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Procedure for Sustainability


1. Provide an example of compliance requirements in sustainability management that may apply to your organisation or industry from each of the following categories:

a) Commonwealth or state and territory legislative requirements

b) Codes of practice

c) External standards

d) Workplace health and safety implications for the developed sustainability policy

2. Describe internal and external sources of information you would use to plan and develop your sustainability policy

3. briefly outline the steps you would take to scope, plan and develop a sustainability policy. The policy must comply with any legislative requirements and reflect the organization’s commitment to sustainability, whilst also making it an integral part of the business opportunity and planning.

4. Imagine you are responsible for an initiative targeted at reducing water use in your organisation.



Commonwealth or state and territory legislative requirements to manage the sustainability are the principles of ecologically sustainable development to be taken into account for a new development proposal if that proposal is likely to a result in a significant impact on the environment. For example, the carbon tax and the relative initiatives are implemented in Australia to have a direct relationship to the social and notable sustainability (Chambers et al., 2013). Codes of practices are the process to support the sustainability. External standards are the fundamentals of the sustainability that are used for the continuous improvement of our internal system.


The main external an internal source of information to develop the sustainability policy are the key points and leanings collected by the manager to develop the sustainability policy. The external information should be gathered on the basis of the conducted surveys by communicating with the people in the market. The internal information should be gathered on the basis of feedback of the stakeholders and key personnel. The internal information can be gathered by knowledge sharing process of employees. The information should be gathered by using the present and the past facts. The information can be gathered according to the market survey and the previously conducted research (Ippisch et al., 2012). The process of information gathering depends on the fundamental decisions and the actions.


First step to plan and develop the sustainability is to define the scope of the sustainability policy and then gather the information from a range of sources such as internal and external information to plan and develop the sustainability policy. The third step is to identify and consult with the stakeholder as the key component. The fourth step is to include the appropriate strategies in policy at all stages of works for minimizing the resource use and reducing the toxic materials. The next step is to make recommendations based on timeframes and then develop the policy that reflects the commitment of the organization (Chu & Majumdar, 2012). Then the final step is to agree to appropriate methods of the implementation and the outcomes.


There is the issue to reduce the water as an initiator using the available money within the given time frame. The tanks can be installed at the open space to collect the rain water and then those water tanks can be connected to the toilets for the water supply (Chambers et al., 2013). The rainwater can be used for the toilet. At the time of installing the rainwater tanks, the toilets can be replaced by a dual flush system and the taps can be reduced by the low flow taps to reduce the cost. The same plumber can do all the three works and the water can save. 

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