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Regulatory and Social Change Issues


Discuss about the Regulatory and Social Change Issues.



Construction assignments constitute a series of activities that lead to the final production. The extent to which a project succeeds depends on meeting up of various parameters. These parameters are the issues encountered during the project (McGeorge and Zou 2012).

Construction projects deal with various challenges. Construction projects are associated with dangerous and hazardous activities. They involve higher degrees of risk. There are various challenges to construction operations. The construction managers deal with social, political, economical and legal issues. The challenges need to be managed and the project should be successfully carried out.

The key challenges faced by construction managers and their responsibilities in mitigating the hazards are illustrated. The stakeholders have a great impact on construction procedures as well.

Key Challenges Related to Construction Project 

The challenges faced by construction sector include construction as well as peripheral or other non-construction issues. The constructions issues faced are constant increase in cost, time restraints and quality standards. The challenges faced in non-construction activities are related to environment, socio-cultural and judicial issues (Hwang and Ng 2013).

Environmental issues are a major concern to the construction industry. It includes erosion, sedimentation rates, wetlands, leakage of underground storage tanks, contamination of soil, asbestos, dust and waste, noise controls etc.

Judicial issues are concerning the construction sector as well. They are more exposed to risks of legal issues. The construction assignments are made through contractual agreements, which are often the source of disputes. 

Socio-Political issues have major impact on construction sector. The issues involve pressures from adjacent property owners, existing businesspersons, and people from the nearby residential area. Public construction works have inputs from civic agencies regarding the designing planning and layout of the project. The community associations as well have greater influence on the construction projects.

One of the serious challenges faced by construction assignments is cost and safety. Construction projects are associated with dangerous and hazardous activities. They involve higher degrees of risk. The accidents at construction site leads to suffering of the workers as well as increases the taxation on the possessor (Hwang and Ng 2013).

The Impact of the Challenges on Stakeholders

The stakeholder’s impact may be positive or negative. It is necessary to keep the stake holders informed about the issues and processes in a construction operation, especially in green projects (Assefa, Worke and Mohammad 2015).

Initially, the stake holders participate in the operations. Most of stakeholders participate and want to participate after the project is started. At the final stage, they become reluctant due to some political and social issues.

Sustainability is balance of people, planet and profit for maximizing the productivity. To cope with the increasing challenges of depletion of the resources, life cycle assessments can be made to develop sustainability in construction sector (Silvulus et al 2012).

The stakeholders have direct as well as indirect influence on project management. Direct influence includes control on budgets, political issues and resources. Indirect influences are social or political status, influence of various other groups, etc (Harris and McCaffer 2016).

The Key Project Management Skills to Address the Challenges

Project manager is a professional person in the domain of project management. He has the responsibility of planning, procuring, executing, monitoring, controlling and finalizing the project. He must be skilled enough to carry out the project successfully. He should be able to identify unresolved anticipations, fix disputes as well as manage the project entirely. He should be capable enough to sustain the progress of the project and various activities. He should be able to conduct the project skillfully to ensure that there are less chances of failure, minimize the budget and maximize the benefits. He is responsible for encouraging the workers as well as maintains good esteem among the clients. Hence, a project manager has a supportive role to play throughout the project.

The construction manager faces weather challenges. Although with sophisticated tools and technology, weather forecasts are possible now, still their accuracy rate is ±5%. Therefore, the project manager must have the ability to recognize the challenges and wherever possible it should be mitigated.

The construction manager faces challenges with time constraints. He has to manage a large volume of work within limited time and sources. He must plan the construction procedures properly and monitor the work status thoroughly. Schedules for construction project management and linear schedules are the tools beneficial for management of construction project ( 2016).

Construction manager has a prime role in managing legal issues related to construction operations. It is his responsibility to ensure that the claims are minimized in terms of magnitude and frequency. Claims can be avoided by providing appropriate and comprehensive contract documentation.

Socio-political issues had a greater effect on construction operations in the past. In the present situation, project managers face lesser challenges to the public. However, with increase in the number of stakeholders the processes may get complicated further ( 2016).

The aim of the project management is to attain the goals through proper planning of the budget and other resources to ensure that all criteria of quality, time, cost and safety are met. The construction manager has a control on the entire process to insure successful completion of the project.

Critique Review

With reference to the academic critique paper handout, the issues are with environment and stakeholders. It can increase the risks to food, energy and water safety profile ( 2016).

The construction sites raise several challenges to the environment as well.  The construction activities often lead to environmental pollution. This could be avoided by adopting sustainable construction planning. There are certain ethical and economic issues as well. The stakeholders have a control over the budget and resources. The misuse of the resources can be minimized by sustainable practices for construction industry.


Today’s construction projects and construction manager faces many challenges. The issues related to the assignments are social, political, environmental and judicial. The project manager has a great role to play in recognizing the challenges and facing the hazards. By adopting sustainable planning and practices, the issues associated with the project can be overcome.


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