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Bio Medical and Security of System


Discuss about the Bio Medical and Security of System.



As per the analysis, there have been medical devices which have been increasing the miniaturisation along with the use of different external entities. The focus has been on challenges with secured network medical devices. There have been areas of research for handling the solutions through forensic data logging and the build-up of the security assurance cases. The medical system has been to develop a stand-alone and network devices subject to tampering with reprogramming based on unauthorised person with device specific hazards. This enables the remote attacks where there have been interactions between the devices and the systems. (Volner et al., 2004). The principal aspects of the bio medical has been the identification of security requirements along with handling the networked medical devices.

The challenges for the addressing of the attacks are:

  1. Overhead where the security adds on handling the limited computation and communication. The devices have been set for the resource intensive factors with computation, memory and communication.
  2. The heterogeneity of the systems of the bio medical is based on handling the magnitude different in capabilities. (Rosenthal et al., 2010).
  3. Usability security protocols have been used for the operation of devices along with certain security solutions to handle multiple logins to enter into the code.
  4. Attitude is based on the prevailing medical device through obscurity which has been set to hack into the system. This leads to the improvement in design in the long run. 

The development of the secured medical devices has been able to use the tools like FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis), safety assurance cases. The device manufacturing has been set to handle the security of the system with the data integrity where the information is generated and exchanged depending upon the accuracy of system without any limited alterations. The data confidentiality is based on using the medical devices through authorised patterns. The availability for the medical devices is based on accessing the supervisors with patients and caregivers. (Camhi, 1998). The authentication and the physical security associates to the equipment set for protection of the workflow of organisation. The cybersecurity in the medical devices helps in preventing the unauthorised access with the denial of use that has been stored or access depending upon the functionality and safety. The bio medical has been set for the shared responsibility with health care facilities, patients, providers and the manufacturers. The identification is based on the assets, threats of device along with end user patients. The major focus has been on management of workflows with integrating devices through blood pressure monitors with actual implementation. The forensic data logging has been set to handle the open errors with technical variables and alarms. The patient physiological work on network controller commands with supervisor decisions.

The institutional data security and the privacy is mainly to seek the target for the medical institution where there is deployment of the medical device. The major idea has been to handle the attacks with traffic analysis of the hospital where the network reveals about the higher rate of adverse events. The sniffing of the wireless networks is important with handling the DOS attack on hospital network with the changed network trigger alarms. The medical device vendors have been set for the poor coding and configuration practices through the hold of unencrypted data and denial of service. there have been activities which include the people, process and technology with complete unencrypted data and communication. The major security concern has been to handle the access to the client support sites with manuals and the firmware. The capabilities are based on full integration to handle the operational activities along with handling the vulnerability management. The medical system applications are regulated through accessories with analysis driven with patient self-management. (Murphy et al., 2002). The identified risks are set through properly handling the network connection along with configuring the medical devices. The uncontrolled distribution of the passwords with hard coded passwords will help in accessing the devices with determined risks levels. The medical device adverse events have been set for the linear acceleration with infusion and insulin pumps. The medical device security challenges have been for understanding the medical device risks along with designing and implementing the medical devices in order to optimise the safety of the patient. The security breach will help in handling and representing the increased patient risk as per the medical device system. With the change of security challenges there have been regulatory focus about handling the stakeholders with developing practical solutions.

The information security management defined the highest level of the organisation to ensure the appropriate place for the organisation with the management process. The risks management has been able to define the methodology which relates to identifying of the threats and vulnerabilities.

The medical risks assessment is based on operational focus for the health systems which needs a team for handling the software as a service. There has been flexible configuration to set the communication pattern with procured security tune ups. The collaboration for the attack model is to work on the triggering of a device with dose of medication. This will help in handling the programming of the radiation therapy device along with interfering the implanting device. The tampering is based on the records of the electronic health of a patient which has medical condition. The security of the patient is depending on the health data where the major issue is to take hold of the sensitive information data along with handling the residual device data for tracking of patient’s health records. The system has been set for the collection of medical and other devices with network controller interface to collect the data and set the external network like HIS. 


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