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Research and Decision Making For Business


Discuss about the Research and Decision Making For Business.



The internet has developed drastically in the last ten years and has brought significant changes to the practices of employment. Internet practices have first emerged as a recruiting technique in 1990’s, and after that, this way of recruiting the employees or workers has become more and more common in many organisations. Some expert’s states that online recruitment has completely changed the perception of the people towards recruitment policy and has also significantly changed the methods of recruitment. Every organisation are affected by the modern changes in the technological, economic and political and business environment, and focus on the profitability through growth, leverage information and business efficiency. All these changes have led the companies to enhance their internal processes for raising the standards in the highly competitive market. As a result of which the recruitment policies and practices needs to be transformed. The evolution of online recruitment or e-recruitment has been proceeding along with a significant growth.     

Online recruitment is the procedure of attracting and signing of the applicants for the position within an organisation through the use of Internet. Staffing has always been as the main activity in the department of human resource management ("Pathways to power: political recruitment and candidate selection in Latin America", 2009). It is vital for every organisation as it provides the recruitment of individuals within the organisations to meet its objectives. Online recruitment is one of the best methods which are globally used by Human resource professionals. This study will investigate the current empirical work on online methods of recruitment and will also determine the insight of the importance of online recruitment to HR department. The purpose of this study will also examine the online recruitment service and will also identify the advantages and disadvantages of the globally used recruitment technique.     

Research Aims

The researcher aims to examine the online recruitment policies and practices adopted by different organisations and the effectiveness of it within the companies (Jogesh Babu, 2014). The researcher also aims to propose the modification and the improvements that can be accessed by the industries to enhance their staffing policy through the mode of online recruitment (Ato & Eid, 2005).

Research Objectives

The key objectives of the research are described below:

  • To study the concept of online recruitment policies adopted by the companies.
  • To study the effectiveness of the online staffing system and how the recruitment and staffing policy effects the organisation in the development and performance of the organisation (Fleming, 2005).
  • To examine the efficiency of the performances appraisal of Internet recruitment within the industry.
  • To modify and implement the staffing system practices in order to enhance the performance of the organisations so that they can meet their desired objectives (Dworkin, Hessel, Gliske, & Rudi, 2016).
  • To identify the current perception of online recruitment in the people and its impact on the behaviour of the employees.
  • To study the impact shown by the internet in the hiring of the individuals ("The employee recruitment and retention handbook", 2001).
  • To identify the factors that will help to enhance the staffing policy and selection practices within the organisations and also to recommend strategies to reduce the problems associated with the mode of online recruitment (Wang & Guo, 2012). 

Research Questions

   The research questions that will attend as principles and guidelines are as follows:

  • What are the staffing and selection process of organisations?
  • What is the efficiency of staffing and selection process of organisations?
  • How do staffing and assortment practices affect the performance and development of the organisations and in the principles in meeting the organisational objectives?
  • What are the problems and challenges linked with the recruitment and selection procedures of the organisations?
  • What are the methods to help enhance the human resource planning and growth of the organisations? 

Literature Review


The research proposal shall need the researcher to disapprovingly appraise the work of the previous researchers on the online recruitment in order to draw a solid solution and conclusion (Osman, 2016). For this purpose, the researcher shall review the journals, books, magazines and websites.

The revolutionary change in the Human resource department and its more integrated strategies has been arranged along with the growing availability of electronic communication system ("Online matchmaking", 2008). Major companies are initializing and using the Internet portals to manage the selection and retention processes. Staffing is the procedures of the organisation to attract and locate individuals to the present job vacancies. It is the mean through which interested candidates join and get recruited in an organisation through a process of mutual selection. There has been very little academic research conducted in the use of internet in the process of employees staffing (Simeon, 2011). The situation of online recruitment in the organisations have been changed recently and it has been found in various articles that organisations have become more and more concerned about the method of online staffing policy and process. These articles are more concerned in the perspective of the applicants rather than the recruiters’ point of view.

