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Responsible Leadership


1. Identify and analyse the leadership challenges, style and context of two mentioned contemporary leaders.
2. Discuss the nature of the organisation and the followers and the organisational challenges they each face.
3. Discuss the leadership style of the leaders and analyse the effectiveness of the leadership style.
4. Discuss the articulate approaches that both the leaders consider to influence their respective stakeholders.
5. Describe how closely they fit the description of a responsible leader.
6. Recommendation regarding how each of the leaders could improve their performance as a responsible leader.



This study has been aimed to understand the concept of responsible leadership. In this purpose, this study has considered one renowned political leader. Hillary Clinton is a famous politician of USA. The focus of this study is to critically analyse the challenges of one contemporary leader and what she has been facing. Hillary Clinton is famous as an eminent American politician and has nominated for the position of president of United States of America in the election of 2016 (Keating, Rosch and Burgoon 2014). This famous politician was born in Chicago in the year of 1947. Primarily, Hillary was unsuccessful to make a significant Health Care Plan in the year of 1993. After that Hilton Clinton aimed to develop the Children’s Health Insurance Program in the year of 1997 and 1999. Clinton was firstly elected in the year of 2000. She was also elected for the Iraq Resolution. In addition, she also took a leading role in order to investigate the health issues during the time of 9/11 attack (Esper and Boies 2013). Hillary Clinton developed an organisation for the diplomatic isolation and also construct global regime against Iran. This in turn reflects the nuclear program of Iran and successfully leads to the multinational comprehensive function of activity. It can be mentioned that Hillary Clinton is famous for the development and the improvement to the Affordable Care Act. She also aimed to reform the campaign finance, which can change the association of money in politics. Furthermore, this study is also very important to identify the role of the first lady. Hillary Clinton enhanced her focus for the child custody (Esper and Boies 2013). Moreover, she also campaigned in Texas for the insignificant Democratic presidential candidate. During the period of 2009 to 2013, Hillary Clinton advocated the United States military intervention in the country like Libya.  

Firstly, this study has highlighted the leadership style of Hillary Clinton. In addition, this study has tried to demonstrate the leadership challenges and what she has been facing. In this purpose, it can be observed that Hillary Clinton has focused on the five basic leadership challenges (Barnes 2014). The political position of Hilary Clinton also has been mentioned in this study. As a result, this study is also helpful to identify and discuss how these could be controlled in order to fulfil the requirements of several stakeholders. This study has tried to establish the organisational nature and the behaviour of Hillary Clinton. In addition to this, the organisational challenges, which have been faced has also been mentioned in this section (Blakeley and Higgs 2014). The nature of the followers of the foundation is important to understand the concept of the study.

On the other hand, this study is helpful to describe the leadership style, which has been maintained by Hillary Clinton to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership style. Instead of this, the different approaches and the techniques have been estimated. These techniques are beneficial to make a reflection on the stakeholders such as board, executive, government, employees . This will also effectively discuss the role of the leader. This leader is playing an important role in case of making the policy. After that, this study has been highlighted on her  actions, what she performed as mentioned by (Esper and Boies 2013). These actions are helpful to demonstrate how this leader is responsible in her position and how she successfully manages her role. Furthermore, this essay is seemed to be significant in order to provide the recommendations. Based on these recommendations, the mentioned political leader can fruitfully improve her performance as well as her actions (Fen 2013). In this regard, this study tried to mention the reform of the political party, which can enhance the performance of the leaders.  

1. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an eminent politician of America and also has been nominated as the representative of Democratic Party for the position of president of United States of America for the 2016 elections. As per the statement of Gleason (2012), she is admitted as the first lady of United States as well as first lady of Arkansas. Being the first lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton tried to reform the Arkansas’s public school. As a result, she was able to serve different corporate boards. After that, Hillary tried to follow five major leadership challenges. The major factor that Hillary Clinton has aimed is the demography of the country. In this occasion, Hogendorp (2012) cited that the young residents, women and the educated white voters, belonging to both sexes, are eligible for the democracy from the year of 2008 to the year of 2012. Moreover, it can be observed that this scenario has been increasing with the rise in time.

