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Personal Management

Write an essay about the personal management.


Whenever an organization globalizes itself, it has to follow some basic guidelines and to maintain some certain implementations. There are several companies that are ruling all over the world or to be more precise they have branches in more than one country and are running successfully. For that, they are maintaining some fundamental aspects. Levi Storeis a Swedish multinational retail fashion and garment organization. It is one of the most successful fashion and Retail Company. They have total three thousand and five hundred stores in more than fifty-seven countries. If an organization wants to open a new branch in a country, they have to be concerned about few aspects such as the market analysis, environment analysis, and many others. Other than these there is another aspect that is one of the prime aspects to open a new branch which is the recruitment of employees as well the selection procedure. If the management fails to select the proper and dedicated employee for the organization they would never be able to increase the profit of that particular organization. Similarly, Levi Storehas managed to set up a strong recruitment and selection procedure to develop their business and to get positive feedback from the customers. The different aspects of the recruitment procedure and selection procedure are discussed below in the following report.  

Job design

Another important aspect of the recruitment of fresher employee is the job design of the organization. It defines the each and every detail of the job that the employees would have to perform(Industrial recruitment strategy, 2013). If there is any error in the job design of the organization, the employees would never be able to get involved with the job properly which will ultimately harm the company along with the business of that particular organization. The Levi Store Company being one of the most successful multinational companies, have an adamant job design. The management of the mentioned company is too much dedicated towards their job design. It is a study of the job and the working process. To make the job design better, there are some regulations that the management of the company should follow. It deals with the job performance, job satisfaction and the physical and mental health of the employees. These aspects are discussed below(Kimmel & Neubecker, 2007).

Job performance 

The prime aspect of the job design procedure is the job performance or the employee performance. In this process, the main responsibility of the management of the organization is to make the employees understand what they have to do and how they have to do it. The Levi Store Company maintains this process very successfully. They are well concerned about the training procedure of the fresher employees and to make all the working procedures clear to them. If any company properly maintains all these aspects, then they can surely develop their company(Lauche, 2005).

Job satisfaction  

The management of the company should also be aware of the employee satisfaction as well as the job satisfaction. It is the responsibility of the human resource manager to look over the working process of the employees. They have to check frequently whether there is any problem with the working of the fresher employees(Mader-Clark, 2008). If there is any problem, they have to come forward and take the responsibility of solving the problem with the help of proper guidelines. The Levi Store Company possess a very efficient management who are very dedicated towards their work.

Physical and mental health of the employees

Last but not the least, there is another part of the job design that helps the organization to develop their business. The aspect is the physical and mental health of the employees. The management of the organization, here Levi Store Company is well concerned about the physical as well as the mental health that is required for the job they are providing the fresher employees. As the Levi Store Company is a retail company the employees of the company should be physically fit, otherwise they would not be able to serve their customers. Similarly, they also have to maintain a nice and polite communication with the customers(Meagher, 2015). Thus also have to maintain a strong mental strength. If an organization successfully maintains all these aspects, they will surely turn beneficial for the-the company, here Levi Store Company.

Job analysis

To make the recruitment procedure better and up to dated the first thing that the company must d is to identify or analyze the job as well the working process of the company(Aguinis, 2009). The management of the company especially the human resource manager of the organization must have a clear knowledge about the particular job for which they are recruiting new employees. After that, they have to search employees who have the capability to reach all the requirements of the organization. Job analysis is one of the processes which help the organization to determine and identify in detail about the job duties and the responsibilities of the employees.


The above figure represents the different aspects of a job analysis

The Levi Store Company has managed to achieve a strong job analysis before the recruitment process(Brown, 2011). The details of their job analysis process are mentioned below

Job description

In this process, the management of the organization, here the Levi Store Company have to describe the details of the job and the working process of that particular organization. For example, if the management or the human resource manager is not sure about the job and the duties they would not be able to give proper training to the fresher employees(Brown & Swain, 2009).

Job specification

In this process, the management of the company has to analyze the prime components of the job including the summary of the work that the employee would have to perform and also their primary duties and responsibilities and their minimum educational as well as technological qualification for the job(Das, 2003). Specifically, for the Levi Store Company, there is some certain specification that the management follows accordingly.

Tasks and responsibilities tagged to the job

Here, the management of the company has to be well aware of the exact duties and responsibilities of the job that the fresher employees would have to perform(Energy employees compensation, 2006). Not only this but the management must determine the duties of the employees and should recruit fresher according to the requirements for the particular job.

