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Online Shopping


Please make a business report on online shopping .i am uploading the criteria for business report as well as the format in which it should be. only the 3rd part final report is supposed to be done.please read the whole document to get the whole information.


Invented in 1979 by English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich; Online shopping has become an important rather the most important and highly preferred shopping forum in the present scenario.  He initially prepared the system by creating an associated between a modified domestic Television set with a computer meant for processing real-time transaction using a telephone line that was meant primarily for domestic use (10 tips for smart holiday shopping online, 2007). Taking real time shape by 2010, online shopping has now become the most preferred shopping forum by people around the world. 

Prior to the introduction of online shopping; people used to face problem making a search for their requisite products. While they successfully could trace those within shops in their local market; for most of the products they had to make a leap for the multi-stores at some corner of the town (Dashwood, 2013). With the growing development taking place in every business sector; work pressure too began increasing making it problematic for people to move out making time even to get themselves their primary necessities. Solving all such problems instantly came up online shopping. 

With its role taking prominence; online shopping assist you in a number of ways. Adhering to it; customers enjoy shopping from anytime, anywhere from any vendor across the world. Moreover there is no time restriction as these shopping sites are available to serve you 24 hour and 365 days a year (Soopramanien, 2010). So while you are enjoying a tea break at your office; you can also relish shopping for your home items or some of your personal accessories in just a few minutes. Also you enjoy the facility of comparing the goods in terms of quality and price before moving on to purchase them.

Though there are certain advantages; online shopping is nowhere free from disadvantages as well. Customers might this shopping form expensive as some companies might be charging shipment charges. Also you have to wait at least or few hours to three days for the goods being delivered to you sometimes making you’re impatient. In some cases; refunds or exchange can also lead to a matter of dispute between customers and the business owner. To avoid such instances; it is a must to make sound implementation of the professional communication theories meant for ensuring sound online shopping. 


Understanding Professional communication; this communication form draws the most essential part of its theories from diverse range of field such ad science, rhetoric, linguistics, psychology, philosophy and sociology (Azam and Abdullah, 2015). Nowhere is professional communication way too different from the basic communication theories which you use in your daily life. This sates that professional communication form represents a perfect blend of the 4 basic or traditional communication theories along with appropriate knowledge of technical writing, adult learning technology, rhetorical theories and business ethics. Talking of the basic communication theories; you have Intrapersonal Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication and Group Communication. 

Coming to the instance of online shopping and the use of its professional communication theories for ensuring a successful firm operation; the digital media makes use of two basic communication theories i.e. Intrapersonal communication and Mass communication (Pullen, 2013). Both of these theories are actively used by companies dealing with retailing business online. The primary factor for this business forum being mass communication for the business aims at reaching out the mass or the public on a whole as their target customers serving them with their dealings (Hefferline, 1955). This message conveyed to the mass using the theory of mass communication; further go through the path of another communication theory termed Intrapersonal communication theory. However the application of this theory varies from person to person.

More specific elaboration states that online shopping being a single medium used by different business personals with the same target audience; uses mass communication as their theory of communication. The main objective is to reach out their message effectively to the world without any help by the middle men (Dominick, 1987). This means that there being a direct communication between the business firm operating and the customers receiving their services without any role played by any middle man; the message conveyed by the sender i.e. the e-commerce firm; reaches the receiver i.e. the consumers in its true sense. This is because all of the messages which the sender has to convey to their receivers reach them directly through the medium of the website. Moreover; the website being chosen by these organizations as a mode of communication; do not keep any message information in the encrypted form thereby revealing the same meaning to all. 

Mass communication theory does not adhere to any hidden meaning of the message being directed to a single person. Such as when a company decides to offer good to the customers at a discount rate of flat 50%; the same is updated in the company website which reveals that the discounted products are applicable for all customers taking the service of that particular company and is not meant for a particular customers as a gift of association. Suppose you are a businessman and you have decided to provide service to the worldwide customers launching your online shopping service (Khitoliya, 2012). All the information that you provide on your website are equally meant for all the customers who all opt for your service. as a true businessman following the fundamental business ethics; it is against the rule to keep messages encrypted only for a some specific target group when operating online. While you can give discount to your family members when they come to your offline shop; you cannot do the same or you don’t enjoy such privilege with online shopping. 

Mass communication theory thereby states that the message which is conveyed should be meant for everyone equally irrespective of caste, creed and sex. The message addressed should also be formulated in such a way that it is able to attract customers from diverse corners of the world. It is the responsibility of the sender to make the receivers feel that there is not partiality trait hidden within the message (Lasorsa, 2002). While mass communication theory playing 70% of its role in online shopping; there is another theory which contributes to the rest 30% based on which the transaction deal is finalized.  This refers to intrapersonal theory.

Intrapersonal theory deals with personal or self-communication which is highly dependent on the 5 human sensory organs. This states that the ultimate decision maker is oneself while mass communication is a form used to instigate these personal views (Dorais and Westby, 2015). Considering the scenario of online shopping; suppose you are the customers who willing to do all personal shopping online and I am the online retailers. You are in search for a pair of jeans and suddenly came across my website which is offering a discount upto 50% on 2 pairs of blue jeans. Good enough. However you are in need of one black and blue jeans but unfortunately there is no such discount scheme for such a combination. I have successfully approached you with my message but the complete success of my approach depends on your views where the intrapersonal theory comes to you. 

