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State of Knowledge and Effective Interventions


Discuss about the State of Knowledge and Effective Interventions.



Bullying is the aggressive behaviour that is prevalent among the school children that results on account of power imbalance. This kind of behaviour is often repeated and the kids who are subject to bullying have to suffer lasting problems. The primary motivation pertaining to bullying is to abuse and intimidate other people. An important aspect in relation to bullying is the perception of imbalance in relation to social power that distinguishes it from that of conflict (Yates and Smith 2017).

 Bullying can be addressed by recognizing it as a problem and it should be addressed at the initial stages so that it does not escalate into something big. The student witnesses who have seen an act of bullying should be encouraged to report that can help in the repetition of such kind of crimes. There are many who fear retaliation but the school environment should be able to instill courage in the students so that they report about any act of bullying. There should be adequate monitoring in the bully-prone areas like that of locker room, hall way and bath room that can help in curbing any act of bullying (Juvonen and Graham 2014). Anonymous surveys can also be carried out in the school that can help in prevention of the act of bullying. Prompt reporting of any kind of mischievous and violent behaviour that is aimed at hurting other people can help in the prevention of bullying within the school premises (Menesini and Salmivalli 2017). An individual on noticing any kind of aggressive streak in the students should immediately report to the school authorities that can help in preserving the dignity of the human person.

An individual should be kind to the individual who is being bullied that can help them in getting over the mental agony. One should have a sympathetic outlook and be patient with a person who is being bullied. An individual can act as a leader in the prevention of bullying within the community. One can accompany their friends to report about any incident of bullying that can help in the prevention of such kind of crimes (Gerlinger and Wo 2016). The school safety committee can help in the prevention of any kind of incidents related to bullying. It can help in keeping a close check on the activities of the pupils that can help in preventing behaviour related to bullying (Welles, Julia and Seyferth 2018).  The school posters can be created that can help in raising awareness in relation to bullying and the consequences in relation to bullying should be made known to all the students along with the faculty of the school.

The teachers in an institution can act as the role model that can help in setting an example which can be followed by the students. The teachers in an institution should create a supportive environment that can help in the creation of a culture of inclusion. The tone within the classroom should be one of respect that can help in preventing crimes relating to bullying. Rules should be developed within the school environment that can help in creating a climate that lays stress on respect (Jones and Augustine 2015). The rules can be reinforced by making the expectations clear within the professional environment. The intervention should be done immediately that can help in the prevention of bullying on the spot. The kids who are involving themselves in the act of bullying should be talked to separately instead of being rebuked in front of the entire class. The kids who are carrying out bullying should not be asked to apologize but they should be made known about the consequences that can arise out of it and how it will harm his reputation now and also later on. He should be made known about the fact that such kind of behaviour will be detrimental for his professional growth in an organisation and how he can be punished on account of deviating from the standard behaviour (Juvonen and Graham 2014).

The students can be surveyed by the school authorities that can help in throwing light on the nature of the problem (Menesini and Salmivalli 2017). A code of conduct should be developed within the professional environment that defines the unacceptable behaviour. The teachers along with the students can be trained regarding how to tackle any incident of bullying. The adults should always be vigilant within the school environment that can help in preventing any kind of bullying. The school assemblies along with communication campaigns should focus on the school values that can help in bringing the community together.


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Yates, C. and Smith, P.K., 2017. Bullying in two English comprehensive schools. In Bullying (1989) (pp. 36-48). Routledge. is the best option for those who are looking for reliable academic writing services. To show our genuineness, we submit only high quality assignments so that students never lose out on important grades. Our mission is to provide plagiarism-free solutions at very affordable prices. Students can get assignment help on any subject or topic from us.

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