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Tourism Development


Analysis ends disclosing three important elements that are mentioned BRIEFLY.

a) Identify the real problem: The lack of visitors is a symptom of a problem

b) Identify a solution: The choice of P/S that will fulfill the gap in the market

c) Definition of your Target Market: whether mass marketing or a particular segment



The current paper will bring to light the concept of a marketing plan with respect to tourism development of the town of Shrewsbury. A marketing plan refers to the complete evaluation of the company’s strategic efforts based on the marketing approaches in order to meet the specific objectives set by the company. Marketing plan is also considered as the testimonial of the market position as well as strategies in this contemporary market. In addition to deriving the market position of the company, the marketing plan also derives the suitable goals for achieving success by interacting with the competitive business audiences. The marketing plan is also focused on the evaluation of the target market which will provide distinct ideas in respect of business.

The tourism approach of Shrewsbury is based on the highly impressive historical architecture of the 14th century as well as authentic 10th century walls and castle. This extreme prosperity of living traditional environment has generated an ample amount business opportunity despite several traditional transportation hindrances. In this current paper, the market position of the business idea has been evaluated with the help of the 4Ps of the marketing mix model. This marketing mix model will be most effective for analyzing the marketing position on the basis of the product appeal, pricing scope, place significance as well as promotional opportunities. This paper will also discuss the budget of the marketing plan as well as control of the entire business approach over the target market. The research paper effectively develops an impressive marketing plan so that the business approach can be most successful.


Due to Shrewsbury’s rich history it will appeal to traditional. As a result the products that are to be implemented must appeal to this niche of the market. Products such as day trips and overnight trips that have tours that are rich in culture and heritage will appeal to this market. Some iconic products within Shrewsbury such as the churches and historically rich gems will be included within the product that is being offered to the clients of the traditionalists. Also in the months of spring and summer products such as tours and day trips can be offered that allow individuals to visit nature lands and parks which are quite significant to attracting tourists to Shrewsbury.

The intention of this product such as offering trips to the St. Chads church, St Mary’s church and the Shrewsbury Museum and Art gallery allow us to provide a product to individuals on a yearly basis where the weather will not be a factor of the tours and if they will still go ahead or not. In the summer we will be able to offer products to places such as The Quarry, boat tours and also tours to vineyards where wine tasting can be enjoyed and tours of ruins such as the Acton Burnell Castle and the Haughmond Abbey Ruins. The purpose of our products are to ensure we can grab the attention of the consumer all year round and not only in the Summer of England as it is vital to be able to draw consumers all year round to meet our targets and be more competitive with similar sized cities such as Chester.


Pricing is quite important in attracting the Traditional to Shrewsbury as there are so many competitive cities with similar interests that appeal to this market of individuals aged 46 to 65. As a result our pricing be as close as possible to a cost price so that we can continually appeal to this market and ensure that it is affordable for these individuals whilst we aim to increase our market share where we can then have greater numbers of individuals on these tours where we will then make a significant margin or profit.

By creating a relationship with certain vineyards or even certain attractions where our products will be implemented, a special offer can be negotiated where we can then get more tourists into Shrewsbury at a reduced cost. For example we may be able to create an overnight stay at some of the vineyards where wine testing and meals can be provided at a reduced due to the number of individuals that we would be brining to their facilities. So it would be both a positive for the supplier of the goods and our products. As they can get more clients and we can offer it at a cheaper price. 

As one of our objectives is to satisfy the customer we have to be able to implement certain strategies in relation to the tours. For example: 

Lunch and dinner packages when on day trips

Purchase tickets with a couple and the second couple pays half price

Discount at wineries the include wine testing and eating packages and where available packages of accommodation as well

Discounts of large groups where they are available to book a bus out and have their own personal bus driver and tour guide

As some Traditionals may have younger children offer a day care program for the day where the parents can go on a day trip and their children can be cared for at a reduced price when there are two or more children.

When on the tours within the heart of Shrewsbury discount vouchers can be provided at local restaurants. For example after the boat tour or after a visit of one of the sites

As a result of some of these offers we hope to create a sense of flexibility for these individuals by allowing them to have day trips if they want or even if they want to stay overnight or as long as they satisfy.


