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Major Challenges Facing Public Schools


Discuss about the Major Challenges Facing Public Schools.



Youth Work is a practice, which keeps the interest of young people at first place. Youth work is a social practice, where the young workers function along with young people. Youth work is a kind of communal support activity consists of adolescents and young people. Institutions may exist for this purpose depending on the community, and different services (Checkoway, 2012). The report contains the brief history of development of youth work in Australia, the young people of Australia in different contexts. In continuation discuss issues problems related to youth woke at schools, and various role and functions perform by youth workers at schools

The history of youth work started in 18th century at time of Industrial Revolution, when the young men left their families and move to big towns, this result into emergent of youth culture in urban areas. In Australia, youth work programs first brought by Christian based organisation such as the YMCA and the girls and boys brigade. Prior to 1885, the Boston YMCA began to hire gymnasium superintendents which led the training of physical directors, Congregationalist minister wanted to provide training for untrained labours hired at churches, YMCAs and connected institutions. Earlier in 20th century, worries raised about the numbers of young individuals not in association of youth societies (Bessant, 2012). This led to first but ineffective attempt to register all young people in Australia. During Second World War, frontrunners were looking to prevent a World War-III, which would probably be fought with nuclear bombs and annihilate humanity. One the strategies put in place was to set-up youth organisation worldwide and have adolescence with similar fields of interest organise and contribute in youth exchange.

Young people in Australia

Native Australian is direct descendants of a civilization that arrived in the country more than 50000 year ago and remains isolated ever since. Throughout human history, the vast majority of young indigenous Australians raised in a culture that had been free from outside influence for millennia. All young people across Australia deserve access to the resources and support they need in order to lead healthy and satisfying lives.   

One-third young people in Australia are underemployed or jobless. The rate of underemployment is 18% and 13.5% youth is unemployed. The youth unemployment rate for age group 15 to 24 has remained inflexibly high since the global financial crises. In February 2018, more than 650000 people aged 15 to 24 looking for jobs or underemployed. Among young, people of Australia 39.3 % of non-student in casual work, and 35.8% in part-time role.       

Australia has a strong culture many young people of Australia not connected with their elders and have become distant from their culture. Involving in culture is an amusing, fun and educational youth organised festival for Young people to come together and to connect to their culture through food, dance, music, and stories (EKonoja, 2018).

Adolescence people play important role in individual and social development of young people and help society in finding their place in labour market. The young people of all social background participate fully in civic democratic life. The young people of Australia have idea about identity and society that help shape the rest of their lives. Young people have great interest in profound questions and in developing their talents and abilities.    

Young people participation in government decision making and planning broadly defines the activities Australian governments will take and the values administrations have permitted to ensure young people participation is meaningful. The successful engagement of young people contributes and influence to the development of programs, policies, and services occurs across all levels of government (Wyn, 2008).

Youth Work at School

Youth Work at schools developed in the direction to provide supports to youth at various phases of their lives. The main aim is to give young people the feeling that they are not alone and dependent. Youth worker will guide and support young people in their personal, social and education development to help them reach their full potential in society. Youth work aims to support youth development in various ways. While consistent youth work typically lead during young people’s leisure time, Youth Work at schools supports youth development at schools (Luke, 2018). This regular youth work seen in youth spaces or various youth clubs. The youth work services at schools are largely depends on government funding. The trained youth workers at schools will help students in developing a positive attitude to learning, improve attendance, increase problem solving abilities, set goals to raise their academic performance.

The problems and issues face by schools includes student attitudes and behaviours many time it is been seen that students are disrespecting their teachers, the short attendance of students is also a problem. Bullying at schools is also a problem and due to that attendance, health and learning ability of student is affected. The main issue is for schools is no student will left behind, every student is different from each other and their mind also work differently, it become hard for school to keep the students on equal level. Health of students is also a problem for schools Obesity among students is reached on high the is because of poor eating habits and due many health issues occurs in students and they loses their focus from studies, increase the number of absenteeism and more academic issues. Sometimes the teachers are not much qualified for teaching but schools hire them because they demand less salary. Budget cutting is become a problem from schools now days less budget means less staff, less resources and lower number of services for students (Chen, 2017).

The youth worker can help the schools in resolving these issues by providing full guidance to students by become their friend or mentors. The youth workers will guide them to follow a right path they will help them in reducing absenteeism and to maintain good health. While shortage of staff members they can take place to address the problem of shortage. 

Role and function of the youth worker

  • Youth workers will advise youngsters, children, and their parents relating to social adjustment, physical abuse, health issues, substance abuse, and childcare. By assisting to kids and youngsters with dysfunctional people, and by supervision to overcome the previously mentioned concerns, encouraging kids in adoptive care and adoption programs, counselling and re-educating minors in correctional organizations.
  • They will question kids and youngsters to measure their problems, by analysing and observing their personal life, advice kids, and youngsters to report any maltreatment, gather recording evidence on family background and by questioning parents to regulate their capability to raise a kid.
  • Providing assistance and counselling for adolescents dealing through ingredient exploitation issues.
  • They will organise community meeting, group, and events at school (Neuvoo, 2018).


To conclude, Youth work has an extensive range of optimistic consequences for young people. The positive consequences for young people includes, providing new activities, making friends, and opportunities, formal and non-formal learning opportunities, advice, and information. At schools, the Youth workers play very important role in providing counselling to students, and their families to improve their performance at school. The youth workers play very important role at schools they give a voluntary service to school students and parents, by helping them improving their health and mental conditions. With the guidance provided by the youth workers, the student get benefits and their absenteeism in school will also decrease.


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Wyn, J. (2008) the changing context of Australian youth and its implications for social inclusion [Online] Available from: [Accessed on 13/07/2018]. is the best option for those who are looking for reliable academic writing services. To show our genuineness, we submit only high quality assignments so that students never lose out on important grades. Our mission is to provide plagiarism-free solutions at very affordable prices. Students can get assignment help on any subject or topic from us.

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