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Business Process of the Bakery


Discuss about the Business Process of the Bakery.



This report is all about the bakery that how the baker does the work and make a new quality products and also about the processes or activities which are done by the baker and know more about the bakery business and their requirements as per daily work and maintain the each and every sales and production which are conducted inside the bakery and so on.

Business Processes

The business process is the number of tasks which is linked with each other and find out the way to deliver the products and services to the customers. It is also referred to the various numbers of activities and tasks and after completion of the task, the goal of the business are accomplished. The process includes the inputs, and the process of that input gives the individual output. The inputs are based on the factors and have the contribution in the value added of the product and service either it is directly or indirectly. The factors are distinct into three different processes:

Management Processes

It is that process which focuses and deals with the operations of the specific system of the organizations.

Operational Processes

This processes is considered and focuses on the central part or the most important part of the business.

Supporting Processes

It is that processes which actually supports the operational process by human resources and the accounting to analyze the entire process.

The business process can be done either with the help of human efforts, and skills or the electronically with the help of device and which functions automatically. Thus, business process is that process which is done for achieving the objectives with the help of different processes of the business. It is set of activities which is logically related to each other like planning, production, and sales so on for performing altogether to achieved the specific objective or result of the business (Palo Alto software, 2016).

Types of Business Processes

The development of the industries in case of vertical as well as horizontal is done by the business process and involves any kind of the operations which is related to business. It includes example like:


  • Product assembly process
  • Quality assurance process
  • Corrective maintenance process


  • Invoicing process
  • Billing process
  • Risk management process


  • Medical assessment
  • Drug approval


  • Customer on- boarding
  • Credit check


  • Trip booking
  • Agent billing


  • Situation room process
  • Emergency management process

Human Resource

  • Starters process
  • Leavers process
  • Vacation request

Public Sector

  • Application for a government service


  • Safety audit
  • Legal check (Bakery initiatives, 2016).

Business Process of the Bakery

A baker is that person which makes the various breads, pastries, and other goods of baked with the help of combining the ingredients’ as per the recipe. After making these goods, the grocers, whole sellers, restaurants, and institutional food services sell these products to the customer as per their interest.

Before making the baked products, the baker test the ingredients’ quality which is going to be in baked products and also important utensils for the preparation of the products and quantity of the ingredients’ and combine the various ingredients’ in mixers and after getting all ingredients’ mixed up in a proper way, give the shape to the ingredients’ and place them into pan  and then set the temperature of the oven and with the help of the brushes, it applies the toppings or icings etc.

Products and Services

The bakery involves the basic products such as the good taste of bakery is sold to the common customers from the retail store and provides them the best quality products at the competitive price with completely satisfaction of the customer. In addition, the bakery believes that to earn the trust and preferences of the customer they focuses on the customer satisfaction and also deal with any changes regarding any products and improvements if required.


The target of the bakery is to make such products that the customers will not go anywhere regarding these products.

Marketing and Sales

With the help of the best and available resources, the marketing goal of the company is to create the platform for the bakery which leads to the retail company of the bakery which provides the opportunity for the development and the penetration of the market increased. For making the market for the brand of the company and the good position in the industry of the retail bakery as well as the local market, channel, it is important to plan about the marketing program. This can do with the help of online marketing as well as the traditional marketing.

Financial Forecast and Required Funds

It is very important for the bakery to invest the proper capital for the expansion of the business and making good products and facilitates more service for the easier operations within the bakery house. Various activities will do in very easy way like marketing, sales, packaging and so on.

The process of bread making is available all over the world and the production of the various products is done in all over the country with the help of the processes. The process of bread making is improved which is suitable for the processes of fast and modern that is the wheat is converted into the bread. The requirements of the processes and the large space are done for the long fermentations. The process which is developed recently is taking minimum time for processes and is so fast and effective. Thus, these processes have the same objectives that are the conversion of wheat flour into the ingredients’ of bread products. The process of making bread has followed the general steps for the conversion of wheat flour into the bread:

  • The flour is mixed up with the other ingredients’ for the development of the network like dough or gluten. The mixer is required for making the bread and for mixing the ingredients’ altogether to make single dough.
  • Fermented the dough for mature and ripen.
  • Baked for the transformation of the dough into the baking products (Sokanu, 2016).

Major Bread Making processes

The commercial production of the bread has been done with the help of processes is quite different for the achievement of the development of the dough. These are distinct into various processes:

Long Fermentation Processes

The fermentations of the bulk for straight dough process and the process of sponge and dough are the examples of this process. The period of this process for mixing the bulk of dough before or after is for the long period. All the ingredients are mixed up into one single step in the case of method of straight dough. But in the case of sponge and dough process, the formulations of dough receives the part of the period of fermentations before adding to the remaining ingredients for additional mixing to form the final dough.

Rapid Processes

In this process, it requires a very short as well as no period for fermentations of the bulk of dough after getting mixed and before dividing.

