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Interpersonal Communication


Write an essay on Interpersonal communication.


Interpersonal communication is one of the most significant aspects of the company and in these current times the internal communication and other communication strategy are being enhanced effectively in order to achieve the sustainability in business (Babayi and Rahmani, 2015).  Business communication is one of the integral parts of the business and due to the increase competition in business environment it is become essential to implement innovative communication models. E-communication is the significant platform that is being used by the several organizations in these recent times because with the advancement of technology the reliable communication channels are develop that helps in better business function as they helps in communicating with the stakeholders effectively (Baldoni, 2003). 

Samsung Company was established in the year of 1938 by Lee Byung-chull and this particular company makes entry in electronics business in the year of 1960 and after that the company expanded the business function with technology and innovation and recently they are one of the giant manufacturers of mobile phones (Samsung Electronics America, 2016).  The company understands the need of communication and e-communication strategies into the business function as they provide crucial impact to the overall productivity of the organization.  This particular paper illustrates various communication and e-communication approaches taken by the company and reliable evaluation has been carried out as well as the existing process were compared with the other competitors and valuable recommendations are drawn.    


Non- electronic communication can be regarded as the distribution of message among the internal employees via letters or invoices. It is a kind of communication that does not involve any electronic media for the purpose of communication and verbal communication among the employees are also comes under this particular category (BURROUGH-BOENISCH, 1999).  However, when the company needs to undertake a particular discussion within the units they announce the meeting time via company website and some internal communication is also done though letters. Most importantly, sometimes it becomes imperative to execute verbal communicating without any electronic media for emergency decision making purpose. The company is well ware about the communication and e-communication issues and for this; they have integrated all their domestic units into a single wireless network and developed world largest mobile office. Therefore, it is one of the most sustainable initiatives taken by the company that helps in maintaining the interpersonal communication within the organization effectively as well as helps in better decision making regarding any business function (Chevalier and Mazzalovo, 2008). Decision making has to be done innovatively with the help of the management and with the help of this particular integration approach the suitable communication has been carried out instantly and based on the communication results the appropriate decision has been made by the authority. Thus, it helps in eliminating the business conflicts and also helps in providing bête understanding of each employee job roles and responsibilities with the help of enhanced communication approach. The company uses the e-communication process very effectively that results in increasing the business profitability effectively (Zoul and Whitaker, 2013). Cost reduction is another significant aspect of business and with the help of this innovative integrated approach the sustainable cost reduction achieved by the company that helps in providing them comparative advantage of the business. Marketing is another significant and essential aspect of business and along with reliable communication approach the sustainable marketing strategy and marketing mix is developed by the company that helps them in achieving the best possible business outcome.        

Electronic media and communication strategies 

For the internal communication within the company units the sustainable FMC-enabled PBX services are developed that will enhance the overall communication process and flow  as well as the economic viability is another significant advance of this particular technology as it helps in reducing the overall communication cost of the company (Cohan, 2000). The overall business mobility is increased as this process provides enormous reliability to execute the business functions innovatively. 

The company executes its e-commence business very well as in recent times due to the advance technological applications the customer perception is highly changed and most of them preferred to shop online. Therefore, the online platform has to be provided by the company where they can understand each specifications of product innovatively as well as they can compare it to the other products. The quality and reliability of the product become an integral part of the business and with the help of the innovative research and development team the reliable product is delivered to the customers (Hynes, 2002). The company does business in its own online platform and they also sell their products via other e-commerce websites such as Amazon, flip kart etc. Communication with the customer is one of the most significant parts of the business and with the help of company website and e-commerce website the company is able to communicate with the customers innovatively and the customers are also contracted immediately regarding any quarries. On the other hand, the company concentrates on its marketing mix strategy effectively in order to create brand awareness and loyalty of the customers. Most importantly, the marketing mix is carried out effectively that helps in increasing the popularity of new products and also helps the company to differentiate its product from the other competitors. The customer needs are effectively fulfilled by the company and after satisfying the needs and demands of the company the comparative advantage is developed in mobile communication industry (Laudon and Traver, 2002).

The 4p marketing mix strategy is impended by the company that helps in increasing the overall productivity of the company as it helps in understanding the market perception very well along with the demand of the customer are identified. Therefore, as per the potential of the market and customers need the sustainable product strategy is implemented and with the help of this particular marketing mix the overall comparative advantage helps the coma not create brand awareness among the customers within the target market (Miller, 2005). 


The suitable product segments are developed by the company that will help in satisfying the needs and demands of the customer and according to the requirements of the customer sustainable product development strategy is consequently implemented that helps in better market sustainability. The perfect combination is provided in Samsung Smartphone’s that helps in creating a unique identity of the product within the target markets. There are various series of Smartphone are being launched by the company within the target market and with the help of sustainable communication approach the product segmentation is innovatively carried out (Nilson, 2006).


