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Interpersonal Skill


 Will be two questions in your final exam. “Knowing where one belongs can transform an ordinary person – hardworking and competent but otherwise mediocre – into an outstanding performer.” - Peter Drucker, “Managing Oneself’, HBR, Jan. 2005

Q1.  Where do you think you belong?

Q2.  What is critical for you to be an outstanding manager in the multicultural environment? 

Write one to two pages on your answers to those two questions. Reflect on your readings, on what you heard and learnt in the previous visits for this course. Make this a personally meaningful statement and action plan for your future career goal (i.e. what skills should you be working on developing between now and then to ensure you get off on the right foot?)


1. I think I belong in the process of developing my interpersonal skill and towards the making of hardworking person after the completion of the course of personal management. In today’s competitive world, we all know that we must manage our own career and life. During the course, I have equipped myself developing more self-awareness which is a valuable skill to have in any walk of life. There is no doubt that hard working is the key to becoming an outstanding performer (Csikszentmihalyi & Wong, 2014). However, the hardworking skill does not come naturally. According to Guiso et al. (2015) the qualities and characteristics that are associated with good performers are those of determination and consistency. Though I have been noticed during the course that some people might have a predisposition to these traits, it is only through dedication and effort that one can comprehensively mature into a hard worker making complete use of the potential. To become focused on one activity at a time is a proven strategy to increase hardworking ability. Being involved in the developing process, I have to build my competency in four areas to become outstanding performers in the due course. In the course, I come across four competent areas are include 
Creating positive personal impact 
Try to become a consistent high performer
Establishing  a dynamic communicator and 
To become interpersonally competent
All these areas are required to be considered while developing the personal goal and to become a good performer. According to Belbin, (2012), there are people mistakenly think that good performance is the only element of a successful career. Being a mentor of myself, it would take a combination of self confidence, outstanding performance, personal impact, skills of communication and interpersonal competence to succeed in my life and career. However, there is no direct relationship between the number of different things attempt and the likelihood of achieving success in accomplishing my career goals (Roberts, 2015). To transform myself into an outstanding performer, I need to further concentrate to identify the most important goal of my life and the relative priority of each step that I need to take to achieve those results. Being self-competent and hardworking, I need to develop a good habit of task completion within a specified time. Furthermore, maintaining discipline to concentrate on a job until it is finished, will give a feeling of confidence, competence and mastery. On the other hand, I need to train optimism myself. Generally optimist’s people see negative occurrences as short lived and narrowly focused events. Adopting the explanatory style of the optimists to help myself view both favorable and unfavorable events in a more approaching of optimists, I might recognize my higher self-perception. However, most important thing is to take participation in the initiative of career development though a proper career management (Caliendo et al. 2014). Jumping on an opportunity when it arrives take s self confidence and I can build this in myself by starting with small goals and working the way up to a more chief responsibilities. By following all these above mentioned steps and a set of skills, I can develop my hardworking skill and acquire self controls which will help to accomplish my personal goal of my life. 

2. To become an outstanding manager in the multicultural environment, I need to enrich my skill of adaptability to work in cross cultural diversified people. Being a manager I need to well-versed about the major difference of cultures. Work ethics, style of communication, behaviors and management-labor relationships are different from country to country. According to Daft (2014), the competence of leadership is conceptualized in a different way in various countries and a culture varies accordingly.  For instance, western cultures tend to be highly rational and generally values things that are friendly in accomplishing a current need (Alvesson & Sveningsson, 2015).Therefore, western cultured people value rugged competition and individualism. On the other hand, many people value a sense of community and patience. There are few guidelines to be able to consult in the diverse culture specific environment. Firstly, I need to be aware of my personal biases, preferences, styles, insight and focus. These are critical for successful consulting in managing any type of culture. Secondly, I need to take an initiative to start my first interaction with my global client after allowing myself to become sensitive to their culture. Thirdly, I should behave a project mentor or representative and to attempt to get someone from the corporation to help me to understand their culture and learn how to work with a manner compatible with the culture of the organization. By this deeper insight into the respective cultures, I will develop my understanding about the collective and individual values, as this is central and critical when working with a multi-culture team. Therefore, I need to manage cultural diversity to effectively control the roles and responsibilities of the project professionals because the culture of the organization is driven by the values throughout the organization. 
On the other hand, communicational proficiency is another factor which I learnt to while managing people of different background (Chang et al. 2014). To improve the cross cultural communication skill, I need to attain cultural understanding by studying cultures nationally, understand the role behavior of various cultures and profoundly understanding of language of context. To negotiate from the proper cultural perspective can be a good idea to manage people within the enterprise.  Furthermore, I need to open up to new ideas, be optimistic and appreciate cultural differences. As the demand of “knowledge-based enterprises” rises, it would become my responsibility to increase the success of learning at workplace and its development (Lu et al. 2016). To perform under the global platform I need to develop my managerial skills to handle with racial conflicts that have occurred and to develop groups and individuals in the workplace. Furthermore, a more flexible relationship between global leaders and their followers is essential in an administrative centre. In that context, technological innovation, globalization, changes in demographics brings a tremendous transformation into work and human life. Being a global leader, I need to establish a close emotional inter-dependent link and an ongoing development of loyalty and trust between leaders and followers to remain competitive in the global market. In that context, I need to deliver an outstanding performance to influence employees to work toward the goals of organization. In this way, I will surely become an outstanding manager in the multicultural environment.


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