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Immutable Laws of Branding


Discuss about the Immutable Laws of Branding.



The market environment contains companies producing similar products and services. The products from Ashraf Homemade Ice-cream limited is no exemption. However, the company has employed strategic branding process to differentiate its products from the other companies. This has made the company to very popular in the market. Therefore, branding plays a vital role in distinguishing products from different companies. The company acknowledges the importance of the branding process, prompting them to appoint Ahmed as their brand manager. There are benefits of utilizing a brand manager. Furthermore, Ahmed will have to execute certain responsibilities as a brand manager.

Benefits of Utilizing a Brand Manager

A brand manager plays a vital role in ensuring the effectiveness and the efficiency of a company’s branding activities. A brand manager ensures that the brand creates a permanent impression on clients. The manager does this through applying the professional knowledge he or she have gained through training and experience. When a company’s brand creates that positive impression, there will be increased the sale of the product and market share. The aim of any business is to dominate the market through product sales in both short-term and the long-term. This is only possible through creating a unique brand accompanied with a strong brand positioning and marketing. Therefore, a company will benefit from a brand manager through the managers brand management process. The manager helps the company to identify its most important client. Customers are crucial in shaping an organization's success. They are the end point of all the products that are channeled into the market. Since there are different types of customers in the market, a brand manager assists the company in selecting those who will use the company’s products. This is essential in segregating the target market and personalizing your products to fit your customers’ needs.

Additionally, a company will benefit from a brand manager’s assistance in creating brand guidelines and ensuring that all the employees within the institution abide by them. These guidelines include brand promise and identity standards. The company’s employees are the people who market and advertise the products to the target market. Therefore, they must be knowledgeable and articulate on the products originating from the company. This will enable them to intensively champion for the brand. Branding process is very complex and diverse and requires a professional in the branding field who can balance the various market dynamic impacting on a brand. Hence, the decisions by the brand manager will be vital in determining brand performance in the market. The brand manager liaises with the marketing department in developing marketing strategies. The brand manager’s knowledge of the brand is essential in designing how it will be marketed. The brand position is vital in ensuring that a brand makes a positive implication on the customer mind. Therefore, a brand manager devices ways of ensuring that a brand has a strong position compared other competing brands. Firmly positioned brands are positively accepted in the market resulting in improved sales.

Ahmed Responsibilities

Brand management is a very testing activity. The success of the company’s brand depends on how effectively Ahmed will carry out his tasks as the brand manager. The objective of brand management is to ensure a brand’s success in the market. This is through creating a simple, aesthetic and distinctive brand. To achieve that goal, Ahmed must efficiently accomplish the responsibilities of a brand manager. The responsibilities of a brand manager vary depending on the organization. However, the responsibilities discussed below apply in most of the organizations.

Ahmed will be responsible for monitoring, measuring and managing brand equity and strengths. According to VanAuken (2006), Brand equity is the value that a brand enhances on an organization’s products and services. The value can be positive or negative. Therefore, Ahmed will be responsible for identifying and manipulating the available equity drivers to ensure that the band will have a positive impact on Ashraf homemade Ice-cream limited. Monitoring is progressive in nature, so, this requires him to be very keen on the market performance of the brand. If he notes an adverse fluctuation in the performance, he must act accordingly to correct the situation; this is the management aspect in equity.

Ahmed will have to ensure he creates increased awareness of the brand. To achieve this task, he must make sure that the brand is distinct from other brands in the market, in every aspect including flavor, name, and packaging. Furthermore, he must aim at making the brand have a greater emotional impact on the clients. This will be achieved through designing a strong brand statement, brand name, and positioning which will trigger psychological effects on the consumers. The market is progressives and brand growth and development cannot be avoided. Therefore, Ahmed is responsible for increasing the brand value. This is evaluated through the brands market dominance and financial returns. However, this is not possible without making the brand readily available to the target market. Therefore, he must plan carefully on the placement approach the brand is going to employ in the market. The brand development program is skeleton strategy aiming at continuously refurbishing the brand according to the changing market needs. Therefore, at homemade ice-cream limited, Ahmed will be responsible for designing a brand plan. The plan entails a definite route that the brand will follow progressively from production until it reaches the consumers.

Additionally, he must monitor how the brand plan is progressing. This is through carrying out assessments on the scheme achievements against the plan’s set goals. Plans do not guarantee success, in the case of any shortcomings, Ahmed will be responsible for designing corrective measures to salvage the situation. Since this Ahmed will be in charge of a new product developments and naming processing, he is accountable for promoting the brand throughout the organization. Remember, the organization must have a clear understanding of their products, this includes both the new and existing products. Hence, it is the responsibility of the brand manager to ensure that each and every person within the organization is conversant with the product.

According to Ries and Ries (2001), the branding law of naming insists on the importance of a brand name in confirming a brand identity. Therefore, Ahmed is responsible for ensuring that the brand has a consistent identity. This is through maintaining a consistent brand name, flavor, logo and the appearance. Consistency is very crucial in a market dominated by a variety of products. It will be helpful in differentiating homemade ice-cream limited product from their competitors. Furthermore, consistency will help the customers valid the originality of the goods being supplied in the market. The market is very dynamic, and the company’s expectation can differ with that of the consumers. Therefore, Ahmed will be responsible for anticipating and accommodating the new brand identity needs. He must plan excellently in this relation and adjust purposively depending on the emerging market trends.

Conclusive, branding plays a core role in determining the market acceptability of a company’s products. Therefore firms should adopt the approach taken by homemade ice-cream limited of appointing a brand manager who will oversee the entire brand development process. Furthermore, the brand manager benefits a company in various ways by efficiently executing his or her mandated responsibilities.


Ries, A., & Ries, L. (2001). The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. Emerging Issue in Management.

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