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IMS Activities focus and Complete


Discuss about the LMS Activities.


Activity 1

Five emotional triggers that affects me are as follows:

Lack of concentration: Due to this personal trigger, I’m not able to focus and complete my work with full satisfaction and optimal outcome usually.

Negative thinking: It keeps me restricted from trying new things and hence, keeping me away from novelty.

Sensitive: Being sensitive makes me feel offended at certain points.

Angry: Turns out to be a negative factor towards attaining my goal.

Shy: Restricts me to interact or communicate properly with other persons.

Activity 2

Three important role models in my life are my mother, my father, and one of my teachers.

Role model 1: My mother, whom I admire the most because of her qualities of being self-aware. She is capable of regulating her own thoughts and emotions without having any kind of negative influence on others. Moreover, she always seems to be positive, energetic, as well as, motivated. She  understands the feelings of others and always try to solve the problems of others by interacting with others politely and empathetically.

Role model 2: My father is also my role model as he always keeps himself, as well as, the people surrounding him motivated and full of positive energy. He knows how to handle the situation and to make the decisions in the most critical situation. He tries to understand the perspective of others and always believe in open-end communication.

Role model 3: My teacher, Sukhjeet Kaur, is the one I always see as my idol. She always keeps her students motivated by telling them to work hard and to keep themselves aware of their surroundings. Moreover, she always understands her students very well, and tries to solve the problems of others.

Activity 3

Sol 1: I’m a beginner when it comes to the level of skills at the present times.

Sol 2: I want to emerge as a good leader and the person who excels in each and every skill required for the effective management of the task, group, and the goal.

Sol 3: To reach at that level, I have to become an open-learner. As a learner, I should be ready to adopt the changes to overcome my weaknesses and should work on it. From different courses related to the effective leadership and management skills development, as well as, undergoing different self-analysis  program, I can achieve my goals (Crawford, 2012).

Activity 4

My emotional strengths are that I’m open to learning, curious, open-minded, capable of understanding my weaknesses, enthusiastic, trustworthy, and have the ability to see good in others.

Activity 5

During my last society event, the co-worker of mine was new to the team, as well as, to the society. When he was told that he has to work in collaboration with me, his first facial expression indicated the feeling of fear and mistrust. He was feeling reluctant to work in a group. As he was new to our society, his facial expressions revealed sadness, as well as, disinterest in participation. He was not interacting much with any of the member. However, when we started working together, a feeling of comfort was generated and he started to open up with all of us.

Activity 7

Priority to different emotions

Happiness, sadness, surprise are emotions to be expressed. Negativity, especially anger cannot be openly expressed.

Different emotions evoked

The cultural display rules from the society guides what can be expressed openly and what in private (Koopmann-Holm & Matsumoto, 2010).

Different displays of emotions

Emotions can be displayed by facial expressions or gestures. Like, if we are happy we can smile, laugh. The tears in the eyes shows sadness or happiness depending upon the situation.

Activity 8

As per my last interaction, my colleague was social and was trying to become the part of our team as he was new to our workplace. He was trying his best and was taking initiatives to interact and communicate with us in a very polite and empathetic manner. Yes, I acknowledged him as he was very polite and warm in his interaction with us. Moreover, as he was new to the culture so he needs help and support to get familiar with the workplace and the persons.

Activity 9

Communication with the stakeholders

Will communicate with the stakeholders at each step of the process and will select the best method, as well as, medium for communication (Chilcutt, 2010).

Analysis of emotional facts

By  observing expressive patterns and feeling states in terms of frequency and intensity (Ricketts, 2005).

Decision-making process

By establishing goals, accumulating information, as well as, assessing different alternative parameters (Prieto, 2013).

Communication and change management

Will communicate frequently, consistently, and through various multiple channels. Will use face to face communication. Will use communication checklist as a tool for auditing to analyze if there is  utilization of best practice and what changes are required in the communication strategy (Chilcutt, 2010).

Activity 10

  1. By establishising prirorties of every individual, i.e., value clarification.
  2. By adopting quiet endurance involving the effort for the resolution of the conflicts in a calm, as well as, peaceful manner.
  3. By working in harmony and collaboration with other members of the organization (Smart, 2006).

Activity 11


The individual is busy in his own work and does not help the juniors when required.

The juniors have raised the issue regarding him.

As he is very good in the management and is senior, juniors are supposed to address him in any kind of help or problem.



Due to his busy and self-centered approach, the individuals feel reluctant to take any kind of help from him.

This is generating the negative climate among the team members and restricting the overall growth.

Due to inefficiency of the juniors to handle the tasks without the help of the senior person, the overall impact on the goals is turning to be negative.



The employee is not familiar that he is lacking emotional intelligence and empathetic attitude.

He must be explained the need of the emotional intelligence in the workplace and should be engaged in team work.

Periodic evaluation after the completion of the given task in the team will be carried to evaluate the change in his behavior (Cracknell, 2001).


Activity 13

Sol 1: The current sense of the workplace is to work under ethical consideration and to maintain the effective and positive communication climate amongst all the members of the workplace. To work in collaboration with each other and to do everything with compliance to the guidelines of the organization.

Sol 2: The use of compliance based programs for the audit purposes, as well as, using the questionnaire based on the climate and the management of the ethics in the organization are carried for the measurement of its climate (Wisniewski, 2003).

Sol 3: The climate in the organization when benchmarked with other organization is measured by comparing the results and policies of the organization with the other organization, analyzing the work  processes, as well as, using the various policies and procedures of the organization as a benchmark for the purpose of analysis.

Sol 4: The core values of the organization is to provide higher customer satisfaction, working within the norms of the organization, and to promote healthy environment within the organization.

Sol 5: By establishing the various standards regarding the behavior and conduct of the individual, by evaluating the adherence of the individuals to these standards of behavior and conduct, as well as, by addressing any kind of deviations in the consistent and timely manner (Wisniewski, 2003). 


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