In the words of Humphreys (2012), Hillary initially focused to understand her own self. In this regard, she thought self-awareness would reflect the knowledge of the supporters. It effectively enhances the power and the strength of that person. He or she could significantly identify their weakness as well. As a result, the person can easily overcome the predicted obstacles. Moreover, her second challenge can be identified as the making of a plan based on the immediate response. In this purpose, Hillary Clinton described that one should be proactive compared to reactive as mentioned by Jones (2014). This would effectively reflect them to take a positive decision.

Thirdly, Hillary believes that Resilience helps to overcome the change which are supposed to be difficult compared to the normal change. Therefore, Clinton has told to make a plan, which is effective to make the work fruitful based on the direction of the action.  Hillary Clinton has launched and followed resiliency. Hence, in this purpose, it can be stated that an ideal planning is necessary, which can significantly achieve to reach the goal. In this context, Keating, Rosch and Burgoon (2014) mentioned that everybody require to set out their new vision in order to fulfil the dream. As a result, the sustainability of the political foundation can be measured. As per the fourth political challenge, Hillary enhanced her view on the courageous leadership. This mitigates the fear of the individual. In this connection, it can be stated that courage and motivation is the best weapon to overcome the fear. According to Novicevic et al. (2013), courage is also very helpful to achieve goal. In addition, it is necessary consider the belief of own self. Therefore, it will be significant to consider traditional approaches of thinking compared to consider the fear as well as pressure. Lastly, Hillary mentioned that it is not required to give up to the individual. In this regard, Novicevic et al. (2013) mentioned that after not selecting as the president of America, Hillary Clinton did not give up and tried to overcome her obstacles.        

In order to identify the leadership challenges of Hillary Clinton, it is also very important to identify and understand the political position of Hillary Clinton (Martin, Hevel and statement of Pascarella 2012). As per the measurement of political ideology, it can be stated that Hillary Clinton was renowned as the liberal participant at the time in Senate. In addition, Hillary was recognised as the hard core liberal as per the public statement of socio economic issues.

2. Primarily, it can be identified that Hillary Clinton has been facing the problem regarding gender biasness. In this connection, it can be stated that Hillary suffered from difficulties. Clinton wanted to conquer and hence, she tried to overcome the obstacles, which were not facing by the male candidates or politicians (Witt and Stahl 2015). As a result, it is necessary to mention that Hillary Clinton’s ethics were not always acceptable over the ethics of the male candidates. Therefore, it can be concluded that Clinton has faced greater challenges throughout her preliminary stage of life.

According to Moody-Stuart (2014), it can be observed that Hillary Clinton focused on the allocation of the seven Southern states as the procedure considers the most motivated voters more specifically the white and the liberal. In this context, Hillary developed a campaign team under the supervision of Robby Mook. In the words of Martin, Hevel and statement of Pascarella (2012) the staffs of the team were paid almost $700 as mentioned by.

This study is also very beneficial to identify the role of the followers as well as the probable challenges, which they have faced in this respect. The role has been discussed briefly in the following section:

The followers of Hillary Clinton are looking for the motivational tactic. In this respect, the leader requires to motivate the followers in order to change or update their thinking. On the other hand, Paraschiv et al. (2012) mentioned that the followers need to give relevant support to the leaders. In this context, it can be added that the followers require listening, complying and legitimising the leader Hillary Clinton. The influence of the followers to the leaders reflects the organisational policies as well as the workplace environment. On the other hand, the relationship between the leaders and the followers require to maintain a mutual connection among them. On the contrary, Parker and Pascarella (2013) criticised that in case of the adverse relationship between the leader and the followers, it is also helpful to the leader to change the strategy of her approach. In addition, Hillary Clinton always tried to enhance the confidence level, with which the followers can develop themselves (Witt and Stahl 2015). On the other hand, as previously stated, Hilary Clinton aimed to develop a belief of the ability in order to improve the fate of the followers.

In case of the discussion of organisational challenges, which have been faced by Hillary Clinton, Patzer, Voegtlin and Scherer (2013) mentioned that after the performance way, she tried to enter into the competition regarding White House. Therefore, Clinton has been suffering from the toughest challenges after revealing the emails of Hillary’s regarding the tenure. As it is known that Hillary Clinton aimed to be the first women president of United States of America, sometimes she has been criticised to the American Media. Nonetheless, Pearce, Wassenaar and Manz (2014) argued that in this purpose, Hillary has been receiving donation from the foreign governments for her foundation during the meeting. As per the latest email of Clinton, it can be observed that the ethics would be violated. In this occasion, as stated by Pless et al. (2014) the New York Times was concerned about it’s prediction that Hillary might not be won in the election. Moreover, according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary Clinton reflects the republican opponent Donanld Trump by approximately 6% (Martin, Hevel and statement of Pascarella 2012). However, for past two days, Hillary Clinton has been slammed by Trump for the investigation regarding her corruption allegation.  

