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Christian and Non Christian


Write an essay on Christian and Non-Christian.



A set or framework of ideas that formulate and direct the ways of living of the individuals constitute a worldview. Each individual or a community possesses a definite worldview that pose a great impact upon their mode of perception of the world and the things surrounding them. Worldviews that the individuals form about this whole universe may not be backed by rational or logical means; they may depend upon those beliefs only by the virtue of the traditional and cultural influences . These worldviews make the people develop certain presuppositions and biases. In most of the cases these worldviews remain based upon and formed through the medium of the religions and differing religious aspects and attributes.


The Christian worldview and the non-Christian worldview have always been in conflict since time immemorial. God is the ruler who pervades the entire universe, He is the be all and end all, and nothing is beyond Him, says the Christian worldview. In accordance with the views of Christianity, God is the absolute truth, and everything in life can be achieved only through complete submission at his alter. Faith in Almighty is the major tenet of Christianity. It is believed that it is only through the union with God or Jesus Christ that an individual can attain the ultimate salvation and eternal life . The Christian Worldview, thus, is more based on the religious concepts. The avowal of the existence of God as the most intelligent, benevolent, powerful and loving entity entails the theology of Christianity. This theology asks each Christian to view the world from the biblical perspectives. It calls for an integrated viewpoint that that should be influenced by the elements from the Bible . 

Christianity believes that the sin committed by man at the Garden of Eden caused the fall of humanity; it is through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ the Son of God that humanity is redeemed from the sin and regained its position at the altar of the good God. 

Christian faith or the Christian philosophy is based upon reason and faith. The basic tenets of Christianity attempt to explain that Jesus Christ is the logos of God, He is the explanation for the entire universe, and everything contained in it . The religion believes in the absolute nature of God that is the God’s moral nature. Both the Christian ethics and the theology regard God as the Supreme Being who hates evil and favors the good Thus, the ethics of Christianity are not directed by the social norms, rather it is formulated by the belief in the goodness of Jesus Christ and the perspectives of the Bible. Bible through the gospels of the saints makes its followers aware of the fact that the path of morality is difficult but it will lead to God, however the path of evil may be easy to attain something but it will lead to destruction. The Christian Worldview preaches mind-body dualism, according to its belief a man can reach his true self when he will recognize the Almighty as the ultimate savior of the humankind from all the sins that he commit. It is at that point of time that the individual will perceive the union of his inner self with the Supreme Being. It further emphasizes that the natural or the divine law is the ultimate and the eternal law. Divine law that rests with the entity of God judges the human actions and cannot be substituted by the man made laws. The humanity can thrive only when it will follow the laws of the Divine or the Almighty. Moreover, it believes that the Society and the community are more important to God; Christ died and rose for the saving the mankind, therefore Christianity calls for the cooperation of the human beings with the will of God. 

Non-Christian beliefs are particularly dependent upon the theory of deism that mainly believes the superiority of the human reasoning over that of the Almighty. In accordance with the viewpoint of the non-Christian views, science and empirical data are the most important aspects that are reasons behind the formation of the society. The non-Christians defy the belief that there can be life after death of the human beings.  Deism, naturalism, Nihilism and Pantheism are the basic forms of the non-Christian beliefs . 

Deism had existed much long back in the eighteenth century that believed in the existence of God but perceived God from a different stance. This particular concept believed that the God created the universe and abandoned it. Therefore, Deism although originated from the Christian views gradually moved from the Christian norms, it denied the existence of a living God that the Christians strongly believed upon. The Deists do not believe in the presence of any kind of miracle as God is nowhere in this universe and thus all the events that happen are the causes of the previous events . God does not interfere with any aspect that takes place in this world. As Deism emerged from the Christian worldview, they believed in some of the attributes of Christianity . However, they did not believe in the existence of life after death. In accordance with the views of Deism, the human beings can know anything; there is hardly any concept of the fallen man or sin in this world. Human beings, the deists believe have the capacity to know what is right or wrong from the actions that they perform. They deject the notion of depravity, if a person is doing good then he will get the good results and vice versa, thus he himself can judge his actions. The Deists believe in the existence of God, however they are of the view that now God has left his creation and do not interfere with any of the workings of the Universe . The way in which Christianity believes that the God will lead humanity towards the real goal, Jesus would return in various forms in order to redeem the humanity and judge it, Deists are of the opinion that the human beings can achieve the goals only by the application of proper study and logical reasoning.

