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FBLT024 Sport Management

Published : 20-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Current directions of sports development are very diverse, so in the first learning outcome the vision and content of selected of key organisations will be studied. This will show students similarities and differences in approaches to sports development. Students should be aware of the global scale of sports development operations and the type of management it requires.

The second outcome considers initiatives and short, medium and long-term schemes ie
partnerships, events and programmes common in the delivery of sports development today and the issues involved with them.



Sport is considered as an important tool that promotes good health and spirit for in individual’s life (Balyi, Way and Higgs 2013). It decreases the crime rate from the society. In recent time, there are many organizations that have come up to provide necessary support to sports. The organizations have concentrated on developing sport in the society. Sports possess the capacity to transform the scenario of the society. Recently some business organizations have taken a remarkable initiative to promote sports in the society. The motive of such organizations is to offer an opportunity to all those people who are interested in sports and want to pursue career in sports (Coalter 2013).

The below mentioned article has concentrated on the vision and objectives of the sport development organizations. It has articulated different aspects of sports development management and discussed about the key elements of sports development events.

Visions of Sport Development Agencies:

The vision of sports development agencies is to empower the young generations especially who are from underprivileged or needy background by providing all kind of supports to them. The sports development organizations want to motivate them who are interested in sports to promote their self-confidence and influence their holistic growth and support the development of sports at the grassroots (Davids et al. 2013).

Emphases of Sports Development Agencies:

Sports development agencies play a significant role in the growth of the sports in the society. There are many hidden talents in the society that are looking for an opportunity to come out (De Bosscher et al. 2015). The sports development agencies provide all kind of supports to them to accomplish their dream. The sports development agencies play crucial role in society development. Sports decrease the crime rate form the society. Sports development organizations influence young generation to participate in the sports. They use sports as a tool to remove the tendency of crime from the society. The sports development agencies are highly responsible to maintain a healthy environment in the society. The sports development agencies are highly required to promote healthy and safe environment in the society. It encourages young generations to maintain their health by participating in the sports.


The objective of sports development organizations is to provide suitable atmosphere to the youth of the society so they can actively pursue their career in sports. The sports development organizations wants to achieve success in promoting sports among the people who are underprivileged and are unable to follow their dreams (Eime et al. 2015).


Sport Partnership signifies collaboration between several sports development organization to support the sports development in the society. Various sports development organizations associate to promote sports in the society. Partners in such collaboration must be flexible enough to work in the different style. Effective partnership plays a crucial role in the growth of the sports in the society. The motive of such partnership is to improve sports infrastructure of the society (Woratschek, Horbel and Popp 2014). Nothing is flawless, so mistakes will be made but the aligned companies must be flexible enough to accept their mistakes and must understand the fact that every mistake provides an opportunity to learn a lesson from mistakes. The partners must be aware of any kind of misunderstanding. They must consider the fact that long-term goal can be achieved by putting equal effort from both partners. Partners must appreciate each other for achieving target. It will be helpful for them to maintain healthy relation with each other.

Key Elements:

There are many key components that are responsible for the successful sport development event, such as- financial support, youth participation, effective marketing plan, active and skilled employees (Eime et al. 2013).

Financial support is highly required for all kind of event. In the case of sports development event fund plays a very crucial role. It helps the organization to provide required equipments to the youths who are interested in sports. Sufficient financial support will be beneficial for the organization for implementing effective marketing strategy as well. In order to draw the attention a large number of mass, an effective marketing plan must be implemented, so the sports development organization requires a huge amount of financial support (Swann, Moran and Piggott 2015).

Youth are considered as the key element of the sports development events. The sports development organizations always look for the active participation of young generation of the society. The success of any sports development event is highly dependent on the participation of the youth. Thus, the primary objective of the sports development organization is to draw the attention of large number of young people of the society. The organizational management of sports development companies pays special attention to attract the youth. The sports development events are designed in such a manner so they can attract maximum number of young people (Weinberg and Gould 2014).

In this modern era, marketing plays a crucial role in any kind of events.  The motive behind any kind of sports development organization is to draw the attention of everyone who is interested in sports. Effective marketing helps the organizational management to promote their event in the society and people around the organization by which they can attract a huge number of mass. Every sports development organization concentrates on making an effective marketing plan before conducting any event. Effective marketing plan plays significant role in the success of sports development event.

Active and talented employees are highly beneficial for the success of sports development events. Active and skilled employees can implement any plan in an effective manner, but the lack of skilled employees may lead the organization to face an awful consequence. Very sports development organization that wants to conduct any sports development event must appoint some skilled and well trained staff members who can help them to carry out the agenda successfully. The success of the events is highly dependent on employee performance. Employees must actively participate in the event to make it a successful one (Giza et al. 2013).

Previously mentioned elements plays a significant role in the success of any sports developing events or sports development organization. These are considered as the key element that helps the organization to promote sports in society as key for good health and healthy society.


There are some common barriers that often faced by the sports development organizations. Sports development organizations face various challenges due to this barriers. Some of the issues are as follows:

Lack of experience in sports is one of the major barriers that often faced by the sports development organizations. Due to this the organizations often faced difficulties in implementing sports development schemes successfully.

Lack of understanding about the effective strategies that can be beneficial for the sports development in the society. It leads the organizations to face various other challenges. The organization may face massive crisis due to this issue.

Limited resources to promote the sports among the underprivileged people are another major issue faced by the sports development organizations. Many youth who are interested in sports may face failure due to lack of facilities.

Limited accessibility of transport system is also considered as one of the major issue. Due to this problem people of rural areas who are interested in sports may faces difficulties to come in the urban areas for the learning procedure.

Limited information is another big problem that often faced by the sports development organization. It leads the youth as well as the organization to face an unwelcomed consequence. Due to limited information the people will not be able to realize the advantages of sports and organizational management of sports development companies will not be able to identify the requirements of the society. It will create a huge gap between the organization and the mass.

Lack of facilities like gym, swimming pool, cricket and football ground may lead the sports development organizations face various difficulties to establish efficient sports infrastructure for the society which is harmful for the future of sports and society as well (Girginov 2008).


As per the previous discussion, it can be concluded that sports development organizations plays a crucial role in the development of sports infrastructure in the society. They promote sports in the every corner of the society. They spread awareness about the positive impact of sports in the society.  They encourage the young people of the society to take sports as a career. There are many people in the society who wants to pursue their career in sports but due to lack of opportunity they face various challenges to follow their dreams. Sports development organizations provide sufficient support to those people so they can accomplish their dreams. The motive of the sports development organizations is to spread healthy and sporty environment in the society. In order to achieve the desired target, sports development organizations often face various challenges like lack of facilities, lack of resources. To overcome these issues the organizational management of sports development organizations must incorporate some effective strategies into their rulebook like effective marketing plan, strong financial support, skilled and efficient staff members. These strategies will be beneficial for the sports development organizations to support the growth of the sports in the society.


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