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Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Discuss about the Complementary and Alternative Medicine.



The part 5 of the assignment topic about “if there is a place for alternative/traditional medicine options in our current health care” requires that a group member should discuss the quality and merit of research articles or journal which are related to the issue. The reference that was used in this research paper is listed below together with the quality and merit of the references. 

Merits and Quality of Research Articles

The research articles that have been used for this research paper about if there a place for alternative/tradition medicine options in our current healthcare were majorly books and journals as stated above which were either accessed in the library or downloaded from the internet. Majority of the research articles listed above were of high quality since they exclusively explained the problem in question with real life examples which have been supported by many intellectuals all over the world. However, there were other research articles which did not discuss the problem in question in an exclusive manner hence make it difficult for proper analysis and determination of the side of the argument the author of the book was supporting (Dempsey, 2016, p. 187).

The majority of the books listed above as research articles and journals are current since they were printed and published from the year 2010 hence the current changes in technology are reflected as opposed to other books which were published before the current changes in technology making them unfit since they will fail to capture the modernization in the health sector. None of the research articles and journals which have been used as a source gotten from online sources such as Wikipedia such sources is not reliable since they are written by anybody who may not even be academically qualified in the areas which they are writing on (Dean T. Jamison, 2016, p. 247).

The authors who have written the above-mentioned research articles and journals are academically qualified in the areas they have specialized on. These academic qualifications of the authors can be found in these books listed above before the beginning of any witting in the book (Muskin, 2010, p. 156). Their academic qualification which is ranging from many degrees, masters, and PhDs shows that these authors have a lot of information on this topic and their works can be used which researching on any topic relating to these their books (Merrijoy Kelner, 2016, p. 187).

The research articles and journals above have been authenticated and regulated by internationally approved organizations, this can be approved by the ORCID IDs which are unique persistent identifiers for contributors and authors of the research articles and journals listed below. This is an effort which was put in place to support the authenticated relations between authors and theirs works hence addressing the ambiguity issue in the communication of scholars. Any authors who are not academically qualified to write an article will not have a specific ORCID IDs and hence their works will be rendered useless. The research articles and journals which have been used in this research paper have specific ORCID IDs which make them authentic and globally accepted (Harold Coward, 2011, p. 247).


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