Naturalism is another form of worldview that holds the basic tenet that the faith in the existence of God is not relevant. This was the worldview that was highly influenced by Marxism and Secular Humanism. It had faith in capability of the human beings to sustain their own life without any kind of blessing from the Supreme or Supernatural being. Man is able to progress in his own life with the help of education, science and reasoning abilities that are portrayed through the formation of the states and the governmental rule. Evolutionary changes are highly believed by this concept or worldview. Supernaturalism that formed the basis of Christian worldview did not exist in Naturalism.

Nihilism is another non Christian worldview that does not believe in any kind of reality and according to this worldview life is absurd, it is a mere existence and nothing more than that. Life and its attributes have no value according to this concept. Human beings are only existing they are not living .

The postwar era brings the concept of Pantheism that puts forth the view that the all the living beings are the equal, all are one and each of the living being has divinity in them. Humans through noble and virtuosity can discover the divinity in themselves . 

Thus, it becomes evident through the discussion that the Christian Worldview with regard to the Emergence or the origin of the Universe, the Existence of God and the nature of good life, advocates the presence of divinity . The faith in the Almighty and the perception of the Supreme Being in every aspect of the universe constitute the entire Worldview of Christianity. According to it the Universe is believed to have been created by the Almighty and t is not the result of any evolutionary changes. The God pervades over everything in this world, He is all pervasive, omniscient and omnipresent. The Bible or the Holy book of the Christians reveals all these tenets.

 A Christian would always believe that the God has created him and put him into this universe for some purpose and he believes that this purpose is to promote or advocate the glory of God. A Christian would always deny that the morals are subjective in nature and thus, the individual who will live a virtuous life and follow the Biblical principles will attain the actual morality and will be able to lead a good and virtuous life. Submission to God and his principles are the only means to perceive salvation and union with God. The path if evil that is detested by the Almighty would only bring the fall of man as it did with Adam and Eve as the Bible says. The path of goodness and spirituality is the only correct means to attain a good life. The Bible is the word of God or the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He believes that man is created in the image of God and therefore every human deserves reverence. The Almighty has provided his creation to the all the living beings, and as the humans are the rational beings they should perceive the Nature according to the ways as are mentioned in the Bible and thus live according to God’s directions that they believe are very much scientific and rational. God provides his creation to the living beings so that they can sustain themselves . It is the presence of God that causes the trees to grow, the fruits to ripen and the birth of everything new, God according to a true Christian can never leave His children forsaken; He will never abandon them and would continue to support them by fulfilling their needs.

On the other hand, an individual who is the believer in non biblical or Non Christian tenets or viewpoints would defy the presence of an omnipresent and all pervasive God in the Universe. He would rather say that the Universe is created through the evolutionary changes and not by any Supreme Being .

The ethical views of life cannot be defined by the God, as the existence of mankind is the only truth therefore man himself is capable of judging his moral nature and no Supreme Being can judge his actions . Man is a rational being and therefore he can lead a good life and can reach his goals in his life only through the principles of reason and in depth study of logical o scientific attributes of the world and not through any spiritual or divine means. He would only believe in what he can perceive and what is natural, not in the presence of a divine of supernatural being. 


Thus, through the discussion it becomes evident that how the Christian and Non Christian world views shape the lives and thoughts of the individuals. The worldviews thus form the basis that helps the human beings to interpret reality and the truths of life. They become the guiding force in everyday life that influences the behavior of the individuals with regard to every aspect of this universe perceived by him.

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