3. According to Prandini, Isler and Barthelmess (2012), Hillary Clinton has been identified as the resilient leader. In order to identify the leadership style of Hillary Clinton, it is important to understand the leadership approach. Over the period of time, Hillary Clinton has constructed the capability to face the diversity (Waldman and Balven 2014). Although, it is known that she has the higher and positive record of accomplishment and this proves that Hillary Clinton is resilient.

The effectiveness of the leadership style of Hillary Clinton has been discussed briefly in the following section:

In the words of Siegel (2014), Hillary Clinton has aimed to the Resilience, which is lower compared to having of self-awareness. As per this type of leadership style, it can be stated that in case of difficult challenges and the misfortune, it is necessary to accumulate knowledge and valuation, which can be acquired during the time of challenges (Voegtlin,  Patzer and Scherer 2012). As a result, Skendall (2012) puts that one can updates one’s beliefs and be authentic. On the other hand, it is very important to update one’s strength so that every individual can handle risks. On the other hand, in this case, one is needed to evade distractions. Instead of this, as per the Hillary Clinton’s opinion, it can be concluded that everybody require to be optimist that they can accept the challenges and be able to deal with the hardest circumstances (Szczepanska-Woszczyna, Dacko-Pikiewicz and Lis 2015). The followers have listened her thoughts with respect and honesty as well, which will help them to take appropriate decisions.

In order to make her leadership approach significant as well as effective, Hillary Clinton motivates the resilient workforce within the existing political environment and hence, the resilient leaders require to follow to the exceptional communication skills. In this purpose, Thompson (2012) cited that the resilient leaders need to deliver messages, which can encourage the followers to contract with complexity and the disruptive changing. As a result, they require convincing the democratic supporters. Moreover, as mentioned by Voegtlin, Patzer and Scherer (2012) Hillary Clinton has occupied a larger space in the follower’s heart and therefore, it can be concluded that she has been achieved the goals.

Hillary Clinton focused on the two key indicators, which reflects the followers not to be failed. In this context, it can be identified that resilient leaders identify that they cannot be successful alone. Clinton has found that in case of the opportunity of dynamic partnership, it is able to address the new challenges. Waldman and Balven (2014) added that Hillary Clinton is successful in order to create as well as can diverse the human web, which can represent the separation throughout the global economy. Therefore, after developing the relationship with the followers, it is required to expand the network. In this view, it can be stated that the degree of separation with the leaders is seemed to be highly effective (Witt and Stahl 2015).

Lastly, Clinton has focused to the concept of Smart power. This describes that continuous learning can enhance the capability to adapt new things and can also help adapt to the complex changes effectively. Hillary Clinton is also famous for leveraging the greater connections and can improve or can gain the support. According to Blakeley and Higgs (2014), Hillary Clinton tried to listen and understand the issues firstly, after that she aimed to the learning more.

4. This section tried to highlight the several approaches of the leaders, which can influence the stakeholders such as the board of United States of America, executives, employees, and government. In the points of Blakeley and Higgs (2014), leadership influence reflects the follower’s emotions, opinion as well as the behaviour. These are the necessary factors to enhance the leader’s capability to manage and control the foundation of Hillary Clinton. Hence, it can be mentioned that these influential factors are important to control the employees or the followers. In this connection, Keating, Rosch and Burgoon (2014) added that some of the relevant influential factors, which are required with respect to following a leader, include compliance, internalisation and the identification. Compliance leads to identify whether the supporters and the executives have recognised the principles of the leaders and whether they have obeyed the principles or not. In addition, identification is the step where the stakeholders have tried to follow the approaches of the leaders after identifying the principles. In this context, Novicevic et al. (2013) identified that status is the major part of the identification. On the other hand, internalisation is helpful to build the stakeholder’s belief, valuation and concern as per the leader’s perception.

