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Human Resource Strategies


Discuss about the human resource strategies plan.


1. Introduction  

The report aspires to conduct an in-depth analysis of the human resource practices with respect to job analysis and job design as well as selection and recruitment strategies that can be adopted by Luxasia, Singapore. Concerning the luxury retail segment and the business requirement, the report shall present its recommendation to redefining the recruitment process for appointing supervisory staff in the company. Luxasia, a unique fragrance brand having its foray in the distillation of fine and exquisite beauty range products is endeavours to introduce new fragrances in Asian market.

It was founded in 1986 with a base in Singapore and regional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, China, Vietnam and Taiwan. The company along with fragrances also provides hair care, skin care products and colors of highest quality. Speed, passion, heart, respect, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence are its key value along with technology and market intelligence as its key drivers (Luxasia., 2016).

Job analysis is an important tool as it cites and defines the prime responsibility of the employee, considering the requirement of the position with regards to skills and expertise reflected in their performance. Job analysis clearly lay down the tasks i.e. activities that an employee is expected to perform; competencies, a measurable pattern that reflects the required knowledge, behavior and skills for a particular job position to function successfully and to form a basis of the applicant assessment tools (Armstrong, 2003).

2.1 Job Analysis – Supervisor Position in Luxasia

It is important to identify the employee for a supervisory role having similar traits of the company, it aspire to employ with. At Luxasia they look for people having similar passion and love for beauty products along with a commitment to deliver, innovate as well as reflects passion in everything they do. Luxasia aspires to connect with its employees, providing them with challenging carrier and a winning team to work with (Grant & Parker, 2009).

The job of the supervisor in Luxasia would be to supervise and directs the activities of the employees at staff level. A Supervisor is a link between the higher management and the lower management for communicating work responsibilities, directions as well as expectation with regards to individual performance (Ayub & Rafif, 2011). The role of the supervisor would be of a lead, taking charge of the store with regards to managing the staff and the services extended by the management; looking after the coordination and synchronization between different departments of the store such as sales staff, helpers, guards, billing counter and delivery section.

2.2. Job Specification of Supervisor, Luxasia

Job specification defines the key roles and responsibilities of the task and duties assigned at the supervisor level such as:

·     The responsibility of the supervisor would be to ensure adequate staffing, retaining them through regular coaching, training and providing growth opportunities.

·         Ensure the working environment is healthy as well as safe through enforcing organisational standards as well as adhering to legal regulations.

·         Accomplish timelines by developing schedules, gathering resources, assigning and monitoring work, resolving maintenance issues, implementing procedures etc.

·         Delivers eminence service by enforcing standards of quality and customer service.

·         Manage and control stores budget of expense by scheduling expenditure, identifying variance and initiate corrective actions.

·         Lead a team of employees at different levels, encourage team efforts, conduct team engagement exercises as well as accomplish results as expected.

2.3 Supervisor Skills Required at Luxasia

In order to achieve the above roles and responsibilities, the supervisor must have specified skills sets such as Delegation; People management skills; Quality management; Tracking Budget Expense; Team building expertise; Self-Motivation and Development; Ability to give Feedback and Conduct Review.

3. Job Design of Supervisor in Luxasia

Job design is an effective tool that helps an organisation to create work arrangement without creating any overcoming job dissatisfaction as well as employee alienation due to monotonous work schedule. Using Job Design, an organisation aims to enhance productivity at different level offering non-monetary rewards such as giving a sense of personal achievement along with greater job satisfaction (Hackman & Lawler, 1971). It enables employees to face challenging situations at work with higher responsibility in response of greater recognition and professional growth. Job designing can be done through different techniques such as job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment and job simplification (Bartlett, 2007).

At Luxasia, Job designing for a supervisory role can be done by identifying the content of the job i.e. the main role and responsibilities of the supervisor in managing a store; deciding on to the method of carrying the regular operation and the kind of relationship that aspire to be existing between the supervisor and its following levels (Lu & Chen, 2012).

Description: DESIGN

Supervisor - LUXASIA

Role and Responsibility

Manage the staff operation starting from employee staffing, training and orientation. The supervisor would be responsible to identify the traits in each individual staff and place them to appropriate job role as per their expertise.

Store stock management is the next prime responsibility of the supervisor; maintaining records of products required, most-in demand, inventory management and product rotation as per shelf life.

Perform activities such as designing job rotation schedule, break timing, leave and day-off schedule depending upon the requirement.

Conducts quality checks to ensure the work is going on as per company’s regulations and guidelines.

Team building and engagement exercise to ensure team working cordially as one; identify training and development needs of individual staff.

