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Collins Car Parking System


Discuss about the Collins Car Parking System.



Colin’s car parking system is one of the popular cars parking organisation based in Melbourne. It operates over 20 car parks in the city of Melbourne CBD. The enterprise has decided to upgrade their services and want to shift to smart devices, in this way they can facilitate the customers and can gain competitive advantage. The car parking system should provide several services like the ticket generation, records maintenance, payments. As per requirements the system must provide several advantages and in the documentation, the three most essential aspects have been showcased. The first step is to set up a suitable customer registration procedures. The customer will register and through their account they can gather all the details of the customers. They can be able to mitigate the issues of entering the customer data again and again, thus the new system will mitigate the issue of data duplication. The second step or the second functionality helps the customer to generate the tickets online and other necessary actions. The third step or the third functionality involves the generation of ticket as per demands of the customers.

The three functionalities defined in the use case scenario and in the sequence diagram helps to understand the procedures and the steps involved fore successfully accomplishing the project activities. All the diagrams have been drawn using MS Visio Software and the report states all the useful description related to the diagrams drawn. At the end, the summary of the project has been illustrated along with a bibliography section. The most important fact of the report is that the language has been kept simple throughout so that everyone can identify the technical aspects of the project. The stakeholders currently undertaking the project can have the idea about the entire project going through the documentation of the project as well as the diagrams.

Use case & Sequence Diagram of Customer Registration Process

The diagram drawn above signifies the registration process of the customers into the server of Collins. The diagram has demonstrated the customers as the external stakeholders of the organisation. The advanced system will prevent the customers to verify themselves again and again. The latest approach taken by Collins has been demonstrated in the diagram and this approach will facilitate the customers to book parking slot for themselves very easily and smoothly.  Moreover, the customers will get the opportunity for the perks and this facility is being offered by the enterprises. The system can be used by the customers those who want to use only for the parking purpose. The registers simply will have to register with the system first, then will have to login. After the login they can enjoy their services. The diagram has been described elaborately in the below two paragraphs.

First of all, the diagram defines the interface which the customers can view after getting into the website or the application of the Collin’s park system.  The website will prompt the user to register or login. The customers who are already registered with Collins can simply get into the system of Collins and can enjoy their service. The customers who are new will have to register first with system or the website. The very first step involves the registration process where the customers who are using the Collins service for the first time will be redirected to the ‘Registration’ page. The customers or the users will provide all the credentials or the personal details.  The details which the customers will have to enter are- ‘Name of User’, ‘Email  Id’, ‘Sex’  and ‘Date of Birth’. The customers have the flexibility to choose the parking place and they also have the opportunity to choose the mode of services they want (monthly, weekly, daily). Moreover, the mode of services will highlight the message ‘Permanent registered customers will be offered suitable parking stop’.  Initially all the details are filed and after that the customers click the submit button. After that the validation of the users’ data, a ticket is generated at the interface. The system UI or the interface shows the login page where the users will have to enter the login details. After the customers enter the login details, those login details are verified by the administrator system, then the administrator give ticket generation to the System UI. The users’ data collected are then saved in the enterprise database. After the completion of the login details, the user can be able to get into the system of Collins and can enjoy the services of the Collins enterprise.

The major players of the subsystem are the users or the customers, the administrators, system user interface and the screen registration. Several communications take place under the deemed scenario and the communications are done between the user and the system UI, server and system UI, administrators and the database and the administrators and the server. The key procedures are the request registration page, the page where the customers can enter the basic input details and the page where the user will provide the login details. The organisational server, database and system UI and the administrators are all responsible to validate the details of the customers, to cite the availability of login and saving the details in the server.

Use case & Sequence Diagram of Payment Process

The Collin’s system payment procedures demands special attention as it is one of the important process and it extends to three primary functionalities from the enterprises and the customers to the bank or the payment gateway owners. Moreover, the payment alternatives that are explained as part of the service extend. From the card payment to the payment gateway and others for the comfort of the customers which increases the complexity of the process. Both the sequence diagram and the use case diagram have been showcased above and along with that the processes shown in the diagrams have been elaborated in details in the paragraphs below.

The post selection of the ticket validity type will identify the timeline for the validity of the registered system and that information will be sent to the payment attribute of the system. Thereafter, the system will ask to select the type of the payment mode the user wants to make for the payment processing and the user will select one of the option for making the payment. Further extension will be implemented for the payment mode as per the card type user wants to use for the payment processing. The payment gateway of the bank will pop up for the payment processing and the, calculated amount will be deducted from the bank account of the user. A notification will be sent to the user about the booking confirmation of the ticket including the validity of the ticket and an automating processed slip will be generated from the system.

The primary actors in this subsystem are the customer and the admin of the system. The major process in this subsystem includes the acceptance of the payment mode and bank processing for the deduction of the payment. Secondary actor of this subsystem is the bank for the processing of the payment.

Use case & Sequence Diagram of Ticket Generation Process

The above sequence diagram demonstrates the different commands exchanged between the system and the user for the ticket generations that will be empowering the operational activities related to this. The user will enter the login credentials for entering the system and login function will be processed, thereafter analyzing the validity of the user account, the user will enter the system for availing the services. The ticket system will get the notification from the system about the user validity and provide the user with the option of service selection to the system UI, the ticket selection will be made by the user, and the ticket will be generated and pop up will appear to the user for the selection of the ticket type. The selection of the ticket type will forward the command to the payment processing mode and further function will trigger only after the payment processing. After the payment processing, the ticket will be processed with a notification of the processing that will be notified to the admin. The admin will further pass the command of post ticket and the ticket will be printed.

The above paper presents the interactive design of the Collin’s parking system that can allow the individuals to park their cars in the specified parking spaces in automated manner. This paper describes the new and innovative approach that can allow the automation of the car parking facilities within the twenty car parks in Melbourne CBD.  The proposed system is capable of handling the entire daily operational activities those could be managed including from the ticket booking, early space booking and the payment section and thus, contributing in the innovative delivery of the automation in the car parking system. This paper discussed the various system sequence and commands those will be processed by the system for delivering the needed operations. The visual representation discusses the steps those will be processed by the system for delivering necessary output. Ticket booking, ticket selection, and payment processing have been considered as the fully use case developed scenarios and based on them, the sequences diagrams have been proposed in this paper. The proposed diagrams are capable of demonstrating the functioning and operating of the Collin’s car parking system in manner to emphasize the effective and efficient delivery of the output of the proposed system.


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