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Nursing Career Development Analysis


Dsicuss about the Nursing Career Development Analysis.



This is my career development report that is meant to guide me through the development of the nursing career. The report includes a number of factors including self-awareness assessment which is important in analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, it discusses opportunity awareness which develops various opportunities and challenges that are in the nursing career. Thirdly, it evaluates my decision making skills based on decision making theories and lastly it evaluates my career goals.


Self-awareness is important in the nursing career. This is because of the various challenges that the career poses on the nursing professionals (Healy &McSharry, 2011). Different situations call for different reactions and management techniques. Therefore a self-awareness process is necessary for a person to be successful in the nursing career.


Foremost I am open to experience. This is one of the personality attributes in the big five factor model. Being curious and cautious at the same time is important in the nursing career because a nurse gets to learn more when he or she is open to new challenges and cautious enough not to cause any losses. Also, in Conscientiousness, I am efficient and organized and also self-disciplined this is also an important personality attribute in following all the instructions given in nursing.  I am also energetic and ready to perform all my duties effectively (Kim & Patterson, 2016). Being a caregiver, these attributes are important because they are highly valuable in having a smooth nursing career life.

Values and Motivators

My motivation in the nursing profession comes through the urge to help people generally. I believe the nursing profession is all about helping people in dire need or those who feel lonely. Besides, I develop a sense of pride when I attend to a patient and they finally recover from their illnesses. Moreover, when I look at the people I attend and see them smiling for feeling comfortable I draw a lot of motivation from this feeling (Jack & Smith, 2007). Patience is one of the values that is important in this career and I believe I am patient enough to watch patients transform from various states to normalcy. My patients are my clients and I treat them all equally despite of age, gender, race and physical appearance. These are important factors in nursing because they are vital in making sure a nurse is enjoying his or her work.

Emotional Intelligence

I possess various emotional intelligence abilities that are important in the nursing career. The first is the ability to identify emotions in others and myself. By correctly identifying emotions, I end up connecting well with my patients and that gives me easy time in handling them because we understand each other (Kantcheva, 2002).

However, I have a challenge in understanding some of the emotions because I tend to focus more on how to relate with the patient than get involved in their emotions because they may end up affecting my work negatively (Anderson, 2016).


Leadership skills are necessary in the nursing career because they help in managing different situations effectively. Humility and courage are important in the career and I am both humble and courageous. I am also a good strategic planner and that also is a good leadership skill in nursing (Woodworth & McLellan, 2016).

I have handled some situations that could have easily led to panic but I managed to control such situations before calling for assistance. Much as being a courageous leader is important, there are some factors that need to be considered in order to control a situation easily. Being courageous and acting without consultation may build up more harm than good in the career and therefore it is wise to consult in some situations. In nursing leadership skills are vital because they come in handy in some situations where hard decisions have to be made in order to manage them (Doiron&Yoo, 2016). That is why it is important for nurses to develop these skills through training if they do not have them naturally.

Power and Politics

Power is the ability to control decisions and resources. Politics in an organization are means of gaining power without going through the processes that require merit. Influence resembles power but it is indirect. It is done silently through others.

In my career, power should be based on my position in the organisation. This are rights that are granted by the organisation to have control over some matters. Also, power is derived from expertise. Being an expert one has authority in his or her field. Politics in an organisation is not important and it leads to mischief and abuse of the available processes and procedures.

When a person has power in an organisation, they also develop influence which makes them have a following in such an organisation. This may be through politics or power that is accorded to an individual by such an entity.

Opportunity Awareness

Opportunity awareness is concerned with the world of work and the trainings that are relevant in the career. It aims at the options and opportunities that may be available, how they can be accessed and various changes that may be happening in the career industry.

My Career

The career I en vision is being a chattered nurse. This is a career that I am passionate about and I would like to develop my nursing career up to the management level. I understand that the nursing profession is a challenging one because it involves engagement of different people with different problems. This requires that I develop various skills and techniques of handling these people whenever they visit the nursing facilities. Training is important in this career since the world is dynamic and there are technologies that are being developed to make the nursing profession easier and more effective. In order to rise to the management levels in the nursing career, I need to gain experience through the years so that I can learn how to manage different situations and allocate resources in an efficient manner whenever need arises. This is one of the careers that I long to undertake for as long as I can work (Fan &Hansmann, 2015). I have a passion for helping others and I am motivated by the mere fact that I am helping others feel better and comfortable. It is important to value some of the motivating factors in a career because it is important in making sure that a person is comfortable in his or her work and that makes them to work perfectly. The nursing career needs motivation because at time some patients may possess high levels of arrogance and that may demoralise a nurse

In career management, planning is essential in the choice of a professional career. This is because a person needs to figure out what is more fulfilling, lead to achievement of goals, have a work/life balance and have financial stability. These are important factors in career management and they should be analysed before a person settles on a career (Burke &Wolpin, 2015).The nursing career will offer me an opportunity to grow to the management levels that I want. Besides, the career will give me more time to enjoy my life with family and friends. Lastly, this career offers a good salary and therefore financial stability is guaranteed.

The nursing profession does not have many alternatives.This is because the services can be offered in a nursing facility or at home. This means that a nurse can either be employed or become self-employed and offer services to individuals who need them. Being a chattered nurse offers an opportunity to operate in whichever way one wants to. This makes the nursing career lucrative since one can be employed or start a business that offers nursing services to individuals either in a facility or at home.