On the other hand, in order to understand how the leaders influence the government of the same country, Martin, Hevel and Pascarella (2012) opined that leaders help to bring the followers together to get the control of government. In addition, the leaders can construct the reliable policies, which will be beneficial for everybody. On the other hand, it can be mentioned that leaders are involved in the governmental operational levels. They perform a major role with respect to taking governmental decisions. The major reason of nominating the leaders is to achieve the goals with the help of the legislators. In this purpose, Paraschiv et al. (2012) stated that the leaders are also willing to involve the supports or the follower as much as possible. Among the followers, most of the followers tried to play a positive role in order to elect the particular leaders at the time of election. Furthermore, the democrats are able to support the employees and the government can find out the solution over the country’s problems and the shortcomings. Parker and Pascarella (2013) mentioned that the leaders are not the policymakers of the country. They only hold an important position in case of taking decisions. Instead of this, the leaders facilitate the government. The leaders are cooperative in case of legislation (Szczepanska-Woszczyna, Dacko-Pikiewicz and Lis 2015). In this purpose, it can be mentioned that the leaders are capable to mitigate the gap between the legislators and the executives. As a result, it is helpful in case of working of together. Therefore, in a synopsis, it can be concluded that in case of the leaders of the ruling party, the government cannot perform the duty or the roles as per the requirement (Patzer, Voegtlin and Scherer 2013).

On the other hand, the leaders can simplify and can formulate the political procedure within the country. The leaders mainly aimed at the performance of aggregation regarding the interest rate. Therefore, they are  the representative of the political parties, who can obtain the role of the legislators in order to stabilise the situation (Pearce, Wassenaar and Manz 2014). These leaders are assumed to be beneficial from the point view of the public. The reason can be stated as these leaders can formulate and implement policies as per the supporter’s requirements.

5. This study is also helpful to estimate the success of Hillary Clinton as a responsible leader. In this purpose, Pless et al. (2014) highlighted that this first lady nominated as the candidate for president position, who reflects to overcome the obstacles or the difficulties, and has been followed by each of the single women. Hillary Clinton has been nominated for two times of war chest. However, Prandini, Isler and Barthelmess (2012) argued that Mrs. Clinton’s success has fuelled the charges. The reason is that she has confined financial interests to exploit the overall corruption process of the foundation’s campaign financing (Prandini, Isler, and Barthelmess 2012).  

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has tried to change the technical approaches with the greater observation of her in the year of 2008. On the other hand, she determines to mitigate the hindrances, which encourage other women to sight the insurgent strategies. In case of the discussion of Hillary Clinton’s career, Szczepanska-Woszczyna, Dacko-Pikiewicz and Lis (2015) opined that the opponents are mostly male candidates. Hillary Clinton has always tied to include the domestic policies under the Bill Clinton’s administration. Therefore, in this respect, it can be stated that being the first women presidential nominated candidate, she was highly competitive.  

According to Voegtlin, Patzer and Scherer (2012), the other most important obstacle can tackle the female candidature of Hillary Clinton, and it can be assumed that the lack by nature or the capacity will lead to supervise the foreign policy. Hillary also helped to the children of the country in order to improve their health (Parker and Pascarella 2013). In this relation, Mrs. Clinton has fought for passing the health care reform for the children. In addition, when the reform was not passed initially, Hillary didn’t lose her hope and fought for the health insurance activities. Waldman and Balven (2014) added that Hillary aimed to give health care service to the 9/11 victims.

Hillary Clinton has been stated that women rights are needed to be converted into the human rights. With respect to this, Hillary was determined and therefore, speaks out about the women rights abuses and makes the program successful. Instead of this, Hillary tried to communicate a ceasefire with the countries like Israel as well as Hamas regarding the higher rate of stake.  

In the words of Witt and Stahl (2015), Hillary Clinton delivered a influential speech in China on women, which encourage the women. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been performing a major key role in the development of America’s leadership after the Bush session. She regained the alliances with European countries as well as with Africa (Martin,  Hevel and Pascarella 2012).

Hillary Clinton determined to visit to Iraq as well as to Afghanistan; which was decided after the beginning of Iraq war. She planned to motivate and encourage the women of the countries. In addition, she told them not to give up even after their failure. However, she criticised the administration of Iraq for taking of poor and irrelevant decisions during the war. It is necessary to make a solution for the problems of Iraq as identified by Skendall (2012).