Online recruitment means the shifting of the recruitment activity from the traditional paper based into the web-based or online based (Córdoba-Pachón & Teng, n.d.). Individuals who are using the online application now become the major method for the organisation’s culture and human resource practices. The examination of the applicant’s reaction to online recruitment shows that individuals who apply for the post via internet are more likely to proceed with positive outcomes (Sue & Ritter, 2007). Online recruitment has become very crucial for the job seeking applicants as it shows a wide volume of jobs available in the websites and also provides a quality of information for a different field of availability. It, therefore, becomes vital for the organisations to introduce the new online methods in the recruiting system by appropriately designing proper websites. 

Impact of Online Recruitment on Industry Performance:

Successful organisations have to attract and recruit the best and brightest employees to remain competitive in the market and to achieve its organisational goals and objectives. The recruitment process can be stated as a support process which not directly aims in establishing the organisational goals but also to back the other process in the companies such as primary process ("Fixed fee online recruitment services for engineering industry", 2003). Hiring effective and efficient employees contributes to the achievement of the companies and hence it is an essential field of the companies.

The process of staffing of the employees has totally changed over some last period of times by the utilisation of Internet (Pramod & Bharathi, 2016). It is now used by both large scale industries as well as small scale industries. It is becoming a most favoured medium or method for recruiters and job seekers (Arabnia et al., 2014). Internet recruitment includes the use of the internet as a channel through information regarding the jobs is posted with respect to the individuals or application process. Because of the wide range of use of internet, the online recruitment has become favourite way of recruitment for the employers and has become a core channel for them (Wiener, 2010). It has been found in various analyses that because of online recruitment, the cost incurred during the recruitment process has been reduced up to 45%.

With the rapid expansion of business, the recruitment department of major industries are in confusion with the high volume of applications (Rostker, Hix, & Wilson, 2007). With only a single department in the recruitment, it is very difficult for every organisation to examine every resumes of the applicators and replying to them. 

Benefits of Online Recruitment

The organisational presentation can be stated as its ability to attain the goals in an effective and efficient way. Here the effective stands for the degree of which a company achieves its goals and efficiency stands for the use of minimal resources to achieve a goal. The usual objective f recruitment team of any company is to attract a group of best applicants so that the best and effective workers can be hired.

An important issue of a recruitment process is the time required to finish it. The major benefit of online recruitment is that it could fasten the process of recruitment. They Human Resource administrators of a company can post a job for 24 hours a day and achieve more than one recruitment source at a time, the potential and interested job seekers can post their resumes throughout a day (Sue & Ritter, 2007). By using the online recruitment process, an organisation can verify the basic requirements electronically such as the eligibility criteria. In a research conducted in US, it is found that it usually takes half a time in online process than the traditional approach of recruitment. If online job postings of a specified company can be extended with an online application procedure, then it can help in reducing the time required in collecting, sorting and retrieving the information about the applicants. By reducing and saving time, it is likely that companies need fewer resources for the recruitment process.      

Online staffing has the advantage to reach a huge audience of active and potential job applicants. It becomes very much essential for recruiting applicants in the distant locations (Forrest, 2014). The performance of the companies is referred as its ability to attain and meets its goals in an effective and efficient manner. The internal and financial business process of a company knows the efficiency of a recruitment process in respect to the costs and resources. Online recruitment of the employees also enables the Human resource team to conduct a high profile work system consisting of the company’s policies, processes and practices. With the help of online recruitment policy, the HR department of the companies know what goals they should achieve to support and enhance the organisational strategy and how staffing performs in supporting the organisational strategy.     

Conceptual Frameworks 

Conceptual framework narrates the perceptions and the relevant theories with the research. The conceptual framework helps the questionnaire to define the methodical relationship between the concepts, and identify the gaps in the literature. The conceptual framework has been developed by the researcher on the basis of critical analysis done in the literature review (Bringle, Hatcher, & Jones, 2011). The researcher found that online recruitment in the organisations is the most favoured way of staffing the employees and workers. The variables and the layout of the websites also play an important role in attracting the interested job seekers for the vacant posts. The researcher found that analysis and examination of online recruitment in organisations have generated positive impact in the field of human resource development. It is further assumed by the researcher that apart from recruiting the interested job seekers, it is also very important for creating the value of the company in the minds of future job seekers.      