Capabilities job holder should poses

This process can be regarded as one of the most important processes for the job analysis procedure. This particular aspect of the job analysis mainly deals with the qualifications of the fresher employees, both educational and technological qualification(Fasang, 2006). Here the company or the management of the company has to be determined by the qualifications that are needed for the job. Thus, it is quite clear that all these mentioned aspects are very important for the job analysis process. The Levi Store Company being such a successful multinational company are performing their job analysis process quite impressively by following all the basic guidelines that are mentioned in the above passages.

Recruitment strategies

Every organization, whether it is a large scale or a small scale organization has some certain recruitment strategies. Similarly, the Levi Store Company has also some specific recruitment strategy. The prime target of an organization is to attract more dedicated employees to develop the business of the organization, for that the organization should be more concerned about certain things such as the facilities they are providing the fresher employees, the training procedure, the communication with the employees, their remuneration and many others. Before that, the management of the company should have analyzed the facilities that the rival companies are providing to their employees. Then the company has to implement more facilities to their employees to attract them(Mitchell, 2007). Other than these the human resource manager of the company, here Levi Store Company has to be well aware of each and every detail of the job that they are offering to the fresher employees. Then comes the point of the remuneration of the employees. The management of the company has to determine the remuneration of the employees in accordance with their job and duties and the value of the job for the betterment of the company. After the determination of the remuneration for the employees, the management especially the human resource manager must build a nice and polite communication with the fresher employees. This will help the employees to be friendly with their superiors. These are the main aspects or strategies that the company should be concerned about. These process or strategies of recruitment are always helpful for the company. The Levi Store Company have maintained an unyielding recruitment strategy which is beneficial to their company. Not only Levi Store Company but other companies should also follow the mentioned ways to recruit fresher employees for that particular company or organization(Reitz, 2014)

Implementation of recruiting strategies

As the importance of recruiting process is already mentioned in the above passage, now it is clear that the organizations should implement modern and more reliable ways to recruit new employees. Foot that the most important thing is to appoint a well experienced human resource manager. If the human resource manager doesn’t have the knowledge about the work or the job as well as the value of the ob to the whole organization, he would never be able to recruit perfect employees. Other than this there are also some other aspects that should be implemented, which are discussed below.  

Selection strategies

Selection procedure and the recruitment procedure is more or less similar. But still it can also be differentiated in many ways. In this process, the management or the human resource manager plays the main role(Safdar, Waheed, & Rafiq, 2015). The human resource manager has to show their selection skill in this process. For example, if the human resource manager does not have the capability to select the accurate employee the company will have to suffer, on the other hand if the human resource manager has the capability to choose the perfect and efficient candidate they will surely be beneficial to their company. The quality and the dedication of the employees of the Levi Store Company make it very clear that the management has done their job perfectly. The mentioned company is running three thousand and five hundred stores all over the world without any issue or problem, which means every worker of the company, is doing his or her job with efficiency. This credit obviously goes to the human resource manager(STAFSUDD, 2003). What requirements are needed to appoint an employee are already mentioned in the above report. In this process what matters is how the human resource manager along with the management team of the organization is implementing those mentioned aspects. Again to be more précised all the mentioned aspects of the recruitment system of the organization which is opening a new branch in a new place, are almost equally important for the whole organization. If the organization wants to make their business global and to run more than one branch in different countries, they have to follow the basic guidelines. In this matter, it can easily be said that the Levi Store Company has set an example for the new organization that is on the way of globalizing themselves and to develop the business of their company(ZIEGLER, HAGEN, & DIEHL, 2012).

Implementations selection strategies

For the betterment of the recruitment and the selection strategy the organization must follow some basic guidelines or should implement some modified and more reliable ways. First of all the management of the company should appoint most experienced human resource managers for the recruitment procedure. If the human resource manager is not efficient towards his work, then the company would never be able to get better and dedicated employees. After that the company should also look after the remuneration procedure of the employees. It will help the organization to attract more reliable employees. The management or the human resource manager should build a pleasant and polite communication with the employees. It will also help the organization to avoid the disobedience among the employees.


To conclude the above report it can easily be said or admitted that the recruitment process of a company both large scale and small scale are one of the most important aspects to run that particular company successfully. The report also deals with the various divisions and subdivisions of the recruitment process such as the job analysis, job design, recruitment strategy and selection strategy. This division of the recruitment process helps the company to complete the whole task in a more organized way. Thus, it is a must for an organization to follow all these steps respectively to get a better and more reliable recruitment process. Here the recruitment process of Levi Store Company has been discussed, and being a multinational successful company, it is quite obvious that they have a strong recruitment system. Thus, this company can work as an example of how to maintain the different ways to improve the recruitment process of a new branch. This report also helps to understand the impact of the recruitment procedure on the whole organization and its future. To end the report, it must be admitted that without a strong recruitment process any company might have to face a severe downfall. But if these aspects are followed properly it will be beneficial for the company exactly like the Levi Store Company.  


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