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Research on Crisis Leadership in Organizations


Discuss about the Research on Crisis Leadership in Organizations.



Leaders play an important part in every organization as they guide their subordinate to work for the welfare of the organization. Leadership is concerned with getting the results from the followers (Hartog 2001) .There are various roles which a leader is required to play for the success of the organization. Some of the roles of the leaders include:

  • Understanding the environment in which the enterprise operates
  • Develop the winning strategies
  • Execute the strategies brilliantly.
  • Measure the impact of the strategies well in advance and develop a departmental team with personal capabilities.

In the above case we are discussing about FLY-HIGH Company which was in operations since 20 years and has attained a demanding reputation by achieving consumer loyalty and operational efficienc. But, in the last decade steps have been made to make the air travel more convenient and affordable due to which many airlines faced various challenges as they had to bring down there profits. In this case Mr. Roger who was appointed as a CEO of the company wanted to change the situation by solving the issues that were faced by the company (Conger 2000). So he followed a multi-pronged approach he was very well aware of the responsibilities’.. The first leadership role that he fulfilled was to understood the environment in which the company was operating. He understood the need of strategy and decided to move the senior cabin crew to ground staff with a valued trainer and people developer roles along with that the policies of HR were revised and new cabin crew personnel were hired at less cost by receiving the training from the senior staff (Sen Sendjaya 2002).

According to the new training program the crew was multi-trained to handle the ground roles and the in-flight roles that eliminated the need for dedicated roles.

In the above mentioned case each level of analysis of the leadership theory that is individual, organizational and group was illustrated, the same can be explained briefly below. In regards to the individual level the CEO of FLY took the initiative as an individual thinking about his important roles as a leader and taking actions that can benefit all the employees of the company (Russel 2001) . He further worked in group with all the employees of the company, making them aware about the present scenario and the steps that are required to be taken for future. He helped them in changing their roles and responsibilities and reigning them hard so that all the tasks can be performed properly. Mr. Roger also made decision of shifting the crew members to the ground job due to which they became efficient in both the jobs (Yukl 2011).

Talking about the organizational part It can be observed from the above case that Mr. Roger worked hard for the overall benefit of the company where he tried to bring down the cost of the company by appointing young members as a new cabin crew at a low cost and shifting the senior cabin crew to the ground staff (Bryman 2013). This saved lot of cost of the company because the company was able to appoint new staff at a very low cost as compared to the previous and the training to those staff was provided by the senior staff itself which further helped in saving the cost of training (Conger 2000).

Answer 3: The case study is about an airline company called “FLY HIGH”. With  their excellent class of services they have achieved the status of the leader in the Asian regional airline industry. The FLY HIGH airlines is into the field for more than 20 years now and because of their extra ordinary service experience they have won many awards and are recognized for their best business class, punctuality record and etc (Bertocci 2009). The FLY HIGH airlines is the best suited for the business travelers and for the senior travelers.

It’s been more than 20 years now that the “FLY HIGH” airlines are leading the market with its class services. However in the last decade, things have  drastically changed, the leader of the Asian regional airline industry is seems to be on its back foot because of the fierce competition that it is receiving from its competitors (Storey 2010). In order to regain its former position of a leader, the newly recruited CEO Mr. Roger, has made plan in which they are not only going to make the FLY HIGH airlines again flying high but its competition to be eliminated properly.

In this question, we are going to discuss about the shift from the management paradigm to the leadership angle (Dubrin 2013). There must be a question in the minds and heart of the audience of this paper that, what is management? And what is leadership? Management is an art of managing things that will ultimately benefit he organization to earn profits. Management means manage the things that can be controlled and dropped the things that have no scope of getting in control (Boonstra 2012). However if we now talk about the leadership then “leadership is an art like management, but leadership cannot be taught to a person, it is an inbuilt trait of a human personality, those who have this trait in themselves ultimately achieves all the goals of their lives”. Leadership in simpler words is a way of leading people r an organization in such a way that when the scope of motivation equals to zero even that point or a person gets motivated to work (Bachmann 2016). Where management believes in dropping out the resources that aren’t useful to them, then there is leadership that believes in holding onto the resources whether human or non-living resources, sets them, motivates them, repair them to make them fully functional for the organization. A newly recruited person will always be less motivated than an old employee in whom the manager has his/her trusts.

In this case study, it is clearly seen that Mr. Roger, the newly recruited CEO of the “FLY HIGH” airlines decided not to drop any old employee of the organization, he deeply studied the whole employee structure of the “FLY HIGH” and talked to the cabin crew that was comprised of senior professionals, he transferred them to the ground staff duties and recruited new younger faces for the cabin crew for less salary. His way of convincing his staff was so impressive that none of the employee questioned his idea of all the change. Mr. Roger cut down various other non required expenses such as cutting down of full services on regional routes and he standardized the entire fleet of the “FLY HIGH” to 737 Boeing.

It was not like he offered the senior cabin crew to become the ground staff with no training at all. He appointed professional mentors or coaches for the staff for training and to get comfortable in their new roles. Mr. Roger assured each and every old employee that their aim should be to make the “FLY HIGH” airlines again flying high and no employee is going to get fired and they have a safe future with “FLY HIGH”. It was a very convincing message from the newly recruited CEO to its employee. It took over 2 years for the employees of “FLY HIGH” airlines to make the airline flying even higher. Thanks to its newly recruited CEO Mr. Roger, who did not even firea single employee and reduced the operational costs, improved the quality, attracted new younger customer base to the organization. All this shows that if Mr. Roger tried to control this situation through management point of view that it would not have been possible for “FLY HIGH” to see this day of enjoying 20% more share price in the market.


At last it can be concluded that Mr. Roger performed his duties in a very efficient manner by following a great approach that proved out to be very beneficial for both the company and the staff. So it can be said that Mr. Roger proved out to be great leader for the company and an asset for the organization that helped the company to come out of negative problems.


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