Research Design and Methodology

Research Methodology

Research methodology is the method which is used in the research proposal for determining the importance and efficiency of performance as well as training and at the same time communication system along with numerous online recruitment trainings implemented by the organization (Jha, 2008). This part delivers broad description on the data collection, data analysis plans, types of investigation, sampling method, various ethical issues and the accessibility about the online recruitment improvement trainings in online recruitment process. 

Research Design

Research design is a method which is considered as an action plan; hence it describes the nature of the study (Jha, 2008). There are mainly three types of research design which are; descriptive, explanatory and exploratory; these researches are mainly used to conduct the research study.

Types of Investigation

The researcher investigates the presented topic by portraying it into any one of the three research designs i.e., descriptive, explanatory and exploratory study (Ketchen & Bergh, 2006). Descriptive research study describes the broad investigation whereas explanatory refers to identification and investigation of the main explanatory, which provides much conventional output and exploratory describes reviewing of the previous findings and research as well. 

For this presented topic, the researcher has implemented descriptive research study because it is much appropriate as well as effective to the research. Furthermore, the data will be gathered from the research will be examined consequently for drawing a concrete result. Descriptive research targets to clarify the things like demographics as well as behavior of the humans in relation to the research topic (Downton, 2003). In this particular research, data can be qualitative or quantitative collected data which helps the research for collecting important information from huge group of individuals. This study also clarifies the types of the process chosen for the research. In this type research, the researcher analyses the process or individuals in according to their natural environment and therefore any manipulation are not be able to occur in this type of research study (Creswell, 2003). Online recruitment is a broad process which involves improvement and training of the workers which justifies the adoption of the descriptive research study.


The researcher has adopted descriptive research study in this topic. Descriptive research study is quite effective for explaining human values, principles and behaviors. As this study describes the online recruitment system, so the researcher has adopted this research study for describing various company’s environment and at the same time negative as well as positive affects in employees (Creswell, 2003). With the help of descriptive research study, the researcher has collected broad description regarding the online recruitment in the firm as well as its effects on the employees. The researcher has reviewed the online recruitment system in the companies with the help of the data collected by them.

Data Collection Methods

Data collection method is one of the significant parts of research methodology, this method of research methodology helps to generate results through the data. In this method, the researcher requires to know that from how and from where the data should be generated.  Hence, the selection of relevant method is quite effective and important, at the same time, it can be considered mainly in two selection method that are, primary collection method and secondary collection method (Popping, 2012). The primary data collection will be collected through postal questionnaires as well as the secondary data collection will be collected through newspapers, magazines, websites etc.

Primary Data Collection Method

The various new findings and facts which have been collected directly through the research field by the researcher for the analysis is refer as primary data. It can be collected with the help of utilizing numerous types of method such as observation, quantitative and qualitative research.

Qualitative research targets for the collection of data in depth through the samples of the research regarding the process chosen for the analysis. In depth interviews as well as focus group interview are the actual techniques adopts for collecting the qualitative data.

Quantitative research support as well as guide the researcher for exploring the relationship amongst the independent and dependent variables in a population (Blessing, Chakrabarti, & Blessing, 2009).  The researcher examines the data which is collected from the samples for generalizing the entire population chosen for the study. Administered survey, hall tests and self- administered survey are the tools and techniques which are adopted for obtaining quantitative data.

Observation research helps the researcher for observing the behavior of the population chosen for the study in their natural atmosphere. In this type of research, the subjects are not aware that they are observing.

Secondary Data Collection Method

The information which has been accumulated already by others for any other motive is referring as secondary data.  The researcher can examine as well as utilize this data for developing information of its background for the analysis (Gummesson, 2000). The data can be collected with the help of online source as well as offline source. The information accumulated from the articles, books, journals, web reports are the actual examples of secondary data.


