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Business Research Report Proposal for The Crucial Issues


Discuss about the Business Research Report Proposal for The Crucial Issues .



Communication difference is considered one of the crucial issues in any business firm, which affects the decision making process among the employees. Also, it has been observed that communication gap or difference is also responsible for various obstructions in the work process of the firm, which indirectly reduces the overall performance and growth of the firm. In this present scenario, every business firm has taken various measures and techniques in regards to overcome this obstacle and tried to reduce the adverse effects of communication difference in the business firm. This communication gap between the shareholders or/and employees of the firm decrease the productivity of the firm which cause fall in the overall growth factor (Bovée, Thill & Scribner, 2013).

Research Topic

The researcher has adopted the topic for this research study as ‘Impact of communication difference on the performance of the firm.’ The firm selected here is Woolworths. It also includes various adverse effects caused by communication gap in the business firm and efficient methods or remedies adopted by the firm to reduce this discrepancy of communication difference (Guffey & Loewy, 2013).

Research Objective

The main aim to commence this research study is to analyse the various sources and elements behind the communication difference in the firm and their adverse effect on the operation process of the respective firm (Schiavo, 2014).

  • To analyse the various factors behind the communication gap in the firm
  • To find the downsides of the communication difference on the processes of the firm
  • Basic remedies implemented by the firm to reduce this gap in the business firm.

Central Research Questions

The central research questions from which the researcher will be able to address at the end of this research study (Bovée, Thill & Scribner, 2013).

  • What are the major issues causes by the internal communication gap in the firm?
  • What are the impacts and adverse effects of communication gap on the process of the firm?
  • What are the difficulties faced by the internal or external shareholders of the firm from communication gap?
  • What are the essential measures adopted by the firm to reduce the impact of communication gap in the firm?

Research Methodology and Techniques

The research methodology will be examine the aspects and factors related to the research topic statements. To determine these factors researcher will use various tools and procedures. Descriptive research design has been taken into consideration to collect data from various sources.  Researcher will formulate a complete research work structure for the research study (Hillier, 2006).

Methods and Technique selected

  • Primary and Secondary data collection practice
  • Qualitative and Quantitative method
  • Descriptive research deign
  • Regression method

Research Process Steps

The following are the basic research process steps to conduct the research study more efficient (Taylor, Bogdan & DeVault, 2015).

Research Problem Statement

At the initial stage of the research study, the objective is to determine the actual issue of the research statement topic. Researcher must understand all the respective aspects of the research topic before proceeding with actually conducting the research (Eriksson & Kovalainen, 2015).

Background Study and Literature Review

From the previous studies, it has been found that effective and ease of communication will increase the stability and productivity especially in case of business firm, where communication is an essential component.  Communication differences are caused due to lack of knowledge, carelessness, feedbacks, language barriers etc. There are majorly three type of communication gap discussed in the literature. The researcher will adopt respective effects and cause for these communication gap (Bovée, Thill & Scribner, 2013).                    

Configuration of Research Model

In this research study, the researcher will use different statistical tools and methods to predict the expected outcomes.

Appropriate Research Design

This step includes selection of most appropriate research design for the research study which is less expensive and less time consuming and suitable for the data collection and analysis. Three types of research designs are most popular in this regards (Hillier, 2006).            

Collection of Information and Data

It involves collection of relevant secondary and primary data from various sources.

Analysis of Collected Data and Statistics

This step is to select analysis methods or tool in order to analyze the collected data.

Interpretation of Possible Research Outcomes

To prepare a report based on the expected research outcome and it includes various research figure and conclusion.

Data Collection and Analysis of Collected Data

Data Collection

In order to collect the respective data and information for the research study, researcher has adopted both primary data and secondary data collection method.
Additionally, in regards to gather more accurate and relevant data and information, researcher has decided to use both qualitative and quantitative techniques.
Primary data will be collected with the help of a prepared questionnaire. This questionnaire is set of questions that would be asked from both employees and managers of the selected firm.
Sample size is selected as fifty 50.
For primary data collection - Forty employees of the selected firm and five managerial level employees of the selected firm and five managers of the different firm in order to collect the different set of view of different managerial professionals.
For secondary data collections, researcher will gather data from websites, journals, and articles and so on.

Analysis of Collected Data

The collected data will be analyzed minutely, specifically the responses collected from quantitative methods. This will enable the research to co-relate the quantitative data analysis outcomes with the literature reviewed results. Regression analysis has been selected to conduct analysis on the primary data set. A detailed analysis method will be used to examine the responses received from qualitative data method. Both qualitative and quantitative result will be compared with the literature reviewed in order to find the variation in the outcomes. The analyzed data and outcome will be expressed in %, ratios, tables, charts, graphs in MS excel (Hastie, Tibshirani &  Friedman, 2001).

Expected Research Outcomes  

On the basis of the above research study, the researcher will be able to find that the most efficient remedy for overcoming this obstacle is effective initiative steps from the employees and employers and some action like regular meetings, continually internal announcements and periodically feedbacks from the employees will reduce the communication differences. This research is likely to provide a conclusion that the diversification in the work place of the employees will improve the communication, additionally organizing special training sessions to improve the communication among the existing employees who faced this issue can work most efficiently. These measures can be adopted in order to reduce the communication gap in the firm (Guffey & Loewy,  2013).


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