess an association's execution by contrasting present and past  outputs (Miller, 2011).

Executive Information Systems (EIS): EIS system help administrators and senior directors to examine the circumstances in which ADP works, to recognize long-term arrangements, and to arrange proper approaches. The data in such frameworks is regularly organized and originates from both interior and outside assets. EIS systems are intended to be worked specifically by administrators without the requirement for middle people and effectively custom to the inclinations of the individual utilizing these system and help to safely process the data (Barnes, 2001).

Decision Support system(DIS): DIS system seen as a learning based framework, utilized by senior supervisors, which encourages the production of information and permit its incorporation into the association. These frameworks are frequently used to examine existing organized data and permit directors to extend the potential impacts of their choices into future. Such frameworks are typically intelligent and are utilized to tackle badly organized security issues. They provide access to different databases, logical instruments, permit reproductions, and might support the trading of data inside the association (Sterling and Pollack, 2004).

Risk Analysis: With the help of risk analysis security levels will deliver the following advantages:

  • Goals of a security program are straightforwardly identified with the missions of ADP.
  • Those charged with selecting particular efforts to establish safety have quantitative direction on the measure of assets which organization is sensible to use on every security measure (Bowman, 2008).
  • Long range organizers will have direction in applying the security contemplations to different things such as site determination, building outline, equipment designs and procurements, programming frameworks as well as inner controls.
  • Criteria are created for outlining and assessing alternate courses of action for move-down operation, recuperation from catastrophe and managing crises.
  • An express security strategy can be created which distinguishes what data need to be completely ensured, which dangers are critical and who might be in charge of execution, survey as well as for the reporting of a security program.

Threat Analysis: Threat Analysis is to assess the dangers to the ADP operations. Dangers and components which impact their relative significance have been secured with the help of threat analysis. Threat analysis security method is used by organization security planner in order to build and estimates the probability of any sort of threat which affect the ADP security (Syed and Syed, 2004).

Annual Loss Expectancy (ALE) : This security procedure is to consolidate the evaluations of the estimation of potential misfortune and likelihood of misfortune to build up an appraisal of yearly misfortune anticipation. The goal of this method is to pinpoint the noteworthy dangers as a manual for the determination of efforts to establish safety and to build up a measuring stick for deciding the measure of cash which it is sensible to spend on each of them. As such, the expense of a given security measure ought to identify with the losses against that it gives assurance. To build up the yearly misfortune hope, one can develop a framework of dangers and potential misfortunes. At every convergence one inquires as to whether the given danger could bring about the given misfortune (Bowman, 2008).

Audit: The last component expected to finish the system is the survey or review process. The study report provided by NBS and ACM Workshop depend on the controlled accessibility characterized review as "A free and target examination of a data framework as well as its utilization. To decide the sufficiency as well as the adequacy of framework controls versus unscrupulous and security vulnerabilities. Into the ampleness of controls, different levels of dangers, exposures, and consistency with models as well as techniques (Hans Dieter, 2007).


This study concludes, security investigation, natural disasters, framework reliability, supporting utilities, procedural controls, and measures, off-site processor facilities, security awareness, contingency plans, as well as security audit are a few improvements with which ADP organization can easily maintain its security level. This security models and frameworks used in this study contains statistics as well as information more comprehensive to the physical security concerns of computer facilities, data, and references and provide exhaustive treatment to different security issues ADP organization face. As innovative ADP security systems are developed as well as present systems are improved, these suggestions should be appropriately utilized. ADP organization should completely analyze its needs for the safety of data and processing services. ADP organization surely implement the suggestions found in order to commensurate organization calculated risk. Depending on diverse operational necessities, ADP will need several levels of the protection and security. These suggestions should assist managers of ADP in making, as well as justifying the essential and significant security decisions in the organization. This study concludes that information as well as data supplied from numerous sources inside the legislature  and in the private sectors reflect current technologies and practices, used to overcome the security issue. As innovative techniques and tools become accessible for future use these suggested models and framework will be modified likewise. This study help ADP to experience the security levels and these frameworks suggested in this study is used to prevent ADP from different physical destruction and theft of confidential physical resources; misfortune or destruction of data; loss of information and system records; robbery of data; robbery of aberrant resources and delay of computer system processings.

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