Skills Required

The supervisor must have adequate knowledge and passion for beauty products; people management skills; accounting and budget control exercise; customer complaint handling skills; leadership and self-driven approach. Expertise with excel software and web handling services and adequate team handling experience.

Safety and Health

The supervisor can be provided with Medical Insurance for themselves and for their dependents.

·         Married       – Employee, Spouse and Kids

·         Un-Married – Employee and Parents

Allowances for well-being: 50% discount on membership fees of listed Gym or Sports club with the company.

Job Safety – Notice period is accepted one-month advance with no deduction until anything specified.

Compensation - Best in the Industry


Employee Motivation

The Supervisor would be provided with an off the job training for 15 days and on the job training for one month under recognised supervisors across different stores in Singapore.

Training on customer handling, issues resolution, product and systems knowledge along with career mapping would be done to make the process easy.

Key Performance Areas would be pre-defined with the set of targets on the parameters of sales, employee attrition, customer satisfaction, feedback etc.

Performance based incentives are also extended to each supervisor at different target achievement levels.


4. Recruitment Strategies

Once the job design is conducted recruitment and selection are the two fundamental functions of HR, impacting the overall performance of the organisation. In order to achieve an effective recruitment an organisation would need to adopt a strategic approach to HR planning. Recruitment is a process adopted by organisations to legally obtain qualified individual at the right place on the right time (Richardson, 2014).

The recruitment and selection strategy’s success is dependent upon the retention policy; need to determine the current and future human resource requirement; job analysis as well as evaluation; assessment of qualification of required profile; skills required to perform the job and documentation procedure (Evans, Glover, Guerrier, & Wilson, 2007).

4.1 Luxasia Recruitment Strategy

Luxasia, in order to recruit employee for supervisor position can adopt any of the two strategies i.e. Internal or External sourcing of potential candidate. The internal staff of the organisation that has worked for long are familiarize with the internal policies and procedures as well as the business practices followed. Internal recruitment could be done through job promotion or transfer of the existing personnel; Internal job posting and Referrals.

Internal Job Posting – It is a procedure where Luxasia can provide opportunities to the existing employees to apply for the position of Supervisor level considering their level and expertise over a defined number of years in the organisation. The internal posting provides motivation to the employee to develop themselves into a new role within the same organisation as well as mapping their carrier growth. It can be done through intra-web portal accessed by the employees across different stores in Singapore.

Referrals – It is another reliable resource to find an appropriate employee, it is where the existing employee suggests CVs of a prospective candidate fulfilling the job requirement. Referrals ensures the credibility of the source as the employee reputation is at stake. Luxasia can add monetary benefits along with the success of the referrals to motivate the application.

Promotion and Transfer - Through promotion and transfer Luxasia can use the existing resource with the organisation, providing them with the opportunities of growth, builds motivation and create higher learning curve for themselves.

External Recruitment - It is a process where the organisation looks for required candidate either through informal channel such as ‘walk-in’ and head hunter or formal channel such as advertisement over internet, job street or local media. Luxasia can post vacancies externally using various modes such as through local newspaper or via employment consultant agencies reaching to wider audience. Local Media method can be relatively expensive as well as time consuming having procedures involved such as shortlisting, interviewing and other processes. Recruitment agencies or online job portals can be approached as they are very friendly with current generation as well as has a wider audience approach.

5. Selection Strategy

Luxasia can adopt different selection strategies to shortlist the candidates for final posting at a supervisory level. After series of interview and identifying the candidate suitable to meet the requirement and credential of the job responsibilities, candidate can be further shortlisted on the basis of Personality Test, Senior Management Interview and Medical Check-up (Redman & Wilkinson, 2006).

Personality Test would help the company to identify the right fitment of the selected candidate for the supervisor position depending upon his or her responses to a set of questions in the test. It also helps in measuring the temperament, people management skills as well as many intrinsic attributes of the individual.

Senior Management Interview could be set as a last level of screening where the candidate gets to interact with the senior management. This will help the top management participate in the screening activity and select the ideal candidate.

Medical Check-up – In Luxasia at a supervisor level the health of the candidate need to be in the right shape, therefore, medical check-up can ensure the appropriateness of the candidate. Final selection would dependent on the result of the medical test, only those who clear the medical test would be offered final appointment of supervisor in Luxasia in Singapore.

6. Conclusion

The report identifies the recommended style of Job Analysis & Job Design and Recruitment & Selection strategies that can be adopted by Luxasia Singapore, keeping the appointment of the Supervisor level employee within the organisation. The above design job analysis for Supervisor position clearly states the requirement of the position, therefore helping Luxasia to identify the appropriate candidate using following recruitment and selection methods. These strategies would help organisation to keep up with the changing work environment as well as approach of the employees to look for new opportunities.

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