It is the application of your own senses with which you have to decide whether you want to buy one spate black and other blue jeans or you want to try out this discount offer and get another black pair later on(Mold, 2014). If you opt for my discount; it will prove that I have successfully reached you with the true meaning if my message whereas your decision to restore to one blue and one black jean proves my inability to mold your thinking with a better communication. 


You have being into online business for a few years and have ruled the market. Now you are interested to make new introductions of to your product range. You have a solid product line and an excellent product release strategy. So you think you can now readily attain success with the dealing but your thinking might fail unless and until you have a proper and detailed communication strategy and plan (Smith, Haimes-Korn and Oliver, 2007). Professional communicators say that for working under a suitable business world; it is a must to ensure that you follow good communication strategies without which not only your sales and profitability rate but also the internal and external organizational structure of your firm can get affected.

For better functioning of your online retail store and ensuring your customers with the best online shopping experience; there are certain things which have to be kept in mind. The primary factors which are to be discussed and adhered in this context are Arguments, Reasoning and proper persuasion (Tubert, 2010). Taking Arguments as the primary concern; there are few major issues which usually turn out resulting into arguments between online retailer sand customers. Arguments might arise if the customers don’t feel safe using their credit or debit card for payment clearance, feel their personal information is not efficiently protected and there is a fear of information theft, upon any store seeking unnecessary personal information, price issues as there is no bargaining facility, product quality, return and refund policy or even matters relating to delivery issues (Bucciarelli and Daniele, 2014). For the successful functioning of your online store; it is important to take care of these issues and render the customers with a sound solution ensuring business success.

The second issue relates with reasoning. This reasoning deals with you as a successful entrepreneur i.e. you have to opt for certain methods which so as to provide the customers with a reason behind the failure of your operation( if any) or to clear out that the arguments and objections which they hold against your business firm is unethical (Dowding, 2016). It is seen that first hand or new companies offering online service face it difficult to attract customers. This is because because of your New Tag and lack of experience in the field; they feel insecure dealing with the product and payment strategy of your site. 

This problem might also arise when you think of introducing new products. For example say Apple is a leading mobile phone designer and developer while Samsung is an inferior one compared to Apple. Both have launched a new mobile phone model; sharing the more-or-less same features (vahedi, 2016). Because of having a good market all over the world compared to Samsung; customers will reluctantly accept the new product of Apple at a rate faster compared to that of Samsung. This brings out the importance of Brand value.  In order to ensure more customer attraction; the development of your brand value should also be your growing concern.

The third and the final issue which is strictly related to online shopping firms is its ability of persuasion. Understanding the term; Persuasion deals with one’s ability to influence or instigate another person to act accordingly (Public opinion persuasion, 1997). While it is very easy to influence customers making the, buy your product in case of offline shopping; firms dealing with online shopping suffers from this drawback. Such instances can be avoided only when you ensure adhering to proper communication theory which is able to build trust among the consumers about the authenticity of your services. They have to be guided in such a way that they feel no risk with dealing with you. 

Professional communication states that the act of reasoning out the conflicts and concerns of the customers and guiding them in a persuasive manner denotes the expertise of the entrepreneur. Only when the customers are assured and they feel that dealing with your the online services of your company is safe; shall they come forward checking out the products as well as seeking out for the new launches (Ury, 2013). As an entrepreneur; it is your duty to understand that their arguments are ethical and not absurd; as for everyone personal safety is the always the primary concern. 


The report clearly brings out what are the primary problems which both entrepreneurs dealing with online shopping and customers receiving such services might encounter. Most customers even today do not like using online mode of shopping fearing of unforeseen issues resulting with product exchange and payment. Again the growing matters of cyber-theft have left them with a fear of information theft especially with the credit and debit card information. Adding another;  most of the shopping sites do not offer customers with trial facility while a few of the have recently started offering customers with a trial facility upon every product  for a period of 14 days which they can avail upon the payment of a certain sum as for registration and membership.

In such schemes; a good professional communication prevails between the customers and the service operators group and the customers enjoy checking out the designs and returning them if the same doesn’t fit their needs. Inclusions of such services are also considered as best persuasion measures for attracting mass customers for your shopping sites. Beyond all the measure which you take up for improving the functioning of your online retail outlet; developing better communication strategies must be the primary concern.  


Concerning that you ensure your customers with reliable online shopping service; professional communication theories offers you with certain sound communication strategies which will help you in gaining over customers trust. This begins with clearing out your business “terms and conditions” separately in writings.. Customers who are willing to deal with you are always keen to check out these regulations. Ensure you set up a sound customer support panel who will be readily offering 24 *7 service clarifying the doubts of the customers as well as helping them easing out their shopping deals. Generally those first time online shoppers usually seek this kind of service for they feel insecure when it comes to making the payment. 

Make sure to include the development that you have done to your shopping standards in your shopping website so as to make your customers aware of the same. Offering Live chat sessions with customers is a more modern approach. Your progress acts as a booster for more shoppers seeking your service.  Remember that only if you become genuinely committed towards serving the customers; success will reach you easily.  


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