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Plagiarism Growth and Development


Plagiarism and its consequences in tertiary education, and how Plagiarism can be minimised?


For the individual growth and development, education plays the most important role. With the advancement of time, the competition level has rapidly increased among the youths in the society (Bao & Chau, 2015). In the present scenario, it has been found that most of the students are much inclined towards to continue their higher studies in the universities. On the other hand, with the increase in the demand for the tertiary education the plagiarism rate has also increased within the students of the universities and different initiations. 

The tertiary education is considered as the post- secondary education. In Australia different institutions, universities and educational centers provides proper tertiary education to the students in the society (Deo, (2015). The tertiary education is provided to both the undergraduates’ students as well as to the postgraduate student in Australia. In Australia both the private as well as governmental institutions manages the tertiary educational system. In case of the tertiary education, the governmental bodies play the most important (Juyal et al., 2016).

Bao and Chau, (2015) commented that Plagiarism is considered as the unethical of way copying others writing from different journals, articles and publication. Through this process the individual students; mainly use the ideas, thoughts and expression of the others in their own writings. Kauffman and Young, (2015) commented that this is not the original way of writing or producing ideas to the professors in different universities. 

In this particular study, the leaner has mainly discussed the impact of the plagiarism among the Australian students. Additionally, the leaner has also provided effective recommendation to the universities to minimize the rate of plagiarism among the students.


Tendency of plagiarism: 

Presently, it has been found that the rate of plagiarism is quite high among the Australian student. It has been found that the students are much interest to complete their work in an unethical way. This has overall created a negative impact within the universities and the different institutions. Basically, in dishonesty way the students carry forwards others creation in their own projects or assignment, in this way the students mainly breaks the ethics of the government. Noonan and Pilcher,  (2015) put forward that it has been found that in most of the universities and institutions the professors did not provide much guidance to the students to complete their assignments and projects. Due to this reason, the students are helpless to complete their tasks in the ethical way. 

 Additionally, it has been also found that the educational system and the operations have totally changed in the recent days. It has been found that the educational standard has enhanced in such a way, that the students are unable to cope up with the pressure of the universities and institutions. It becomes quite difficult for the students to catch up with the running lectures and seminars. On the other hand, it has also been found that the life style pattern also has changed in the recent decades. Due to this reason, it has been found that both the students and the professors are not enough dedicated towards the tertiary education. Moreover, the behavioral attitudes of the students are more casual in nature. 

Overall, the leaner has found that the tertiary education has created a huge impact on the students mind. As the standard of the secondary education is high, the students are unable to understand the proper techniques and ways to continue their studies in the right way. Here the individual students are being influenced by one another and completing their projects in an unethical way. 

Consequences of plagiarism: 

Here the learner has found that plagiarism has directly or indirectly created an impact among the universities students. Plagiarism has somehow created a barrier in the creativity and expression of the university students. Plagiarism has increased the cheating tendency among the universities students. Paglieri, (2015) argued that the plagiarism has overall created an unfavorable impact on the whole education system. It has been found that the students are now much dependent to the internet for copying materials from published journals, articles and websites. The educational standard is harmed due to plagiarism. Especially in the higher secondary education, plagiarism has become one of the common factors. (Refer to appendix).

With the help of plagiarism the students main represents others ideas and thoughts in their writings. Apart from this, it has been also found that the students intentionally copy paste the materials and resources from the original document. Plagiarism harms the credibility of the individual students in the university. Plagiarism can even destroy anybodies future. On the other hand, it also hampers the reputation of the student among the individuals and the professors of the universities and institutions.  Plagiarism can even put the individuals in a legal case (Dillon-Lee, 2013). 

On the other hand, it restricts the career growth of the individuals in the future. It has been found that for plagiarism most of the students are being charged with penalties for plagiarism. Patil, (2015) commented that consequences of plagiarism could be personal, professional as well as legal. In most of the cases, it has been found that the students are being rusticated from the universities and institutions due to plagiarism. 

In Australia, plagiarism can ruin the image of the institution as well as of the students. Plagiarism somehow influences the student to adopt the wrong way to complete their studies or projects. Sayed and Lento, (2015) argued that copying someone’s materials is intentionally committing crime. The penalties for plagiarism depend up to what extent the students have plagiarized in their courses. Due to plagiarism most of the students in the universities and institutions fails.


From the above study, the leaner has found that the higher standard of the education has directly or indirectly influenced the people to choose the path plagiarism for completing their higher studies and projects. Plagiarism has somehow changed the technique of doing projects or assignment for the university students. Most of the students complete their courses through plagiarism; contribution of the individuals is zero.  Plagiarism has created an adverse impact among the Australian students.  Presently, it has been found that both the governmental as well as the private initiation are taking effective measures and actions to reduce the rate of plagiarism from the education system,. 


Implementation of proper rules and regulation in universities: 

In order to minimize the rate of plagiarism from the university and the institution courses, the higher authority needs to incorporate proper rules and regulation within the universities. Moreover, the professors need to much more transparent and clear in their approach towards the student. Through this effective initiative the professors can easily develop appositive attitudes among the students of the universities and institutions. 

Implementation of software’s in the universities:

On the other hand, the institution also needs to incorporate new software’s for checking the plagiarism scale. The colleges must use software’s like turnitin for checking the student’s projects or assignments. 

Assists the students with proper guidance:

Apart from this, the professor must provide proper guidance to the individual students in the universities. The students must use authentic sites and links for conducting their projects or assignments in the right way. Before giving any kind of projects or assignment the professors need to give sufficient material as well as guidance, so that the student may not copy direct quotes or paragraphs from other creation or work. 

Professor’s motivation towards the students:

Apart from this, the professors also need to encourage and influence the students in their work. This will directly help the student to use theory own creativity in the right way in the projects and assignments of the university.

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