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HR Policies and Practices Strategy


Discuss about the HR Policies and Practices Strategy.



The Human Rights policies are the most important rights every individual is entitled to, and may include the right to livelihood, right to dignity and well-being in life. Just like any other country, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom of 1982 had clearly affirmed the rights of every Canadian to be treated equally and protected sufficiently b the Canadian government. However, recently the Canadian government has been accused of having committed the violation of human rights policy,  as at least 48 children have been found to be detained in the immigration centre simply because one of their parents is a foreigner. The birthplace of these children is Canada, and there is no reason why the Canadian children would be detained that is sure to affect their physical and mental well-being. Further, the children deained here are deprived of any form of medical services.

The children, including the parents of the Canadian children, are getting affected by the policy. The children are deprived of the basic educational opportunities which will keep them unemployed and unskilled later, reducing their prospects of employability. Further, the detention of the children will lead to psychological torments that they might not be able to recover sooner. Furthermore. Needless to state that this child detention is also leading to separation from families, whereby the children not only row up being psychologically insecure, but their parents can also develop depression. Furthermore, the detained children can also gradually become victims of human trafficking (Human rights complaints -", 2017).

So far there has not been any change in the policy. However, it is recommended that in cases where unconditional release is not possible, the Canadian government should ensure that the  families are being accommodated in community-based programs which will  involve, various organized and well-conceived steps such as reporting obligations, national deposits and guarantors. The government should also introduce policies that would minimize the number of minors involved in detention.

Importance of having clear policy and learning from this project

In Canada, the human rights are protected under the constitution and by provincial, federal and territorial laws. If any individual feels that his or her rights has been violated they then are free to make claim their complain under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Now after depending on the nature of the complain, the court will file the case under the domain of human rights complains and take the necessary legal proceedings. However the human right policies in Canada are not that prominent in children. The most discrepancies are observed among the children with a immigrant parent. Such children are forced to enter into a detention center and no human right commission is working for them. If there was a clear immigration policy along with human right policies directed towards these children, then the development and the well being of the children will not get hampered to such an extent (The Importance of an HR Policies & Practices Strategy, 2017).

My learning from this project is, to develop specific policies directed towards these deprived children and make their parents aware of these policies so that they can take necessary steps in order to fight against the injustice experience b y them or by their children.

As a future health administrative assistant I will take a serious concern in protecting the human rights of these children. Protection such children and making them aware of such policies will help to protect them from getting victim of mental problems including depression and low self esteem.


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