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Managing People


Number 1:

What were your need-strength scores? How do you think your ‘need for achievement’ impacts upon your university studies? How do you think your ‘need for social approval’ impacts upon your behaviour at work or university? 

Number 2:

What is your preferred role? Do you agree with this outcome? Give an example of when you have acting in this role in a team (at work or university).  

Number 3:

What is your preferred conflict handling style? Give examples of situations where your preferred style would be most appropriate and where it would not be useful/appropriate. 


Number 1:

My need for achievement score was 12 and need for social approval score was 14.

The need for achievement score of 12 suggests that I’m average in terms of my focus and determination in the university studies. I think that the average score for need for achievement affects my performance in the studies to some extent and allows me to feel satisfied with average performance in the corresponding assignments or exams. The score also impacts my university studies in terms of the minimum amount of focus that I’ll maintain in my studies throughout the entire period.

The need for social approval score of 14 suggests that I’m not a lot desperate to get the approval of the others in the university. This score impacts the intensity at which I bond with other people in the surrounding and the motivation I possess to maintain good relationship with others in the university. The score impacts my behavior in the university in terms of my average relationship with the others present in the university and avoidance of bad relationship with anyone in the university. This in turn will have a positive impact on my university studies.  

Number 2:

Harmonizer and Initiator were the roles which got the highest score for team role preference. I agree with both of these team roles. I have been a part of a number of teams in the university, which contained a diverse types of people. One of the cultural events of the university allowed me to be a part of such a team, which had different people from different cultural backgrounds and different perception of the activities in the surroundings. A discussion on one of team activities led to a difference of opinions among two of my teammates. The difference of opinions quickly turned into a conflict, which affected all the team members and all the team activities. I played the role of Harmonizer in that situation and calmed down both of my teammates by finding an alternative solution to the issue in hand. I played the role of Initiator as well in the same situation as I thought of the solution, devised a plan and allocated the activities to my teammates. The combination of the roles of Harmonizer and Initiator allowed me to identify the goals of a particular team activity, determine an alternative way of completing it and breaking the entire activity into smaller pieces of work for the teammates to work on.  

Number 3:

The score of problem solving as the preferred conflict handling style was 17. I agree with this conflict handling style and try to find a mutually beneficial solution to the issue in hand, which in turn leads to the betterment of all the parties involved. This conflict handling style is most appropriate in a situation which allows a number of alternative solutions to be determined for the issue in hand. The conflict which doesn’t involve such parties which face negative results irrespective of the solution being followed, allows the usage of this conflict handling style. Whereas the conflicts in which there is no such scenario or solution which allows the involved parties to be satisfied with the result, this conflict handling style is the least appropriate. In such scenarios, the problem solving conflict handling style doesn’t satisfy the parties involved in the conflict and in turn, leads to the increase in conflict. If a conflict in either the university or work is leading to a significant loss of any of the involved parties in any scenario, then this conflict handling style is not appropriate.

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