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Bachelor of Social Work


Discuss about the Bachelor of Social Work.



The group selected for this report is a sales team of a product-based organization. The purpose of the meeting was to reduce conflict and increase coordination between the sales employees in order to improve overall performance of the company. According to Wallensteen (2015), group conflict is one of the most complex phenomena in an organization that can be categorized in two forms- inter-group conflict and intra-group conflict. Ackermann et al. (2016) on the other hand illustrates that any form of conflicts will affect the productivity and profitability of the organization adversely. In this report, the group conflicts within an organization and the preventive measures will be discussed along with the communication dynamics and the group goals for resolving the conflicts. In addition to that, the leadership dynamics will be demonstrated which emphasizes on the leadership strategies through which the leader of the organization overcome from the raised conflicts.

Communication dynamics

Sherif (2015) explains that communication dynamics signifies the use of leadership skills and appropriate action for expressing the ideas for resolving the conflicts rose in the group. The managing authorities of the organization follow the trait theory that comprises of their intelligence, competence, compassion and commitment that dominates and motivates the quieter group member so that they can collaboratively work with other colleagues for achieving the organizational goals. Jiang et al. (2016) portray that effective communications commence with good management and a focused mission that plays a crucial role in resolving a conflicting situation by finding out an agreeable solution and the leader can make notes on these solutions and look for common ground (Jiang et al. 2016).

Moreover, everyone has to participate equally in resolving the conflicts and communicate the organizational plan collaboratively. Devoge and Devoge (2013) illustrates that the role of the facilitator is to listen to every individual about the problems they are facing and maintain a transparency of the business agendas with the working personnel.  Oxoby and Zapata  (2015) have affirms that conflicts can be avoided by formulating an idea on which every member of the organization must agree and in case conflicts arises that should be taken in a positive way and effective measures have not be suggested for resolving the adversity of the circumstances.

Group goals

The goad of the meeting was to increase collaboration within the sales employees. However, the goal of the meeting was not achieved due to low negotiation skill of the leader. Jiang et al. (2016) depicts that the primary objective of conducting group meetings is that all employee in the organization should communicate with each other in order to know each other's nature and characteristics. Wallensteen (2015) also agrees with the facts that proper meetings provide a clear idea of other’s perception, ensures group agreement on the process, and encourage the participation of all the members of the group or meeting. In such circumstances, the leader has to ask appropriate suggestions from other employees so that everyone can get a chance to speak and propose a solution to overcome the conflicting situation (Weisskirch and Delevi 2013). This procedure is known as a grievance procedure, which helps the organization to avoid the sensation of festering and ability of employees to grow into resentment and bitterness.

The goad of the meeting could have been achieved with good negotiation skill of the leader. Moreover, Weisskirch and Delevi (2013) depicts that team must avoid the conflicting situation indefinitely, delay or ignore the conflict so that the conflict gets resolved without any confrontation; however, it can be served as a profitable conflict management for the organization. On the other hand, Barsky (2014) states that if the conflict cannot be avoided, the group must collaboratively take the preventive measure for resolving the conflict in a group with unequal powers or by compromising with the conflicting situation for peaceful circumstances among the parties, who hold approximately equivalent power (Ackermann, Eden and Pyrko 2016).  Proceeding in this way, the group can fulfill their needs, values, goals and can be rewarded for their great conflict management skills within the organization (Benson 2009).

Leadership dynamics

In the above stated group, a leader was responsible for leading the meeting session. Despite having a leader, the objectives of the meeting were not achieved. Therefore, it can be said that the leadership approach of the leader was not sufficient to handle conflict situation (Sherif 2015). With effective leadership style, it would be possible to reduce conflict within an organizaiotons (Wallensteen 2015). The goal of the meeting was to reduce conflict within the organization. However, the group gets involved in confliction within the members. The leader was unable to handle this particular situation, as the leaders do not have sufficient negotiation skill (Stogdill 1974). Now, an autocratic leader is one who focuses to achieve organizational goals and objectives with efficient and strict policies (Oxoby and Zapata 2015). These kinds of leaders are unable to handle conflict situation, as they do not have negotiation skill. On the other hand, a transformational leader has the ability to negotiate and draw a cohesive conclusion (O’Hara and Weber 2006). It helps to reduce confliction and improve overall organizational performance.

When it comes to specific example of the leaders’ practice, it has been noted that the leader was full of disrespectful towards the group. Therefore, it was difficult for the group to come to a neutral point (Barsky 2014). However, an individual should respect the team members in order to handle conflict. In case of conflict management, the leaders play a role of third person. It is the sole responsibility of the leader to listen to the employees’ viewpoint and provide statement accordingly (Wallensteen 2015). Apart from that, the leader should not show any kind of bias approach while managing conflict. For example, here the leader has shows personal preference while giving the judgment, which is not acceptable by the group members (Oxoby and Zapata 2015). Therefore, it can be said that the leadership approach of the leader was not appropriate for conflict management.   


While concluding, it can be said that the group was not effective in task and group process. The issue occur within the group was due to conflict. However, people with efficient teamwork capacity can avoid conflict situation in an effective manner. On the other hand, the leader in this discussed cased was not efficient to handle conflict situation within the organization. In order to negotiate, an individual needs to have the ability to avoid biasness. The evaluation of the leadership approach shows that the leader was bias during the group meeting.

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