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Statistic and Business Research Methods


Write report to highlights the new and revised business plans and strategies of the Citizen's Gas Company.



The report highlights the new and revised business plans and strategies of the Citizen's Gas Company, which provides gas services to a varied range of its customers. The customer base comprises of the three types: residential, commercial and industrial types. The demand for gas for the three types of customers varies differently with some factors ranging from weather conditions to various economic and business factors. The citizen's gas company buys its gasses from ten gas supply companies on a contractual basis. Based on these contracts the demand of the customers is often not met adequately, or the supply of the gasses sometimes exceeds the demand. Hence, the company wants to revise it's policies to overcome these problems (Gutiérrez and Vernis 2016.).

Features of the Company’s new plan

To meet the demands and supply of gasses provided to the customers, the company has hired a corporate planning director. The director should design the new strategies and plans mainly by research conducted on the customers to extract precise details. An investigation should be made on the income of each household of residential and commercial customers. Depending on this information, the director can predict and analyze the demand for gas among these customers. The director should also keep in mind the weather conditions in which these families dwell as this factor also affects the demand for gas. For industrial customers, the profit earned from the business firms should be considered to estimate their demand. With this information in hand, the director can easily predict the amount of gas to be supplied to fulfill the needs of the company's customers. This will help in retaining the sales of the company(Kriesky et al. 2013.).

Data used for the new system

To maintain a balance between the demand and supply of the gasses so that not much is wasted the company wants to adopt a new system. The new system provides a monthly plan of gas supply for five years. Particular emphasis is laid on the first year plan. The company will collect actual data for the decision making plan of the new policy. The data should consist of three main variables: number of customers in each of the three categories commercial, residential and industrial; income or profit of each household or business firms and their monthly demand for gasses. It is crucial to include the above three variables in the data for making the new policy as this would give a clear picture of the quantity demanded by each of the three categories of the customers. This would enable the director to predict the amount of gas to be supplied for each of these three categories. The director should lay emphasis on the details of the data collected so that precise and correct conclusion can be drawn (Minattur 2016).


The report made on the plans and policies of the new system adopted by the company throws light on the measures to be taken by the director. Following the above-proposed measures, the company can meet the demands of all types of customers very efficiently. The company can regulate the supply of the gasses so that nothing is wasted. 


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