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Health and Community Services


Discuss about the Health and Community Services.



Aged care centers are set up to provide an optimistic role in health and community services (Munn-Giddings and Winter). However, the research project report highlights the need for the ageing homes for the ageing population in Australia. The chain of aged care homes is a competitive environment, which needs to be planned and organized for a business to last in the next 10 years to come. However, this report will validate the local government areas in Australia to study the population of aged care as well as the basic criteria of the funds payable by the aged in Australia. The aged care home chain started will be designed to promote quality care, accommodation, and even the changing expectations in relations to aged care.

Reasons for selecting Local Government Areas in Australia

The country Australia is governed by many states that are directional to provide aged care not only in aged homes but also in residential home care. However, to start up a chain of aged care home in local government areas is beneficial as it describes the institutions and processes according to local government through a range of utilities and public services. However, in this case we will take the Queensland in consideration with its two local government areas that is city of Brisbane and City of Gold Coast. The reason for taking these two areas are given as:

  • Geographically, the two government areas are on an hour’s duration.
  • According to RPS report found, the number of Queenslanders in retirement dwellings will increase two fold in the next year to 78,000.
  • The number of independent living aged population over 65 years of age will increase from 28,000 to 111,000 according to the market penetration rates and current trends (Moore).

Materials and Methods

The materials and methods used in the required report is based on the secondary data that is taken from Queensland Seniors report by the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Moreover, the report from Queensland Government as well as Australian Bureau of Statistics not only highlights the demographic characteristics but also focus on the “elderly” (75-84 years) as well as “very elderly” (85 years and above) population of the area while considering the health standards as well (

On the contrary, the growing aged population and its income reflection after retirement is analyzed through the Australian Government of Statistics based on each local government areas; in this case, Brisbane City and City of Gold Coast have been evaluated. Moreover, the results have been prominent in the Australia’s Welfare 2015, the report by the Australian Government.

Results and Discussions

The results highlighted for the different criteria’s have been evaluated below:

Firstly, the aged population in Brisbane and Gold Coast City have been studied based on the Queensland Government. However, according to the results, the results have shown to be an upward trend.

Local Government Area

People Aged 65 years and above

Total Persons

Percentage of Aged Population

Brisbane City




City of Gold Coast




Table 1: Age Indicator of Local Government Area until 30 June 2015

Source: (

Howsoever, the graph of the total estimated and projected senior resident of Queensland population terms to show that Generation Alpha is term to rise.

Assessed and expected senior resident population in Queensland in 2014

Figure 1: Assessed and expected senior resident population in Queensland in 2014

Source: (Queensland Government Statistician’s Office)

Moreover, the senior population on June 2015 from 2.6% in 1971 to 4.1% 2014 whereas the “trebled” elderly population has even increased from 0.5% in 1971 to 1.7% in 2014. Nevertheless, it is further projected to increase as depicted in the table in next 20 years from now.

Estimated Projected Aged Population

Table 2: Estimated Projected Aged Population

Source: (

On the other hand, the income aged population from Brisbane as well as Gold Coast City has increased on an average as the aged population are able to fund their care through comfortable secure and financially adequate retirement. Moreover, for many older people, the income is from superannuation savings that is acted complementary with “Age Pension.”

Main sources of Income for 45 and older and older retired

Table 3: Main sources of Income for 45 and older and older retired

Source: (

However, along with the aged people, government also raises his hand to help the elderly people. In addition, when analyzed on source of income, the aged population’s income has increased through government as well as the means from age pension.

 Australian Population aged 65 and above receiving Age Pension (1992-2012)

Figure 2: Australian Population aged 65 and above receiving Age Pension (1992-2012)

Source: (

The additional criteria being supported care also suggest that the population has drifted its living arrangements to aged care homes, home and community centers, transitional care as well as residential and community based care. However, in the last years and the years to come, the proportion of reliance on community as well as permanent based care has increased and proportionately, the number has increased in Brisbane and Gold Coast as well. On the other hand, living arrangements of the older population in Queensland is living with a partner. In addition, female population in 2011 aged between 65-74 years were living alone as twice as likely than men such as 33.8% constituted to be women and 18.4% of men ( The estimation anf projection for further 25 years is given below.

Living arrangements of older persons in 2015 in Queensland

Table 4: Living arrangements of older persons in 2015 in Queensland

Source: (


The recommendation that should be considered before taking out further research are given as under so that the business undertaken not only is finanacially viable but also dedicates professionalism.

  • It is important that some other variables also should be considered like the residents who are identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait, residents born overseas, voluntary work for the aged cares, migration, geographical distribution, health mortality and life expectancy.
  • Moreover, it is important that primary data be also considered before carrying out the chain for aged homes using regression as well cross tabs function to evaluate the different variables (Zikmund et al.).
  • In addition, the staff as well as workers helping in old age care homes are also important because they will be the one performing the care for the aged population.


To conclude it can be said that Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland term to be prospective government areas where the set of old age chain can be initiated. However, the methods and materials are carried out from the government articles used as a secondary data in data collection whereas it is recommended that primary data collection should also be initiated with other variables other than the variables examined in the study.


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