I have developed a passion for the nursing profession because it has been helpful to some people that I am closely related. This is a chance for me to appreciate the profession by also assisting people who may be in need. Also, there are people who I have contacted in the industry and their views are almost the same as what I believe the career is all about. Nursing professionals talk about the nursing career and it seems to be as good as I believe it is.  There are courses that are needed in the nursing career. These courses are vital in making sure that there a nurse is comfortable in handling patients. Some of the courses are psychology related since they are meant to offer psychological training which prepares a prospecting nurse for all kinds of scenarios. A part from the courses, there are many opportunities for practicing nurses across the world.

Industry Sector and Location

The nursing industry offers a great deal of opportunities in the world. There is a shortage of nurses in all fields and that makes it a lucrative career choice. I would like to practice my nursing profession in the United States. This is where there is a high demand for nurses. The nursing profession is as big as the different attitudes that people may be having. The opportunities available in the nursing industry are in many sectors. They include: Working in both general and surgical hospitals- these hospitals need nurses who have to monitor and take care of patients after they have had surgical procedures; secondly, nurses are needed in doctor’s offices- they are needed here because doctors cannot work alone and they need assistants who are meant to take care of patients as they attend to others and offer first aid services in critical cases; thirdly, nursing care facilities also need nurses to care for people who need the services; Fourth, outpatient facilities need nurses- these facilities are meant to support patients who cannot afford to be hosted in the hospital wards yet their conditions are not critical (Smith, 2016). Nurses in the facilities have a duty to attend to these patients; lastly, they can be home care givers- nurses can offer their services to people in their homes for those who cannot be comfortable staying in a nursing facility.

The nursing profession offers a wide range of opportunities depending on the type of nurse a person becomes. For instance, one can become a personal care giver whereby he or she gives special attention to people who need to be cared for. Also, nurses can work in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing because nurses have some information about medication through what they are taught. Finally, the nursing career can lead one to being a tutor in professional schools, colleges and universities. This is a great opportunity that nurses have in the society.

However, like any other professions, despite having great opportunities, the nursing profession also has some challenges.The first challenge in the profession is compensation- in nursing there are differences in the levels of compensation depending on the region of operation. This relates to the cost of living differences in different regions (Burkhardt, Smith-Coggins& Santen, 2016). Therefore, some nurses may be receiving low compensation as compared to others. Secondly, there are work place hazards that exist in the nursing profession. That is nurses are faced with a high risk of contamination because they engage different people who may be suffering from diseases that may affect the nurses. Handling blood samples may pose a danger to the nurses and they may become ill due to the contact they have with pathogens and disease causing germs. Thirdly, the nursing profession requires that people work for long hours. In order to earn a significant amount of money from the profession, nurses have to work for longer hours. This deprives them of their time to socialize and even stay with families. Lastly, there is workplace violence which comes from some patients and even co-workers. Some patients may be having illnesses that may make them violent and abusive. This is a challenge that nurses have to live with in their profession.

Decision Making

Decision making in career development is important since there needs to be a plan on how a person is to survive through the career they choose. There are various theories that can be applied in the development of the nursing profession.

The zigzag problem-solving model and rational decision making theory are decision-making theories that can be applied in the development of a career. The zigzag model applies factors such as sensing, feeling, thinking and intuition in a particular order in order to understand the most successful way a decision can be made in problem solving. This model is applicable for both individuals and teams. The rational decision-making model involves a number of processes that can be used in problem solving (Laing, 2013). The process involves; identifying an opportunity or problem, gathering of relevant information, analysis of the situation, development of alternatives and options, evaluation of the options, and selection of the most suitable option or alternative.

Both of these models have similar features in that they involve critical thinking and analysis of the situation. However, there is a difference between them in that the zigzag model uses feelings and factors related to humans while the rational decision making model analyses the situation to choose the best alternatives in solving a problem (Frame & Williams, 2005).

In the nursing career, the geographical location in which a person would like to work in matters a lot because it is related to the amount one can earn. That is, some regions have a high cost of living while others are low income areas. For nursing one can choose the areas they would like to work in. secondly, opportunities for ongoing employment, training and development are factors that should be considered. In this career, various institutions offer employment and there are opportunities for training and development offered by various institutions.


Career Satisfaction

To achieve a top management job in the nursing profession in a metropolitan area within the next five years.

Career satisfaction is the top in my goal list because of my training and education. I believe career satisfaction will enable me to offer my services better since it is a motivator in my profession. Besides, being satisfied with my career, I will be more confident to face other challenges in life.

Personal Relationships

To develop a network of different clients and other professionals in the world within ten years.

Personal relationships are important because they offer an opportunity to have new clients through referrals. Also, a wide network of professionals can offer an opportunity to learn more from their experiences. Being a human, relationships are also important for the social life.

Material Rewards and Possessions

To have financial stability and own a home by the end of the first year of working.

Material rewards and possessions come as a result of compensation received for work done. I believe that owning a home will be advantageous because it will allow me to be effective in my work since I will not be worrying about factors relating to rent arrears.

Learning and Education

To attain a master’s degree in nursing within ten years

This is related to my career development. I believe by having a master’s degree in nursing, I will open more opportunities to develop my career farther. That is why I include learning and education in my top five career goal.

Spiritual Growth and Religion

To develop a program that is to inspire others to be religious

Through the nursing profession, I would like to grow in spirit through assisting others to become believers because I believe that it is God who provides all things and therefore all people should work towards meeting religious requirements.


The purpose of this report is to help me work towards developing my career in nursing and ensure that I am successful in this career. It includes various factors that are necessary in career development. The factors included are self-awareness analysis, opportunity awareness analysis, decision making skills and the career goals development. This report will be important in developing my career in nursing.

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