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Contemporary Issues in HR Delivery Service


Discuss about the Contemporary Issues in HR Delivery Service.



In a rapidly changing competitive environment HR department is one of the important sources of advantage for a business. Human resource system in an organisation completely contributes in shaping the delivery structure. They implement various strategies for better business performance. In this report the emphasis has been on human resource department and the competitive advantage they have on business (Bamberger,  Meshoulam and Biron, 2014). The impact of implementation has been discussed in brief. They report also cover the recommendation that has been provided to HR department to build a significant relationship with the organization’s performance. There are certain factors that affect the implementation of strategies thus they have been analysed to improve in a better way. The implementation of plans via human resource department helps in enhancing the overall performance in global market. They impact the business by improving employment security and also decentralizing the decision making power. It also reduces the barriers that are faced within an organisation across different levels.

There are various factors in an organisation that shape the human resource department. The factors could be either internal or external. Some of the external factors that help in shaping the HR structure are economic conditions, government department, advancement in technology and workforce demographic. There are various laws that are implemented by government related to the process of HR structure (Csb ,2016). There are certain economic conditions that shape the HR department of an organisation. Apart from that whenever there is advancement in technology HR department need to look at ways to implement these technologies in the system to deliver better result.  The workforce demographics also contribute in shaping the Hr structure as they affect the job and the work of the company.

The factors that help in shaping the delivery structure of HR are competition in the market that affects the employees in the company. Apart from that size of the company also affect in shaping the HR delivery (Paillé, et. al, 2014). It is difficult to manage more employee as they create diverse culture in the society. HR department also ensures that employees are monitored regularly along with making sure that training is provided to them. Some of the other factors are organisational culture that also influences the HR to shape their structure.

Legislation also impacts the HR activities as they manage the complete record of all the employee data and the data that is stored along with all the related information. In such case it is important for HR department to train the managers and employees regarding all the laws and their responsibility. The excessive competition in the market also affects the HR structure as they need to analyse all the requirements of the market along with workers (Creaven, et. al, 2018). As per the research it can be stated that continuous improvement is necessary as it help the business to focus on the market requirement so that appropriate policies and steps could be taken. Factors that affect HR delivery structure are also dependent on the labour staff as they helps in attracting more customers (Woodrow and Guest, 2014). The life cycle of company also plays an important role in shaping the organizational structure.

The impact of implementation on the organization

The strategies and policies that are implemented in an organisation impact in both positive and negative way. HR department discover the best ways to deploy better policies. These policies that are implemented help in proper management of an organisation and also improve the relation between the customers. It improves the coordination between the management and employees and also help employee to understand the strategy in a better way. They are useful in an organisation for employees to manage the change within the working unit (Souza, et. al,  2015). They make the organisation flexible in terms of adapting to changes. 

Helping employees to understand the strategy- The implementation of policies help employee to understand the motive behind certain steps (Sikora and Ferris, 2014). This motivates them to work with their full potential.

Adapting to changes- The implementation of strategies help individual to adapt to the changes and they work accordingly (Sikora and Ferris, 2014). The impact leads employees to adapt to changes that help employees to go for longer run.

Inducing cross- cultural in an organisation- The implementation of strategies help inn removing the cultural difference between employees and also enhances customer service relationship.

The impact of the implementation could act in a diverse way also if there is no proper support from employees and management. If the staff do not coordinate it may lead to negative effect thus it requires a complete support from the team. The budget offered by the company also gives an idea to HR department regarding what they can practice and peruse. The budget helps in deciding the strategies that need to be taken (Dekoulou and Trivellas, 2015). After implementation of such strategies proper training need to be provided to employees so that no diverse culture is created in the environment. The impact of such policies also helps in improving the skills of employees as well as working of organisation.

The impact of implementation of strategies on an organisation helps them by providing a vision regarding the organisation. It also facilities them to make better decisions and develop leadership skills by focusing on the important values of business. It also helps in clearly identifying the capabilities of an organisation by maintaining the diverse culture. The training provided helps employees to understand the perception of employees from different culture. It is also beneficial as it promotes team work. The implementation of strategies through human department helps in enhancing the overall performance in global market (Reilly and Williams, 2016) . They impact the business growth by improving the decision making power and also diminishes the barriers that are faced within an organisation across different levels.

In short it can be stated that implementation of strategies through human resource management impact the organisation in many ways. It helps in improving the productivity, quality and financial performance of businesses. It not only impacts the employees by managers are also effected. It also helps the managers to collaborate and distribute the responsibility in an organisation  (Friedman, 2017). Thus these strategies help business to gain competitive advantage and increase their market demand. It also helps an organisation to invest on the objectives that could improve the capital of the company. These human resources implementation helps in increasing the enthusiasm among employees.

Recommendations for the HR role

The role of HR department is at high priority in an organisation. Thus the role of HR department should be clear and effective to increase the productivity in an organisation, should take steps to reduce cost, improve the efficiency and remove the complexity. It the Hr department that coordinate in an organisation between all the level and work on the factor to improve the productivity. It is recommenced that HR department should assist in all the designing and implementation strategies of organisation (Çalişkan, 2018). They should create tools and training session so that high level of framework is developed. Apart from that role of HR should be to keep track of all the employees so that performance could be evaluated regularly. The Hr team should develop a strong training sessions between employees so that it removes the chances of conflicts in an organisation.

The role of Hr in an organisation should be completely unbiased for all the employees. No employee should be given additional priority as it will create conflicts (Ulrich and Dulebohn, 2015). The Hr department should make use of updated technology to properly manage the entire department. Apart from that for recruitment process they should updated technology that adds flexibility to work. They should also maintain transparency regarding all the policies and procedures launched in an organisation. The clarity related to all the policies help in improving the efficiency and overall productivity.

Recommendations for the structure of HR service

HR department need to undertake various services to enhance the productivity

  • Training- HR department should provide proper training related to all the new technologies so that employees could work easily even in the international market without any issue.
  • Maintaining diverse culture- It is recommended that Hr department should take various steps or should organising meeting between the employees that helps in building better understanding (Benjamin, 2018). Thus they can remove the diverse culture by filling the gap through proper recruitment and training efforts.
  • Transferring knowledge- It is the duty of Hr department to transfer the knowledge between different department levels (Bashshur and Oc, 2015). Thus it will enhance the flexibility of communicating in an organisation.
  • Performance Management- It is suggested that HR department should keep a track of performance of all the employees so that proper steps could be developed.
  • Employee relation- HR department should work on various ways to improve the relations among employees.


It can be concluded that Human resource team is an important department of an organisation. They focus on well-developed approaches for betterment in an organisation by considering all the internal and external factors might affect the department. In this report the factors that shaft the structure of HR has been discussed and the barriers that come in the path has been figured out.  The strategies that re adopting for treatment impact an organisation in both the ways, it helps in boosting up the understanding and on the other hand it might lead to conflict if there is lack of support. The way organization accomplishes its HR department plays a significant role in supporting all the results.  The HR practices in business helps in building positive statistical relationships between the employees and other organisation. It also enhances the overall performance by keeping in mind all the factors that might affect the reputation of a business. It is possible that there exist complex relationships between HR practices and other resources of the firm. This report cover up the recommendation that is given to the role of HR and various services for Hr structure has been recommended.


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