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Intelligence Pedagogic Grammar Analysis


Discuss about the Intelligence Pedagogic Grammar Analysis.



In pedagogic grammar, a suprasegmental feature additionally called Prosodic feature, for instance in a discourse, features, for example, stretch, tone and word crossroads are included over consonants and vowels which are not ordinarily restricted to single sounds but rather syllables, words and furthermore phrases(Hill et al, 2016).

In Dan Pinks Puzzle of motivation, he delivers a speech using a well-organized and condensed speech. He opens the speech by very strongly and confidently stating and stressing on what he wants to do, that he needs to confess. This creates a mystery as he draws his listeners instantly. He attracts his audience’ attention and makes them move chairs ready to listen, they open their ears wide open and eyes good to the presenter. His hilarity woven from his starting styles also induces a very strong disturbance to the audience by stressing certain phrases. Additionally, Pink continues to frame his speech in form of a case study thereafter as opposed to story which he had started earlier. This stresses on the importance and purpose of speech as a learning tool for his audience(Deci, 1971). He continues, “I don’t want to tell you a story. I want to make a case. I want to make a hard-headed, evidence based, dare I say lawyerly case for rethinking how we run our businesses.”(Deci, 1971). From his speech, he is emphasizing on what he does not want to rather than what he wants to do. This is a suprasegmental feature used in pedagogic grammar. The word don’t is a short term of do not which he chooses to employ in his speech. Since he primary message tends to override the conventional business wisdom, the chances of his audience being skeptical is high. He therefore ensures that he tells his audience that his presentation isn't made out of an anecdotal account rather a solid issue which is logical argument. In his speech, Pink keeps on changing his grammar features in creating attention from the audience.

He continues by referring to his specific audience as, “Ladies and gentlemen. “This acts to cement his framework further. In the presentation, Pink shows strong emphasis in both ethos and logos. “This is not a feeling, this is not a philosophy, and this is a fact.”(Seto et al, 2015). Prink states this three aspects to make everything clear, he emphasizes about the content of the story by repeating the words this is not. His tone keeps on changing and cannot be predicted(Seto et al, 2015).

  1. The spectrogram is the word utterance /h ₔ w a/ containing the biblical glide /w/.The third segment is w. This is because; glides just like vowels are sounds with well defined and predictable format structure. They also have gradually changing format pattern as seen in the diagram.
  2. The diagram is a spectrogram of the word collect, its second segments is /l/
  3. The first segment of this spectrogram is a consonant which seems to be silent, for example the word wrestle, /w/ is silent.


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Seto, M. C., Babchishin, K. M., Pullman, L. E., & McPhail, I. V. (2015). The puzzle of intrafamilial child sexual abuse: A meta-analysis comparing intrafamilial and extrafamilial offenders with child victims. Clinical psychology review, 39, 42-57. is a name in assignment writing services that students trust. We offer our assignment writing services for a wide variety of assignment including essays, dissertations, case studies and more. Students can place their order with us anytime as we function 24x7, and get their copies at unbeatable prices. We guarantee that all of our solutions are plagiarism-free.

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