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Business Accounting


Discuss about the E-commerce Business Model.


Part A

Selected Business Name

The particular business selected for developing the assignment is known to be Jucce Interactive, which is Sydney-based company operating in the graphic designing process.

Selected Business Website Address/URL

The website address of the selected business is:

Selected E-commerce Business Model

Based on the initial investigation, it can be ascertained that the business functions of Juuce Interactive is primarily focused on providing strategic design solutions to other businesses to support their branding and promotional activities and objectives. By considering the identified function of the business, it can be stated that Business to Business (B2B) is the identified e-commerce business model for the company (Aschenbruck 2012). 

Part B

The major reason of selecting the company is based on its operational approaches contributing to the development of a suitable e-commerce business model. Providing solutions through the online presence of the business, the company aims to promote the digital marketing initiatives taken by the major business organizations of the country (Dua 2012). It is critically observed that the ideas and concepts behind the print designs and digital designs are apparently creative and strategically sound. Apart from that, the company is developed in Sydney, Australia. These are the accumulated reasons leading towards the selection of this company for raising further discussion.

By analysing the website for the company, it is observed that the primary goal of developing the business is to provide strategic design solutions to the major companies within the country for supporting their digital marketing approaches. The objective behind such identified goal of the business is based on developing unique and sound approach contributing to the development of the business in graphic designing segment (Information Economy Report 2012 2012). In the rise of technology and increasing online presence of the global companies, Juuce Interactive aims to promote its business by recognising the current business needs in terms of branding and promotional process and developed solutions in a unique fashion according to such criteria. Therefore, the results of the business are observed to be improved continuously.

By looking at the business operations of Juuce Interactive, it can be clarified that the major activities and approaches of the company are developed by the use of the particular e-commerce portal. The services provided by the business are dedicated towards the other business organisations of the country facing significant challenges in their digital presence. Nowadays, the companies are providing much importance over the digital presence for promoting their business and supporting the enhancement of the brand name (Jin and Lin 2012). Considering such understanding, it can be observed the graphic and digital solutions developed by Juuce Interactive are provided to other businesses only, which suggests the utilisation of the Business-to-Business (B2B) as the appropriate e-commerce business model.

Brand design and website design are two of most important services among the many ones offered by Juuce Interactive. There are significant amount of confusion there in the difference between branding and brand designing in the core marketplace. Based on the concepts behind the brand designing process carried out by the company, it is acknowledged that a certain brand is not the logo, colour, or a typeface of a company; instead, it is the perception and attitude of the consumers about the specific company or entity (Khachidze 2012). In order to provide effective brand design to the businesses, the approaches developed by Juuce Interactive are based on briefly analysing the company, brain storming to explore different opinions about the company to raise critical concepts, and deploying visual identity system.

On the other hand, the website design quality is ensured to be developed in premium manner by the company. The designing phase is done by considering four different stages from developing site maps and raising concepts to enabling the HTML functioning and launching the website.

The top five search engines selected in this case are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL. The URL of these particular search engines are mentioned below:

Google –

Yahoo –

Bing –

Ask –


The name of the company, i.e. Juuce Creative is searched in though each of these identified search engine, and the relative website of the company is shown in the result right in the top of the page (Lee 2012). In case of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, some more areas associated with the company’s website are highlighted in the search results. These in-depth results associated with the company contributes to the increasing accessibility to the company in the effective manner.

By analysing the accessibility features offered by Juuce Interactive, it is observed that sufficient amount of graphics is used to highlight the key areas of the business. The organization portfolio, design services, company description, and contact options are separately and suitably maintained for the users to access and gain critical sense about the business. Each of the accessibility options provides different benefits to the business as well as the clients of the company by maintaining the necessary features (Lee 2012). Despite of that, it is recommended that a proper sitemap should need to developed by the business in its e-commerce portal for driving easier understanding to the different users and clients of the business.

