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Selection methods and minority representation in CERA

Civil Engineering and research association is abbreviated as CERA and this organizations associated with the planning, designing and construction of infrastructural projects along with the maintenance of building structures and facilities like the elasticity, longevity and resistance power of the structures (Lockwood & Euler, 2016). Stone (2013) moreover states that this association is responsible for modern technology used in the railways, airports, bridges, harbors, dams, water and sewerage systems. This piece of writing will focus on the job category in this organization that is the role of the civil engineer and then depict merits of two selection methods for suitable candidates that are contemporary recruitment strategy and recruitment through social media. This assignment also describes pitfalls of these selection approaches for achieving the organizational goals. 

In the traditional approach, HR of CERA used diverse cultured people and emphasized more on the external recruitment procedures. The problem, in this case, the CERA have to face is the extra time and budget for recruiting people outside the organization (Breaugh, 2014). Stone (2013) moreover, depicts that this recruitment procedure damage the employee morale as they feel that this may lessen their chances for promotion and recognition. This decrease in morale affects their productivity which on the other hand diminishes the organizational profitability. Cook (2016) thus argued that it is a better approach to recruiting indigenous people who are aware of the nation’s culture and they can easily communicate with the working personnel of CERA. The primary advantage of this selection of the aboriginal personnel is that CERA does not have to train them about the culture they follow and the way to communicate, but they only have to prepare them for the position for which they have been selected. Moreover, Selak et al. (2013) depicts that selecting the nation's people will provide them the opportunity of getting employment and it will decrease the percentage of unemployment and enhance the economy of the nation.

In context of the recruitment through the social networking sites like Facebook and e-mails the disadvantage the organisation can face is the external people may be not aware of the key terms of the digital application and civil engineering knowledge and if some suitable indigenous candidate is not able to use those keywords and they might be not selected even though they are eligible for the civil engineering post. Moreover, Ramo and Prochaska (2012) also highlighted that if CERA recruits people from diverse culture and country, their education level may not match with the education provided in the nation where CERA exists. In this circumstance, the gap in the education may need an extra budget for making them knowledgeable about the minimum education standard and working procedure along with the web-based technologies used in their organization (Bauermeister et al., 2012). Furthermore, offering job categories for civil engineer across the globe will result in endless applications of the candidates that are practically difficult for HR to screening all those responses for selecting the best candidate. In case the best suitable candidate for the post of a senior civil engineer is halfway around the world extra money resources have to be spent for conducting screening interviews by telephone or email. Moreover, Brandon et al. (2013) depicts that there are many places, where there is an improper internet connection and they are often suffering from low Internet penetration and technology issues. Thus, Farquhar et al. (2014) suggested that it is better to recruit the Aboriginal people where the candidates can easily come for the interview and show their knowledge required for the desired designation and then can serve their best for the betterment of the organization.

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