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Performance Review


Write an essay on Performance review.


Performance review is an important undertaking in any project as it offers the checks and balances of the entire process. Much of the success of any project depends on corporation, planning and execution of the laid down procedures as well as organization of the team members in the project. Much as there are many variables that determine the success of any project, it is upon the team leader that would make sure that everything is done as per the laid down rules and that the project is done on time and completed successfully. This therefore calls for the project review to find out the positive and negative aspects of the project as a way of providing feedback on the process. Based on this, this brief is a report that incepts to provide a review on the entire process of the project, highlighting both the positive and negative feedbacks as pertains to the project. 

As would be expected of any project, the project in reference herein was conducted in a timely manner and completed successfully. Some of the positive aspects of the project that made the project a success was the positive attitude of the members. Some of the team members displayed positivism and delight throughout the process, an act that inculcated positive culture in the team. Individual members had the demeanor through the bad and good times in the course of our project work. The constant cheers among the members served as a morale to keep the team’s enthusiasm. 


 The members of the team were dependable and often called in to work without follow ups that would otherwise lead to excessive spontaneous absences among members. To this end, the members were out-rightly outstanding.


The team members demonstrated effective communication skills, a perfect recipe for the success of any meaningful team work. Members would ask questions when they sought clarifications or guidance within the group and demonstrated excellent written and oral communication skills. 

One of the main reasons behind the success of the project was the ability of the members through the team leader to anticipate the possible problems before they occurred. In line of this view, it was possible for the team members to have meaningful information with regard to decision-making matters that ultimately help in preparing and implementing the project. Lastly, the anticipation of the problems prior to their occurrence made it possible to plan for the project as well as carrying them out in an orderly manner, ensuring that they are successfully accomplished ahead of schedule and within the budget.

 Much as the project was deemed a success, there were a few bottlenecks that tried to hamper the smooth coordination of the process. To begin with, there were time constraints in the entire process. This meant that the team members had to work round the clock to ensure that the project is delivered within the timeline. Secondly, the budget was so small that some of the essentials had to be forgone. This hampered the process but the team had to adjust and make amends. Corporation from respondents were kind of harsh and inhospitable.

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