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Project Management Methodologies


Write an essay about the "Project Management Methodologies".



There are significant increment of projects can be evident in current business scenario. The organizations use to take several different types of project in order to achieve additional benefits as well as make financial profit from the project. The projects are mainly short term Endeavour of the organization and on successful completion of the project the company achieve financial as well as non-financial benefits. The projects help in developing new products or services for the company that help in going ahead (Agile Project Management, 2013). The project management methodologies help in effective completion of the project thus, the importance of project management is increasing rapidly. Defence Housing Australia is a renowned housing company, which provides better qualities housing facilities to the member of defence and their families. The company owns a property at 35-51 Queen Victoria Street Fremantle. The company wants to renovate the site into residential apartment for accommodation and the ground level of the apartment will be commercial area or retail store. For this particular project Defence Housing Australia has invited tender for the appropriate construction firm, which can be able to complete the project within the budget and time schedule of the project with the terms and condition of the project (Cleland and Ireland, 2008).

Main context

The project management processes helps in the advancement of the projects as because the scope, performance and cost of the projects are improving consistently. The management of the company plays an important role in the development of the projects as well supporting the performance of the projects (Collins, 2011). The project managers evaluate the performance of the projects and execution of the plans. The excellence of the project management is explained in the maturity model of the project management which includes five levels that are benchmarking, singular methodology, common processes and common language.

The four phases of the Plan- Do- Check- Act cycle shows which assists in the continuation and the changing of the procedure of project management. It also assists in the condition of the details to control the statistical policy which is requisite for generation of the goods of the products which assists in their suitable formation of the approach to gain the relevant which facilitates in the proper production of the proper system of the management in defence Housing Australia (Davidson Frame, 2014). Moreover, for the suitable development of quality management in the company like defence Housing Australia, such following steps assist in obtaining the systematic modifications in the environment or the field. However, it also facilitates in the improvement of the cycles which involves and are discussed below:

  • Plan: The plan is the first step in Plan- Do- Check- Act Cycle to bring the quality management in this system of the project management. However, it assists also initialization of the proper identification procedure which is very helpful for the appropriate describing the issues which form an obstacle to quality management in the procedure of this project management in defence Housing Australia (Heagney, 2012).
  • Do: This Do dents the proper assessment and the expansion of the possible solutions which are needed for the generation of the possible solutions for their quality management in this system of the project management (Hofmann and Tetrick, 2003).
  • Check: The considering sets of the effective data assists in representing the proper system which also facilitates to create the potential data which are mostly needed for improvement of the solutions which also assists in enhancing the structures or the models which need to offers the first step in this series for application of those selected issues (Hyväri, 2006).
  • Action: The actions part in this scenario denotes the implementations of the solution that was properly an extracted part throughout the checking procedure. However, it assists also in the appropriate platform for action modification and as well as implementation in defence Housing Australia. It also improved the strategies and moreover it also assists off the suitable platform to implement the services (Lester and Lester, 2007). Conversely, It also facilitates to improve and proper development of the system to create the assignment. However. The results became fruitful, and it also assists in the appropriate procedures for the project management for the fruitful conclusion of this assignment or the project.

In the given tender invitation, the tender provides the display outfit of the Queen Victoria Street whose Fremantle apartments are made in accordance with the conditions of the Tender. Thus it is specified by the tenderers which the DHA makes for the mentioning the changing details and the also mentions the specific other details regarding the time and the date (Mehta, 2007). The invitations are also made for the proper enhancement of the contract of the tenders and thus it also helps in mentioning the procurement and the procedures for the appropriate fulfilment of the contract. Thus for the contact also help in describing the details that helps in verifying the details of the contract for the appropriate validation.  

The Addendum is issued for the purpose of the clauses that help in the process of the invitation of the tender and thus it also helps in providing the proper information for the amendments and the replacements that are requisite for the successful completion of the tender (Organizational project management maturity model (OPM3), 2008). It includes the clauses that are requisite for the proper development of the project of the contract and therefore it also helps in the execution of the proper clauses for the carrying out the amendments and the replacements. 