The objective of our place is to ensure that we are reducing travelling times of all tours so that the clients have more time to enjoy the product rather than spending it travelling. For example in regards to wineries it is essential to find one that is not only close to the heart of Shrewsbury to ensure the client can enjoy the trip more but one that is a high standard and can accommodate all our clients such as . For example we don't want our clients to be sitting on a bus for hours on end just to get to vineyards. For example the Wroxeter Roman Vineyard would be perfect for a day trip as it is located just a 30 minute drive out of Shrewsbury so that it could be a final stop on a scenic tour where the individuals get a wine test and dinner as a part of their package and even stay the night if they desire. Due to Shrewsbury being a smaller city travelling times shouldn’t ever be too substantial unless going to an attraction which would be a day trip in itself.


A large portion of our budget will be allocated towards promotion. Promotion is significant as without it we will not be able to capture the attention of the consumer. As our target audience is aimed at a specific market of those of a middle age it would not be as effective if we just promote our product on a social media base, as it will not reach much of our intended audience. 

An effective strategy of advertisement would be to focus our advertisement on specific radio stations that appeal to the middle to older generations. Another effective method would be to promote this product on TV channels such as the Lifestyle channel where there focus is on heritage and also the outdoors aspect such as gardening and outdoor living. 

To advertise this product within specific magazines such as those that involve gardening and landscaping would benefit Shrewsbury due to the number of gardens such as the Quarry which is quite an elegant nature land. Another branch of magazine would be those that appeal to those of a heritage architecture as there are a lot of old buildings with significant heritage such as the castles and the classical churches that are in Shrewsbury. 

By also buying spots in travelling magazines may be a worthwhile investment as at immediately gets to a market of people whom are looking to travel so by buying a reoccurring spot in a couple of magazines for a few printing may stick to the reader which would ultimately capture their attention and making them interested in travelling to Shrewsbury. 

By also attaching an advertisement to a search engine may also be very useful. So that when a person types in key words such as beautiful scenery England it has an advertisement to the product selling a package to “The Quarry” in Shrewsbury.

Budget and Controls

The overall budget of the Shrewsbury marketing plan is $120,000. Out of that $120,000 70% will be allocated towards the advertisement of our product as it is essential that we advertise our product on a regular basis to ensure it is effective in remaining in the consumers’ minds. The other 30% of the budget will be allocated to a pricing strategy to ensure that we are able to sell our products at the lowest price possible whilst making a margin of profit to ensure that we can draw the attention of both upper to middle classes as well as cheap day trips for those of all classes. 

Controls Conclusion

The marketing plan that is being offered must be both physically available and always mentally available for all consumers. Both are as significant as each other without either of them the product will not be sold. The product must be always advertised so it can remain in the consumers mind and it must always be available for them as if it is not there is any point in advertising the product. Both qualitative and quantitative data must be provided as it is to determining how the product is going and where they can improve. 

Quantitative data must be established before measures such as market share and market penetration can be established. For qualitative date this will not be able to collect until a substantial amount of clients have tried the product. Qualitative data is also significant as the satisfaction levels of the customers can be provided as a result of surveys of the product. Also feedback can be provided as a result of a collection of qualitative data which is imperative for the development of the product.

To conclude, this plan can implement and achieved in a short to medium time frame. It would just take a few months to develop a cliental base and to develop a positive reputation so a greater number of individuals continue, and begin to use the product. It is vital to have a strong market share as the market plan would not be successful without it. 


The above-discussed paper has been most successful in respect of providing the most impressive business plan for the Tourism Shrewsbury. The product positioning analysis of the business approach effectively identified that the immensely enriching product in respect to the cultural as well as historical context will significantly attract the traditional clients. The products will be offered in such a manner that the customer will be attracted all year round.  In addition, the paper also determined to offer trips to several historical places such as St Mary’s church, St. Chads church, Art gallery as well as Shrewsbury museum. Moreover, the pricing structure will be of a low margin so that the customers can be attracted in a continuous manner. The price will be attempted to be lowered with the business relationship made with surrounding vineyard. The pricing of the product will offer several packages for satisfying the customers as well.

Minimizing the time duration of the transportation will be major concern for the policies regarding the enhancement the attractiveness of the tourism area. It has been identified that the Roman vineyard would be most appropriate for the trip arrangement made from the city due to its low time duration of the travel. The prime focus of the respective business approach is allocating an adequate amount of budget for the significant promotional activities. The advertisements through the radio, gardening magazines as well as social media sites will be the most effective strategy for targeting the middle aged people. It has been decided that $120,000 will be essential for the business approach whilst 70% of that amount will be spent on advertisements. 

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