The researcher has adopted secondary data collection method and primary data collection method for collecting data required for this analysis. The researcher adopted qualitative method as well as quantitative method in primary data collection level. This method supports the researcher in order to attain the statistical view and in depth within the research issue by practices. Because of the portion of qualitative method the researcher has utilizes face to face interview for collecting information. The researcher has interviewed almost 5 managers of the companies which supports the researcher for exploring further information on the online recruitment system such as the new modifications applied in the process of online recruitment of the organizations as well as its after impact in the employees’ responding behavior. Survey has been utilized as a portion of quantitative method (Gummesson, 2000). The researcher has surveys of almost 75 employees of the companies by utilizing questionnaire. Secondary data collection method has assisted the researcher in developing an appropriate framework and background for the research by delivering assisting data. This method is obtained by various offline data sources as well as online data sources like books, articles, websites etc.

Sample Method

Sampling method is an element for almost every analysis as the result collected by the researcher is quite depends on the opinion, attitude as well as perception of the population chosen for the research. It is quite challenging to examine the entire population in the limitation of cost and time, for this, the researcher chooses particular samples from that population. There are mainly two categorize of sampling method which are non- profitability and profitability sampling methods (Fajgelj & Ambrus, 2000). Non- profitability sampling method means sampling of a certain group of chosen people. Profitability sampling method means sampling technique where entire members of the population have same level of opportunity of being selected. The researcher used simple sampling method where 75 employees of every company have been questioned and 5 managers have been questioned regarding the online recruitment process.

Accessibility Issues

The research study included data collected from 75 employees of every company (Fajgelj & Ambrus, 2000). Collection of data with the help of these 75 participants is not easy because it is quite difficult for the researcher for bringing together the respondents as well as during the collection of data from the manager’s permission requires to be taken through the personal assistant and security, the place for the interview and fixing of the time.

Ethical Issues

For the purpose of the research study, the researcher follows entire ethical regulations of the research. The researcher also focuses sincerely in the research analysis as well as not at all forcefully persuades anyone to perform in the study of online recruitment. The questionnaires are strictly restricted to the analysis and not have any sentimental or personal questions.  The occurrence of nay ethical issue is actually quite less as the data has been collected from the free consent of the employees.

Data Analysis Plan

The observations and data collected with the help of interview of the managers have been represented in the tabular form and in a graphical way. Various responses firm the mangers have been prudently examined and then after the decisions have been taken. The responses of the participants i.e. employees of various different companies are broadly monitored for collecting a result which can be quite effective and essential for decision making. The researcher also keeps complete outlook as well as perceptions of the participants in order to analyze them according to the quantitative method. The researcher has also described broadly about the qualitative results in order to compare them with an appropriate literature reviewed for verifying their validity. Hence, the quantitative responses have been presented through charts as well as graphs.

Research Limitation

Research limitation refers to the limitation which can be confronted by the researcher. It can be quite difficult for the researcher for confronting the 75 employees of various different organizations. Time factor is a significant factor in this case because if the time given for the research study are not be able to adequate then it can consume much time for completing the research study. The unavailability of reserves damage the standard of the qualitative responses through the managers of various companies which are leading to a moderate research with non- define outcomes during the unavailability of time can lead to meaningless as well as inappropriate responses (Martin & Williams, 2009). The process of research is quite long process and hence requires sufficient funds as well as plenty of time in order to complete the research. Many different companies do not have appropriate and efficient process of online recruitment which is effective to the business which forms the data collection impossible. 

Time Table

The selection of duration is created on the basis of probable time for its increment. Data collection is quite time consuming as well as substantial time has been assigned for the same. Hence, the topic selection as well as introduction is framed in the same week.

Table 1 Gnatt Chart

Dissertation activities

1st week

4th week

8th week

12th+13th week

19th+20th week

24th week

Topic Selection














Composition of literature review







Research methodology







Collection of primary and secondary data







Analysis and interpretation of data







Research Limitations








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