6. The recommendations can improve the performance of Hillary Clinton. Firstly, it is necessary the leader require to have enough knowledge regarding the politics. Unless, Hillary will not be able to understand the role or the function of a responsible political leader and she will not be able to recognise the political history of the country. On the other hand, Thompson (2012) mentioned that the leaders will not be able to identify the role of the government. As a result, Hillary Clinton can effectively enhance the performance of an ideal and responsible leader.

According to Siegel (2014), the Clinton requires taking part in the speech; as a result, she can be updated herself with the trend of the latest politics.  In this purpose, this leader needs to feel safe during the time of delivery of speech. The leader also require giving chance to the other executives of the foundation in case of decision making, so that the leader can take relevant decision, which is reliable for the others. In this context, it can be stated that sometimes the executive also represent her greater review about the decision, which may reflect the performance of the leader (Keating, Rosch and Burgoon 2014). This will effectively improve the communication skills between the supporters, citizens and the executives. As a result, Hillary Clinton will be able to identify the shortcomings or the difficulties and also understand what the citizens have been suffering from.  This will also make a greater impact to the citizens and the performance of that leader will be significantly improved.

Moreover, Moody-Stuart (2014) cited that the challenging factors can influence the performance of Hillary Clinton. In this purpose, it can be stated that the worker satisfaction, government leaders highlight to take complex challenges. This will effectively enhance the opportunity of Clinton. In order to improve the performance of the leader, she requires to work in a group. The leader requires observing and supervising the performance of the team members and the executives (Blakeley and Higgs 2014). They also require to train regarding the objective of the group. This will significantly enhance the performance. Hillary also needs to be accountable to the other executives or to the followers.     

Furthermore, as per the statement of Jones (2014), it is required to reform the political parties. In this order, the Hillary requires to remove the corruption within the foundation. As a result, the political environment will be better from the previous. With the reforming of the political foundations, this responsible can take or can face more risks from previous. This is the challenging issue to the foundation. Hence, Gleason (2012) mentioned that this will in turn improve the performance of Hillary Clinton.


After analysing the overall study, it can be observed that this study is helpful to identify and understand the role of a responsible leader. In this purpose, this study has  highlighted the performance of Hillary Clinton, who is the first female politician as well as leader. In addition, Hillary Clinton was nominated for the presidential candidature. Firstly, this study has tried to develop and analyse the leadership challenges, which have been faced by Hillary Clinton. In this connection, it can be observed that Hillary Clinton has aimed the five basic principles. She mainly focused on the women empowerment and made a mark by herself. Moreover, she stated that one does not require losing hope and should not give up even after failure. As a result, everybody can overcome the obstacles. In addition, this study has highlighted the organisational nature and the organisational challenges, which are faced by the followers. In this context, the followers require to aim to the three principles such as listening, compliance and the legitimising. On the other hand, this study is helpful to understand the leadership style of Hillary Clinton and how this leadership style is effective for the followers as well as the supporters in this study.

The study is beneficial as it highlights several approaches which influence the stakeholders. In this connection, how the board, executives, employees and the government has been influenced by the leadership approach of Hillary Clinton has also been analysed. This study has been aimed to the discussion on how Hillary Clinton has been successful in her way, which she has used to follow. In order to observe her success, it is necessary to identify what she has performed till the present date. In this respect, it can be observed that Hillary Clinton mainly focused on the health condition of the citizens as well as of the children. Lastly, in this study, some recommendations have been added, which could improve the performance of a leader effectively. After the discussion, it can be mentioned that the leaders require considering the executives review in case of decision making procedure, which in turn could fruitfully improve the performance of the leaders.


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Witt, M.A. and Stahl, G.K., 2015. Foundations of responsible leadership: Asian versus Western executive responsibility orientations toward key stakeholders. Journal of Business Ethics, pp.1-16. is the most reliable and dependable academic writing service in UK. We provide specialized help for all subjects and topics under the sky, successfully delivering top-notch quality work on time without any compromise. Our expert team of experienced researchers, writers, academicians and editors has a record of providing high-quality assignment writing service. They can guide students to achieve academic success through a result-oriented approach.

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