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Vehicle Characteristics on Road Accidents


Discuss about the Vehicle Characteristics on Road Accidents.



One of the major problems of the people who drive for a long distance is the tyre pressure and the health of the tyre. Most of the time people forget to keep a close vigilance on the tyre health and they do not care enough about the condition of the tyre which results in various problems on the way such as, bursting of the tyre or tyre pressure reduced due to loss of air inside the tyres (Penumaka et al., 2014). Therefore it was very necessary for the drivers and car owners, especially those who drive for a long distance, to get a device that will help them to keep a track on the situation of the tyre and know what is necessary to be done at the right time.

There are many accidents that happen every year due to the sudden flattening of tyre or because of incorrect pressure within the tyres. These accidents are often seen to be fatal and taking lives (Jones, 2016). There are various regulations that has been explained by the car manufacturers to prevent any accident which is caused by the tyre problems explained above. Some of these are, everyday checking the pressure of the air before starting to drive, taking breaks while driving for too long distance, to keep the temperature of the tyre under check. However in most of the cases such regulations are not followed by the car owners. Often the drivers or car owners forget to check their air pressure inside the tyres, or they do not take enough breaks which cause the tyres to burst. Number of accidents are caused because of such carelessness.

The solution to the above mentioned problem will be given by a very unique device. It will be a device which measures pressure of tyre and refill or remove when it is required, and it measures the temperature of the tier and keep notifying the driver so that he/she can take necessary action (Kubba & Jiang, 2014).

The device will be in the shape of plate which can be fit on the rim of the tyre. There will be air compressor tank to store air (Hoever, 2012). The capacity of the tank will be equal to total pressure of all tier of the car. For example, if the tyre pressure for one tyre is 32 psi and there are 4 tires in car then the capacity of tank will be 128.

If device will measure temperature or pressure of the tyre less or more than specific level, it will start its operation and will notify the driver. If it will measure pressure more than specific level, it will remove the air from the tyre till specified level. And if the pressure is low then it will fill the air in tyre. And if it finds that the pressure is decreasing continuously then it means there is puncture in tyre and that devices will refill the air leakage liquid in tyre to fix the puncture along with the air.

Benefits of the generated idea

The main benefit if this idea is it will decrease the ratio of the road accident which occurs because of the break down in tyre. And also, other benefit of this idea is that the driver will not have to stop the vehicle to fix the problems.

This idea will be producing benefits from a number of perspectives, from the consumer’s point of view, from the business owner’s point of view and from the social point of view. The consumers will be benefitted by safer drives, and lesser worries about tyres. The business and the owner will be benefitted by the revenue generated. The social benefit will be employment generation, tax collection of the government and lesser accident ratio.

The business model canvas will be used to analyze the legitimacy and effectiveness of the business and how it will be taken ahead to a successful growing phase (See Appendix 1) (Muhtaroglu et al., 2013). The Key Partners who will take the business forward are the employees, subsidiaries, advertisers, suppliers of peripheral parts. Key activities of the business are manufacturing of the devices, sales and direct purchasing. The business will create value by unique product, very critical for safe drive and wide range of promotions and discounts. The business will establish consumer relationship by helpline, users’ community, price based, discounts and offers (Joyce & Paquin, 2016). The key resources of the business will be skilled employees, presence, brand and know-how. The various channels through which the company will promote and sell its products are social media, supermarkets, websites and retail. The target consumers will be the car drivers and owners and the existing car companies. The various areas where the company will invest on its products are offices, advertising and marketing, salaries, rent, maintenance, licenses, taxes, cost of goods, logistics expenses. On the other hand the company will earn revenue through retail sales of its products.

The business will be successful because of various reasons. First of the business idea is very unique. Therefore the competition presently is zero. In future some companies may come up with similar ideas but till then the company will be enjoying monopoly in the market. The offered products will be of high quality and durable. The security factor of the cars will go up by several notches. The marketing campaign and the advertisements will be strong.

The technology is already discussed with the engineers who will be manufacturing the products in the assembly line. They have already come up with a prototype. A small survey is already done and the people are extremely interested about the idea. If proper investment starts pouring in then it will be a few months of time when the devices will start to leave for the retail car accessories stores. The idea is feasible and practical.


To conclude it must be noted that any endeavour towards establishing a safer drive is really important and praiseworthy. This device is mainly aimed at reducing fatality and injuries because of road accidents resulting from unhealthy tyres. The device will change the way people drive and the drivers can drive for long hours without worrying for the tyres now.


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Penumaka, A. P., Savino, G., Baldanzini, N., & Pierini, M. (2014). In-depth investigations of PTW-car accidents caused by human errors. Safety Science, 68, 212-221. is the best option for those who are looking for reliable academic writing services. To show our genuineness, we submit only high quality assignments so that students never lose out on important grades. Our mission is to provide plagiarism-free solutions at very affordable prices. Students can get assignment help on any subject or topic from us.

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