Mechanical Dough Development Process

The major function of this process is too mixed up the important quantities of energy for the development of the dough and without having any extension for moving of dough from mixer to divider. The development of the dough is done at the high level of the energy are allowed at the mixing stage.

Straight Dough Bulk Fermentations Process

The fermentations of the dough is done in the bulk. This is the process of the most traditional and most natural for the making the bread. The important features of this process are as follows:

  • Mixed up all the ingredients to form the similar dough.
  • The dough is fermented in the bulk forming the prescribed time which depends on the quality of the flour, level of the yeast, temperature of the dough and the production of the various bread is made.
  • The formation of the dough for the fermentations of the bulk is generally acquired by the mixers having low speed or carried forward with the help of the hand.

In normal terms, the requirement of the strong flour will need the long period for the achievement of the optimum development of the dough. Thus the flour which has the higher protein required longer time for the fermentations of the bulk as compared to that flour which have the lower protein. The process of adding the flour into dried for the completion in order to increase the content of the protein into the base flours is the

general practice around the world. The gluten supplementing for making the bread are less successful for this process in which the mixer has low speed as compare to the process of long run. Flour which is used for the fermentations of the bulk process must be less in case of the cereal alpha-amylase as it is affecting from the potential of softening on the dough which handles character along with the extension of the bulk resting time.

At the time of the fermentations, the development of the dough is done through the enzymatic action. As the enzymatic action is depend on the time as well as the temperature, so therefore adjustments is made to add water level for the compensation of these changes (Hecker, Hussain & Beckre, 2016).

ERP Software Selection Critical Components

The Enterprise Resource Planning software plays the vital role in the business for the expansion of the business at the given time and expands resources for the surety about that they will choose the best product which is suitable and partner of the technology for implementation for supporting the investment. The solution of the ERP introduced the centralized database of all the departments of the company for the information and also to the branches as well as the offices. In organizations, the availability of data is given to the authorized users and also that information is given to the employees, so that the employee’s gat updated about that information. The solutions of the ERP is broader and it maintained the financial, distribution, human resource, product life cycle management, customer relationship management, purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse management, and decision-support.

All the aspects of the company effect from the ERP software and have interactions with the ERP software and critically IT executives as well as the business manages the system in order to meet the present as well as future requirement of the company.

For implementing the ERP, the IT industry required the buy-in from the top management as well as the top executive to run the main cause. It is the best practice in which the sponsor of the top executive must be the person of the business instead of IT person and the management of the IT plays the role of critical within the team. The head of the department of the company should support the ERP planning, selection, and adoption and the integration of the department will be there and the single department will affects the operations of all the departments.

The selection of the ERP software is done by the criteria having priorities, weighted, and objectively scored. The best practice of ERP is to deal with the most important requirements of the software instead of gathering, review, and scored the possibilities of the business and the requirements of the software. It is right to separate or deal out the strategies of the business and objectives along with the requirements of the software and it will provide a basis for the identification of the obstacles for the company for the achievement of the goals (Diana, 2015).

All the processes of the business, requirements of the software, various features, functionality, software automation and the requirements of the business intelligence should be understood in the individual document which is normal for the request for proposal. This facilitates the basis on which the comparison of the products of ERP software with the fixed set of the criteria is done. The features of the software has received less priority and records those items and motivate the staff for making the wish-list according to the abilities of the solution of ERP. As all the individuals will use these systems which is new and modern. Further for the improvements of the employee engagement as well as the buy-in, the discussion of this process will innovate ideas and the ERP required may be taken into the process of decision making.

Business Process Improvements

For the implementations of the ERP software, the avoidance of the processes which is automated as well as centralizes existing should be done in the business. Before evaluating the current procedures, make the decision about the work and its requirements of improvements for the processes of the business for moving forward in the selection process of the ERP. The conversation between the employees and the managers help to find out the useless tasks and the wastage of time. This creates an opportunity to work in a proper way and to make improvements which the business follows and reduced costs and improved the production.

Business Forecasting

The system of ERP generates the last or more then the forecasting of the business should be done. The possibility of the scale is also critical. The implementations of the ERP are not affordable to any one recently at the earlier stage. The requirements for mapping the ERP abilities for the business plan of the company decrease the level of risk for the short-sightedness and to sure about the payments of the investments for the future (Johnston, 2015).

QuickBooks Accounting Software for Firms

The accounting software that is QuickBooks online is the best software for the firms. From all the accounting software, QuickBooks provides the price which can easily afford and the services for various businesses. This accounting software has the most important characteristics for all types of the business along with the general characteristics. It also has the abilities of the advanced software which will help to fulfill the requirements of the business. The cost is at cheap rate about $9.99 per month and does not require any adjustments regarding its features that are self-employed and the new firms does not required any order for the management of the finance. The characteristics of this accounting software involves financial reporting, recording of income and expenses, the capability for downloading the transactions of the debit and credit cards, automated data backups, and the preparation of the tax yearly and quarterly and to filed it.

