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Change Requirements


Explain Identification of change requirements and the opportunities.


Change management is considered to be the most crucial process as it helps in increasing the effectiveness and the growth of the concerned firm. In other words, it is the desired process which uses different types of the tools as well as the innovative techniques for achieving the desired outcomes for the concerned business.  In order to understand the different aspects of the change management process and the effects of the leadership within the concerned workplace, McDonald Corporation of Australia has been taken under consideration (Beckrich, 2014).  The reviewing of the existing policies along with the practices needs to be verified before the implementation of the new strategies or before the execution of the change management process.  The company has established its brand reputation by providing quality services to all its customers and as per the changing trends throughout the market segments; there is a crucial need to implement the desired change within the organization. There are external as well as the internal forces of change. The external forces contain macro as well as the microenvironmental factors. The PEST analysis and the evaluating the role of the consumers, competitors, suppliers and the pressure groups is important for bringing up the desired change for the firm. There is a crucial need to improvise the desired business processes of the firm and the implementations of the latest techniques will enhance the effectiveness of the entire firm. Kotter’s model of the change management process will help in evaluating the desired elements for managing the change within the concerned organization (Doherty, 2003).  These are creating the desired sense of urgency, formation of the desired formation coalition, creating the vision for the change, communicating that particular vision, removing the obstacles, creating short-term winning, building on the particular change and the anchoring the changes within the particular corporate culture (Ghaemi, 2011).  

Consulting with stakeholders, specialists, and the experts 

As to enhance the effective of the concerned organization, it is very crucial to understand the desired need for the changes and these needs to be consulted with the experts as well as the stakeholders of the concerned firm (Harris and Lambert, 2003). The engagement of the different stakeholders of the firm is important for enhance the business transformations and provides the desired elevation for the desired business process of the concerned firm. The internal forces, as well as the micro-environmental forces, needs to be understood critically as this will enhance the effectiveness of the firm in implementing the desired change within the firm. The stakeholders play the most crucial role in providing the desired elevation to the business process of the firm. The reviewing of the objective of the McDonald Corporation is significant in order to understand the desired requirements of the crucial changes for the development and expansion of the business procedure of the firm (Heagney, 2012).  The stakeholders, as well as the experts and the specialists, need to understand their role in increasing the growth of the firm with the help of the change management process.   There are some of the external as well as the most significant factors which need to be understood properly such as corporate and the competitive strategies of the firm, as this will create a great impact on the growth and the stability of the firm (Holbeche, 2010).   The use of the SWOT analysis along with the PEST analysis will help in developing the desired list of the proposed changes for the concerned firm.  

Development of change management strategy 

Obtaining approval from relevant authorities for the confirmation of change management process 

The managers as well as the leaders of the concerned firm are of great importance as these retain the desired power to confirm or approve the desired change which needed to be implemented in order to enhance the growth of the concerned firm. Reviewing as well as the prioritizing of the desired change needs to be done before getting it approved by the concerned authorities of the firm.  The changes needed to critically analyze before the development of the desired lists for those changes and the changes needs to create a desired high-level impact on the entire business process of the concerned firm. There are some of the important steps such as the identification of the desired gaps between the desired earlier as well as the present situation as this will help in pointing it the perfect requirement of the crucial change for the concerned firm (Latest Climate Commission report: climate change fuelling wilder weather, 2013). There needs to be the identification of the high-priority requirements for the crucial change and this will help in getting the change easily approved by the concerned managers or the respective authorities.  The cost-benefit analysis along with the identification of the desired barriers of the firm will help in rectifying the needs in order to bring out the desired which will provide the desired elevation in the business procedure of the firm. 

Assigning resources towards the project 

There are different types of the resources for the evaluation and the successful completion of the concerned projects such as the financial resources, physical resources and the Human Resources.  The identification of the desired risks within the concerned project is crucial as this will help in assigning the desired tasks to the different employees as per their ability (Leal Filho, 2013). The resources need to be assigned for the completion of the final project. 

Implementation of the change management strategy 

Development of communication plan 

The communication plan needs to be developed and this needs to be followed within the concerned workplace as this will minimize the risks and will increase the efficiency of the work process of the firm (Leal Filho, 2013). The communication plan should be discussed with the respective consultants, the group members and the individuals associated with the firm which will help in discussing the benefits of the organization and will reduce the risks. 

Management of activities for communication plan 

There should be the formulation of the effective communication plans and the activities need to be planned in an effective way so as to bring the positive outcomes for the firm. There needs to a team for managing the desired activities as well as the actions needed to execute the particular communication plan (Nie et al., 2015).   The communication plan will help in understanding the desired needs and the requirements of the firm for the concerned changes as per the changing trends are concerned throughout the market segments. 

Consulting with groups 

The change management process, as well as the effective communicational plan, needs to be consulted with the concerned groups. This will help to enhance the effectiveness of the process by verifying it with the group members (Owen, 2012). Consultation with the senior persons as well as the experienced members of the group will help in identifying the desired gaps between the formulated change management and the communicational plan for the concerned project.

In order to implement the change, budgeting, implementation, requirements, scheduling and managing the change is crucial.  The decision matrix will help in managing the effective as well as the crucial decisions as per the requirements of the concerned firm. 

Activating strategies to embed the change

The formulation of the effective strategies needs to be activated with the help of the concerned authorities. The embedding of these activities will help to enhance the effectiveness of the change management process (Sensmeier, 2009). Each and every step of the change management process needs to analyze before getting it approved by the concerned authorities as this will increase the overall efficiency of the concerned firm

Evaluation and reviewing of plan 

Controlling and monitoring of the concerned change management plan is imperative for the enhancement of the firm. There should be regular evaluation in the concerned objective of the concerned programs as this will help in analyzing the desired needs of the organization and it should according to the objectives (Rosenbach, Taylor, and Youndt, 2012). The reviewing of the entire plan for the management of the change within the firm will provide the desired competitive advantage to the firm as compared with the different competitors within the concerned market segment


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