The minor works contract was made between defence housing Australia ABN 7296854934 of Brisbane Avenue 26, and contract identified in 3 item of table of contract details. DHA engages and appoints the contractor in order to carry out the tasks by date for the practical completion. The contractor carries out the tasks in return for the payment in accordance with the requirement of the contract (Patel, 2008). The contract comprises:

  1. Minor works standard contract form
  2. Contract detail table
  3. Scope of the works
  4. Conditions of the contract
  5. Commonwealth policies that is applicable to the contract

The terms of the contract are described in general conditions of the contract.

The contractor by signing the contract:

  1. Carry out the jobs on the conditions and terms of the contract
  2. Agrees that the contract is not requisite unless Defence Housing Australia executes the contract and contractor is informed of the execution.

The contract table includes all the details of the contract. The scope of the works includes project description, site plans and details, specifications, existing conditions and base requirement, pricing and payment, schedule rates, additional conditions and work health and safety arrangements (Project manager competency development (PMCD) framework, 2007).

The base requirements of DHA are as follows:

  1. The contractor should ensure that the subcontractors, employees and other person undertake by the induction training, security or processing clearances which is necessary to acquire access to the site.
  2. DHA would advise the contractor to arrange the necessary training, security and processing for the site access.

Work Safety and Health Arrangements

  1. It is the responsibility of the contractor to note additional obligations under law of WHS set out in the clause number 22. It states that contractor is the principle contractor and should not the obligations.
  2. The contractor should inform the representative of DHA about the carrying out the jobs at the sites or factors specific to the site or that may pose safety and safety and health risk to the workers (Twort and Rees, 2004).
  3. The contractor is to appointed as the principle contractor as per the law of WHS where the contract has value of over $250,000.
  4. The contract having value less $250,000, authorities of DHA and directs contractor to manage and control the site.       

The condition of the contract of the tender deals with the performance of the work that is requisite for the appropriate enhancement of the contract with continuing the perfect continuation of the contract. The conditions also depict the solution of the issues which also helps in the appropriate testing of the works and therefore, the acceptance of the existing conditions are also implemented in the contract. The contract also helps in including the contract that is included for the proper enhancement of the works that helps in including the contract (Walters and Nichols, 2007). The contract also includes the enhancements of the security as well as the warranties including the payment and the contractors are also related to the clauses of the tender determining the conditions of the tender. Provisional sums and the Variations are also included which depicts the part of the clauses of the tender and thus it also helps in the enhancement of the methodologies that are depicted for the contract terms. The cost recovery, with the liquidated damages is also included for the claiming of the contract and therefore the rules are also extended for the completion and the claiming of the contract required for the project management changes (Wysocki, 2004). The license and the other intellectual property norms are also include in the clauses and the conditions of the contract.       

The project management strategies are important for the development of the project as well as the tender contract. The contractor should organize their works and delegating their works as per the needs of the tender. The multiple projects can be supported and its cost can be maintained by the project manager by analyzing the activities of the project. It is the responsibility of the project manager to manage the levels of the WBS and integrating works with the functional activities and scheduled time. Project Management Institute or PMI reflects change management since an essential ability which cascades throughout and across the portfolio, project management, and the program. PMI believes that the overall strategic change of Defence Housing Australia that is a renowned organization and properly delivered throughout projects and programs (Davidson Frame, 2014). A fruitful organization like Defence Housing Australia lead changes to manage their programs and projects effectively. To manage the projects, portfolios, and the programs is integrative works and also to manage the changes in the firm like Defence Housing Australia and needs the integration of such professionals and functional disciplines. In the given tender, it is the responsibility of the contractor to manage all the activities and providing adequate training to their employees. The capacity planning can be adopted by the contractor to determine, evaluate and plant the works and allocating resources in an appropriate manner (Heagney, 2012). The documentation will also help the contractor to provide appropriate and uniform guidelines, communicating tasks effectively, standardizing the formats of the data, analysis of the works, minimizing work, building future track of the projects and minim sing conflicts and confusion.             


Project management helps in successfully accomplishing the project within the budget and time schedule of the project so that help in achieving g the objectives of the project. The appropriate project management methodology assists the project manager to carry out the project efficiently with the support of the project team. Defence Housing Australia has taken a project of construction in their property at 35-51 Queen Victoria Street Fremantle. The project is an endeavour for renovating the property into a residential apartment for accommodation of the defence members and their family and some of the apartment will be sold to the public. Besides this, there are commercial complex. In order to ensure successful completion of the project an efficient project management methodology is implemented for the project.   


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