This accounting software easily get accessed and adding new information. There is no requirement of various menus for findings the ways like it is easier to link with the bank accounts and credit cards with the dashboard along with the operational data such as the information of the vendor, new comers and new customers.

The QuickBooks accounting software is the perfect as it consumes less time and takes few times for the owners of the business and free from the stress of the accounting of the small business and it also meet the expectations of the business. The QuickBooks is also linked with the third-party apps about more than 150 and create for the email marketing, e-commerce, customer relationship management, payment processors, time recording, and payroll services and so on. This consumes less time for and allowed for importing, exporting and data sync for real time along with the various services.

The QuickBooks provides the support for the phone as well as the chat which can be accessed directly with the help of the QuickBooks website. There are various resources which help to solve the problems and to learn and support knowledge and the small business resource centre and the blogs and the community centre (Business news daily, 2016).

Freshbooks Accounting Software

This accounting software suggests for Android and the IOS and the best application for mobile for small business.


Best value

This software is used in the mobile application, but that does not mean that the features of this software application have been compromised. It also offers the saving for time and the accounting tools which do not cross the balance of the bank account. The representations of the sales for application of the mobile has free of cost for downloading, but you will have to bought the freshbooks subscription for the using in the business. There is no different plan for mobile application, just get the monthly subscription and that will accessed into the mobile application by the software for one month’s fee.

Ease of use

This software application is considered to be the simplest form and have the proper knowledge and easy to access around all the devices and download the freshbooks mobile application for setup which take only few minutes. The design of the freshbooks has done again to make easier and straight forward for using. It involves the function which is easily accessible like invoices, records of the clients, expenses, time-tracking, and management of the project and so on.

The application of the redesign freshbooks is also characterized by the new button and add shortcut that will make the new invoices, entry of new expenses and records the new time after launching the application. Also for first time sign up, 30 days is for free trial.

Time-savings features

It is the complete set of the cloud-based software which has the proper management of the finance and applied to the mobile application also. In this software application the invoice is easily create and sending and managing the invoices. It also creates the platform where the funds also easily received from the clients. It records the expenses and also categorized it and associates it with the vendors and the clients. It also reduced the paperwork by taking photo of receipts and attached to the correspondence expenses.

Customer service

In this application, it is also have the customer support which is easily accessed. This application also provides the phone as well as the email support and it is considered as friendly as well as knowledgeable (Business news daily, 2016).

Zoho Books Sccounting Software

It is recommendable as the software of best accounting for small businesses, like sole proprietors, freelancers, consultant, artists, and e-commerce and home based business.


Best price

It is the simplest way of the online accounting software and also manages the common features like making and sending invoices and record expenses, make reports and the accounting with the help of the mobile device. Its cost is about $24 per month for the various numbers of users. It carried the less expensive accounting packages.

Ease of Use

This accounting software is easier to use the dashboard and easily find out the way for using the menu of sidebar which is different from the task.

Time-Saving Features

This is the most time-consumed and reduced the stress to run the business. The automation and the online payments of the Zoho are helpful for the small business. It works in a smart way and with the flow of work and helpful for the faster payments online.

Customer Service

They provide e-mail as well as the support of phone 24 hours across five days of week in the U.S, U.K, Australia, and India. It helps to find out the forum of the customer and books that have knowledge (Business news daily, 2016).

E-Bakery Software

This is the simplest software and has the friendly workflow. It highlighted the software such as POS-enabled and easy configuration of the items according to its categories and it is easier to trained and for the operations of the software which have the minimum clicks and helps to see the charts like sales, profits, trends, and so on. It also helps to search the items which are based on the categories. The characteristics of this software are:

Item Definition and Categorization

The bakery sold many items according to its pieces, packets, weight, flavor, and so on. Thus this software helps to accessed all the items and configures in the easy way. The management of prices is done on the unit basis. According to the categories, the items are placed logically in the system.


It is very easy to understand. Thus, any of the bakeries can do the operations with the general knowledge of the system at a fast speed.

Delivery management

With the help of this software, the items are delivered at the time along with the management. The records of the delivery are doing before completing it.

Closing and inventory management

With the help f the POS, the entry of sales is done in the system and it is known for the certain period and at the last date, by operating one report, the closing is completed as soon as possible (Fine IT solution, n.d).


It is concluded from the report that the bakery business is very successful and the operation which is conducted in the bakery can become easy with the help of the tools either it is used for the production or for the recording of sales. The accounting software is also useful for this business.


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Fine.IT.solution.(n.d).e-bakery software.retrieved on 8 september 2016 from is known for providing well-regarded coursework writing services that exactly meet the students’ needs. Our each assignment is customized as per the provided guidelines and maintains originality involving latest information on the researched topic. Hence, students receive 100% plagiarism-free top-quality well-structured coursework help solutions from us. In addition, we offer 24x7 live support to ensure that students get uninterrupted coursework writing help when they need it most.

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