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The Consumer Behavior


Write an essay on The Consumer behavior.


The Consumer behavior simply explained as of how an individual creates the decision to spend their existing funds (time, capital and effort) or expenditure associated parts (What to purchase? When to purchase?, How to purchase?, etc. ) (San Yap  and Yazdanifard , 2014). The increase of consumerism and consumer laws put emphasis on the significance of the analysis of the market and market demands. The diverse nature of the market makes the task for the marketers more challenging in assessing the requirements of the consumers. Therefore, Consumer Behavior analysis is important to understand the trend and in-depth knowledge of the market (Saaty and Vargas, 2013).  Thus, Consumer Behavior is the study of consumers or business organizations, and the processes consumers employ to investigate, pick, utilize and dispose of services, experience, products or ideas to persuade requirements and its effect on the consumer and community. When an individual feels the urge or desire that motivates to buy a product or service, which are controlled by an individual’s psychological, social or financial influences. Travelling behavior can simply explain the attitude and perception of an individual during and after a holiday purchase.  In this study, the author is studying to analyze the decision making process of an individual in the course of buying a holiday package. For that matter, the author is taking the case of Mr. Carl Jones, who has recently brought a holiday, the package for his family, a trip to Miami in the month of July 2016. The main motive is to provide a certain prominence on the perceptions and motivations and, the subsequent decision and post-purchasing evaluation stages (Gainsbury et al., 2015).

Tourist decision-making process:

The conventional consumer decision-making process comprises five stages: (1) recognition, (2) investigation, (3) alternatives, (4) purchasing, and (5) post-purchase assessment (Solomon 2014). The above processes, influenced by psychological and financial factors and influenced by environmental factors such as cultural, society, and principles and beliefs (Gross,  2014). 

The recent expansion and development in the tourism industry have increased the importance of studying consumer behavior to follow the market trends(Kumar and Raju, 2013) . The Holiday decision-making process is unusual than what the traditional problem solving models of consumer behaviors and decision-making. The main reason is that the holiday decision-making process does not have the sequential order of decision-making processes, unlike traditional problem solving models of consumer behaviors. The most common factors that motivate in the consumer decision-making process are the level of involvement, situational factors, expectation, nostalgia, and daydreaming (Betsch, and Haberstroh, 2014). When Mr. Jones and his family first decided to go on a holiday, the first thing was to decide a place. Here starts the first process of information collection and in holiday decision, making process gathered in an informal manner. Mr. and Mrs. Jones started to search the internet; kid asked their friends where to go. The family decided to settle for Miami because the parents had their first holiday together in Miami in 2000 and it was a wonderful experience for them. Thus, it can say that decision-making process is an ongoing process, and as soon as one holiday ends, an individual starts to plan for the next. 

The individual evaluates a range of alternatives as new information is gathered and changes to the next holiday plan. Decision-making method regarding the purchase of holiday can explain as opportunistic and adjustable. Which means, even if an individual wants to visit a particular place or destination, it can only be possible when a real opportunity arises. Thus, opportunistic and adjustability is the two most important factors in the decision-making process of holiday purchase. Requirements and wants of holidaymakers directly associated with the alternative of solutions and effortless decision rules are necessary for spite of their limitation. 

 “The decision making process in the buying of holidays is described by aspects like selective processing, the limited amount of processing, qualitative reasoning, and lack of evaluation of each alternative and non-compensatory rule.” (Horner and Swarbrooke, 2016). Several consumer behavior theories unfold the process of how consumers approach the purchasing of holidays. It is explainable from these theories how consumers use different approaches in purchasing process depending on the external and internal environmental factors, personality and societal influences. According to the Generic Theory, an individual recognizes the demand of purchasing a holiday, and this instigates the desire for carrying out of research about a particular holiday destination. 

The cultural theory of purchasing behavior explains that cultural environment emphasizes a vital function in controlling consumer's buying behavior in purchasing holiday. Culture has a crucial controlling effect on consumer behavior, which based on values and principles of the society (Wen et al., 2014)). The social status, education qualification, peers, financial earnings and family also persuades the consumers buying behavior. In the present scenario, his family influences Mr. Jones especially by his wife in selecting Miami as the holiday destination. In the holiday buying process, the lifestyle of an individual also plays an important role in the purchasing.

It is important how marketers present a holiday destination in the global market so that it can successfully attract tourists (Fotis, 2015). It is important for marketers to identify the special features and present them to attract the target audience. For instance, Mr. Jones work as a medical practitioner and his wife Mrs. Jones is a primary school teacher. Both have a tight and hectic working schedule. Where the kids have goes in high school. Therefore, the holiday for Jones family is for relaxation and leisure purpose.  Therefore, marketing of holiday destinations should not mix with other products and services as tourism encompasses of both tangible and non-tangible products. Therefore, a marketing of traveling destination should encompass different features like relaxation, leisure, adventure, shopping, sports, etc. It is important to understand and realize what motives and individual for purchasing of a holiday. The motivations persuade the travel behavior of an individual as they have direct relation and effect on the decision making the process of purchasing the holiday. Thus, travel motivators and travel behaviors are two different factors for the traveling business organizations. Like consumer behavior of the market directly influence the marketing process or a product or service, also, the traveling behavior of tourists effects the marketing of travel destinations to create demand and persuade travels to choose a particular travel destination which can satisfy the need of the tourist ( here relaxation and leisure). The motivation factors of a tourist signify aspects thrusts an individual to travel, concerning equally conscious and unconscious features, and mutually constant wants and transitional ones. Unlike other motivational factors in purchasing behavior, the holiday motivation, have positive or negative impulses. In judging a likely holiday destination, constant motivational factors associated with personality also contradict with each other (negative and positive stimulator).

In the following situation, the factors that made Mr. Jones to decide Miami as a holiday destination here are two different elements: 

the push factors for taking a break from everyday routine life, which comprises of  mainly  socio-psychological factors; 

The pull factors that made Miami in context to luxury attraction offered in the destination (Alamanos et al., 2014). 

The above factor that motivates Jones family to the desire to travel to Miami, while other represent the luxury attraction that Miami offers.


In the above report, the author has analyzed and explained how different external and internal factors affect the consumers in the process of buying a particular product. Here, the author has taken the example of Mr. Jones, who has recently been on a holiday in Miami. The decision-making process in the present scenario based on adaptableness, and opportunities. As analyze, holiday decision-making measured as the rational as decision-making process where a consumer decides to travel when he feels the desire. Consumer decision making is viewed as imperative as the consumer is acquiring a particular product to achieve the goal an individual wants or needs. Also, the marketers need to understand the purchasing behavior of the consumers for sustainable growth and development of the business organization. A proper analysis of the consumer behavior enables a business organization to achieve a competitive advantage in the market.  


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