The promotion includes all type of communication that is being carried out by the company in order to develop brand identity within a particular target market. The entire promotional activities includes internal and external stakeholders communication is carried out innovatively with the help of the company own system and through the e-commerce website. Promotion of a particular products a major role in purchasing decision of the customer because it helps in highlighting the unique features of the phone that makes the customer confident enough to buy that particular product from the market (Rajput, 2000).  Social media advertisement and outdoor media advertisement has been carried out by the company that helps in increasing better business function because the overall popularity of the products is enhanced within a specific market.


Price is another significant factor that provides immense impact to the purchasing decision of the customer and with the help of reasonable pricing strategy the company able to communicate with the customers regarding the effective pricing and the advantage over the pother similarity products available within the market. With the help of the e-commence portal the company executives communicate with the customer regarding the pricing of product and the quality features available (Raymond and Bergeron, 2007). Thus, with the help of cost effective mobile phones the company is able to maintain top strategic positions within the target market and compete with the competitors innovatively.  


This particular factor can be regarded as process of distribution and it mainly signifies the process of how the products are reaches to the customers. There are various distribution channels are available for the customer such as e-commerce portal of the company, company website and the stores in different target markets. Therefore, there are various ways of distribution channels are present and with the help of effective communication approach within the distribution channels help in facilitating the sales volume and purchasing decision of the customers.

Integrated marketing communication strategy

The current business environment is very competitive and to compete in the market the sustainable communication strategy has to be adopted by the organizations in order to achieve the organizational goals (Saint-Georges, 1993). With the help of intergraded communication approach the company helps in marketing of its innovative products within the target markets. In Barcelona and Spain the Samsung logo was paraded to promote its products and this new trend of products marketing helps in increasing the overall popularity of the products within the target markets ad it helps in facilitating the business function. On the other hand, the popular events are being covered by the company such as in London Olympics Games 2012 the company provide sponsorship that help in increasing the brand identity of the company within the globe as it is one of the most popular games (Silverman, 1982). The effective communication is also being carried out with other small websites to promote the products and Mass media advertisement process as well as social media advertisement has been carried out that helps in better market segmentation and marketing of the products.                 

SWOT Analysis 


The primary strength of the company is the better market position due to the innovative products and communication channels along with integrated communicating process that helps in better information and data flow within the company that helps in sustainable market segmentation and enhanced communication within the industry (Smith, 2003). The Innovative communication process and products variety is the major point as well as cost effective communication framework.


The overall profit margin is very less in comparison to the other companies and the differentiation of products is not huge with the other similar products available with the market. Data flow and information security is not up to the mark (Taiwo, 2010). 


The company is one of the most renowned brands within the industry and they are the primary manufactures of mobile phones and the mobile advertisement strategy is under development process and thus more to come in upcoming future.   


The market rivalry is very high and rapid changing technology is another threat. Due to the integrated and combined communication process the information and data security is not high (Toale and McCroskey, 2001).

Assess and compare the communication practices of the company’s 2 main competitors

Te other communication process of Apple Inc and Motorola is taken into consideration and it is evident from the study that both these companies have great impact on the internal market. While discussing regarding the communication process of the companies Apple Inc is in the top as they use integrated marketing communication strategy which is more reliable and convenient that Samsung (Willoughby and Smith, 2016). On the other hand, Motorola is another popular brand and they also develop sustainable marketing mix strategy and communication approach. Most importantly, the process of communication is carried out by both the companies on their company website and the e-commerce portal which is more convenient than  Samsung, But regarding the internal communication framework of both companies is not as the Samsung as they have integrated FMC process that facilitate the overall communication process san data flow within the company. Therefore, it can be stated that the both the company use almost same marketing communication channel, marketing mix and communication strategy like Samsung but the internal communication frame work of Samsung is more convenient and reliable in comparison to the others.  

Suggestions and recommendations

After analyzing the overall communication process it can be stated that there are some innovative process and channels are being used by the company that helps in facilitating the overall business process (Yeon et al., 2014). Thus, it can be stated that the external communication process may be more enhanced with the help of sustainable communicate such as face to face interaction with the customer in the stores and 24 hours helpline for the customer regarding any query can be initiated.    


The report provides a clear and precise idea regarding the Samsung communication and e-communication strategies within the target markets. It is evident from the study that sustainable internal and external communication is carried out by the company to enhance the overall profitability and develop the brand identity within the target markets. Some of the improvement may be carried out and overall communication process is quite good.


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