Due to the significant amount of focus provided to the branding and identity of the business as well as the objectives of other companies, it can successfully address the requirements regarding the language and cultural aspects associated with the business proceedings. With the help of analysis to the company’s website, it can be acknowledged that multiple types of designing solutions are provided by the company to secure the offering related to branding and identity (Xu 2013). These multiple categories of services are offered by the company by developing a major sense about the presence of different cultures and languages within the country. Based on the separating requirements of these critical dimensions, multiple solution services are developed by the company, such as “The Generator – Sydney Art Zone”, “Pure Edge Rebranding Design and E-commerce”, and “Sydney Art Zone Web Design”.

With the help of the information the business has outlined in the about section of its e-commerce portal, it can be acknowledged that basic aims of the business are clarified in a sound manner. The users can be informed about the basic priorities of the company in terms of its services offerings towards them. The company successfully capitalises on the increasing online presence of the modern day businesses by developing the unique services alongside maintaining the creativeness to the process (Yang and Ma 2013). This vital fact is clearly informed to the users of the website for encouraging their commitment to the business by utilising the services.

Based on the analysis made on the number of user information capturing web pages for ensuring the proper options of contacting the company, it can be observed that four different forms are used to achieve the process. Firstly, the telephone number of the company’s head office is provided, which is (02) 9976 5777. Secondly, the physical address of two different locations of the company is provided for ensuring the development of physical contact with the users. These addresses are “One Bligh Street, Level 26, Sydney NSW 2000”, and “Suit Four, 11 Victoria Parade Manly, NSW, 2000”. Lastly, the email address of the company is provided in the contact form for obtaining the feedbacks from the users over the mail. The certain email id is

By judging the accessibility features and graphic designs used by the website of Juuce Interactive, it is observed that the website takes standard amount of time for loading into the computer. Therefore, it is highly required for the company take some necessary actions for minimizing the website loading time to promote more engagement from the clients and other users (Khachidze 2012). In this case, the owner of the company must need to take some consider some simple steps to reduce the time consumed in the loading speed of the business website. Firstly, it should need to consider the optimized images to be used in the web page. Secondly, it should need to allow the utilization of features regarding the browser cache to speed up the loading of web page. Lastly, enabling compression can help the overall accessibility of the website more prominently.

In terms of navigation, it is very simple and smooth conducting for the website developed by Juuce Interactive. Here, it is recommended that the owner of the business should need to rearrange the menu structure to attach additional options explaining more about the company (Jin and Lin 2012). Such process will certainly help to increase the client engagement by promoting the growth in reliability and credibility of the services.

The target audiences of the website is known to be the business segment, which aims to secure its online presence by improving the digital marketing approaches.

The revenue model of the business is highly contributed by the effects of web system audit and analysis as well as the search engine optimisation. With the help of the web system audit, errorless records of the revenue can be kept by tracking different transactions associated with the business (Information Economy Report 2012 2012). On the other hand, the search engine optimisation enables the hassle-free access to the website promoting the larger revenues for the business.

The website developed by Juuce Interactive does not have a shopping cart.

The major steps for developing and introducing a shopping by the company are outlined below:

  • Obtaining merchant account by an online merchant service
  • Checking the availability of the web hosting companies to determine the reasonable charges
  • Utilisation of shopping cart designed by PayPal
  • Taking the benefits from an open source software
  • Arranging the software supporting the installation of the shopping cart in the website
  • With the use of hypertext and structured query language, the own shopping cart of the business should need to be programmed.


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Yang, Y. and Ma, M. (2013). Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Green Communications and Networks 2012 (GCN 2012). Berlin: Springer. is a name in assignment writing services that students trust. We offer our assignment writing services for a wide variety of assignment including essaysdissertations, case studies and more. Students can place their order with us anytime as we function 24x7, and get their copies at unbeatable prices. We guarantee that all of our solutions are plagiarism-free.

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