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Collaboration in Tourism Businesses and Destinations


Discuss about the Collaboration in Tourism Businesses and Destinations.



Shipping industry: The major international events that affect the business activities in the ship building industry in Tasmania can be classified into macro factors and market factors. The macro factors involve changes in the oil prices, economic and political stability of the importing and exporting countries and lastly changes in the world seaborne trade. On the other hand, the market factors include subsidies provided by the government, charter rates; scrapping of old vehicles and vessels on order (Rahman and Mamun 2016). This has affected companies such as Incat.
Education industry: The education industry in Australia has been a major contributor in the economic development of the country. The immigration and visa regulations of the countries have a huge impact on the education industry in Tasmania. This highly affects several institutes in Tasmania such as Tasmania University.
Fishing industry: The changes in the export- import rules and regulations across the nations shall have a huge impact on the fishing industry in Changes in the global climate might also have huge impacts on the fishing industry in Tasmania. This might have a huge impact on fishing companies in Tasmania such as Tassal.

Tassal is a Tasmanian fishery company that exports salmon to the other countries. However, the increase in the pollution in the water bodies surrounding Tasmania have made the fishes unfit for consumption. The heavy regulations of the Australian Governments have made it difficult for Tassal to export salmon. The Governments of the importing countries have also imposed certain restrictions on the import of salmons from Tasmania (Cavusgil et al. 2014).   

Underserviced markets:

The tourism industry in Tasmania can be further developed by attracting the travelers from China. China is the most populous country in the world however; less than 10% of the population of China has visited Tasmania in the year 2016. Another underserviced market of Tasmania remains to be Taiwan. Tasmania has only 9.6% of export shares in Taiwan as Tasmania exports animal products and honey to Taiwan (Kelly and La Cava 2014). The share remains low due to the poor infrastructural facilities and poor financial condition of Taiwan.

In case of exporting salmon exports, China has been the largest exporter of fish and sea products in the world and a major competitor of Tassal. The global supply of wild fishery is limited therefore; the salmon aquaculture in Tasmania has a great demand. Tasmania has adequate access to waterways and the quality of Salmon exported from Tasmania is considered of superior quality.

In case of education industry in Tasmania, the major competitors are the universities and colleges in US and UK. Some of the major competitors are Stanford University, US, Harvard University, US, University of Cambridge, UK, University of Oxford, UK and several others. The students across the globe prefer the above mentioned institutes over Tasmania University. The quality of education and the popularity of the above institutes are deemed to be better when compared to Tasmania University (Bowles et al. 2013).

South Korea and Japan are the leading the ship building countries. A large number of bulk carrier ships and boats are manufactured in these countries, which give serious competition to the Tasmanian ship building industry especially Incat.   

Strategic alliances and cooperative business models used:

US has been the third largest trading partner of Tasmania. The investment of US in Australia plays a vital role in the development of the country. As a result of strategic alliance between Australia and US, there have been intelligence sharing arrangements among them. There have also been strategic alliances of Australia with Japan and Malaysia that has enabled the country to have proper trade agreements between these nations (McGovern 2017).  

Product component model is a tool used by the organizations to determine the ways in which a product can be adapted to a new market by dividing the product into three components namely core component, packaging component and support services component. Tasmania can achieve greater market penetration with the existing products and services by emphasizing upon the three components. The education industry in Tasmania can emphasize more upon its price, quality and brand name in order to attract more overseas students. Additionally, the fisheries industry in Tasmania has to emphasize more upon the quality and safety of its products so as to penetrate in the new markets especially in Asian countries. Similarly, the ship building industry has to emphasize more upon its packaging and support service components in order to penetrate in the new markets. The major focus must be repair and maintenance, warranty, price and quality of the ships (Rahman, Shahbaz, and Farooq 2015). 

There are several new business opportunities and franchising opportunities in Tasmania especially in terms of small scale industries. There are several retail franchisees and home based business ideas, which have great opportunity in the country. Some of the new business opportunities in Tasmania are water vending business, fast food franchise, pest control business, yoga programs, car care franchise, wedding planner, cleaning industry and several others. The fast food franchise has the greatest franchising opportunity in Tasmania and has a huge growth opportunity in Tasmania (Curtis 2016).

Competitive advantage of that product/service

Tasmania has a huge access to the water bodies around, which has added to the competitive advantage of Tasmania as it has an access to huge quantity of salmons and other sea products. Tasmania has a competitive advantage over the educational institutes in the majority of the Asian countries. A majority of the students from Asian countries prefer US, UK and Australia for perusing their higher education. Tasmania University comprises of exceptional faculty members and provide superior quality education at affordable prices as compared to a majority of the Universities located in US and UK. Australia has fifth largest shipping industry in the world. The major competitive advantage of Tasmania is that it has the cargo. It has the highest growing cruise market and has huge growth opportunities (Gursoy, D., Saayman, M. and Sotiriadis 2015).

SWOT analysis


·       The excellent political relations of Australia with China, Japan and Malaysia help Tasmania to establish strong trade relations with these countries.

·       The abundance of natural resources in Australia has enabled the country to export several minerals and other resources to China, Japan and Malaysia, which lack those resources (Schaper and Buchan 2014).


·       The excessive distance between Tasmania and the Asian countries is a major issue while carrying out international trade

·       The excessive dependence of Tasmania upon China, Japan and Malaysia is a major weakness

·       The lack of exposure of the marketing campaign of Tasmania leaves the Asian countries unaware regarding the goods and services of Tasmania.



·       The easy access to water bodies has enabled Tasmania to carry out international trade via sea routes.

·       The increasing popularity and brand recognition of Tasmania University has the potential of attracting several foreign students especially from the Asian countries


·       The rise in the number of competitors

·       The decrease in the international trade between Tasmania and US is a major threat as earlier US was a major customer of Tasmania.

·       The increase in the water pollution near Tasmania has made the marine products unfit for consumptions, which has affected the international trade of marine products between Tasmania and the Asian countries

·       The changes in the climatic conditions has affected Tasmania as it has affected the natural resources present in the area, which has indirectly affected the international trade in Tasmania.

Table: SWOT analysis

(Source: Created by author)


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