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Value of IT in Gaining Srategic Competitive Advantage

Question: Discuss about the Value of IT in Gaining Srategic Competitive Advantage. Answer: Introduction The MIS information system is as an approach for studying the information and its main objective is implementation and design of processes in order to provide detailed report and analysis. The decision making process of the organizations is supported by information technology for having proper strategic planning process (Ballim 2016). The information system helps in gathering data and keeping data in a database in order to make it accessible to...

  • Published: 11 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 380

Database Concepts and framework

Question: Discuss about the Database Concepts and framework. Answer: Entity Relationship Diagram Figure 1: Entity Relationship Diagram (Source: Created by author) Business Rule In a database framework, business guidelines are utilized to depict the characteristics property. Each database framework keeps up the business principle during the time of creating database. For this situation, the business guideline is overseen legitimately. The diagram for Entity relationship is planned by supporting the business database standard. Some supposition m...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 399

Professional IT Culture: Fragmentary and Holistic Perspectives

Question: Discuss about the Professional IT Culture for Fragmentary and Holistic Perspectives. Answer: Introducion: In last few years the IT culture throughout the world has grown vastly. Nowadays without the help of IT culture one could set up a good business organization. Due to high growth of IT sector the workplace of each IT sector is managed by the manager who reduces the difficulty of the work in that particular workplace.  The IT sector runs on their different forms of ethics. In the real workplace of the IT sector there should be proper ...

  • Published: 07 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 394

Encryption for Strengthen National Security

Question: Discuss about the Encryption for Strengthen National Security. Answer: Introduction Encryption is imperative, which can strengthen national security, individual financial data or privacy. The article A Key for Encryption, Even for Good Reasons, Weakens Security (Schneier, 2016), highlights the need of America's most powerful internal security organisation FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) (Gorbunov, 2015). The organisation deals mostly with severe criminal activities, which are dubbed federal crimes as they are not bound by ...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 415

Information Technology Ethics: Facebook is Chipping Away at Privacy

Question: Discuss about the Information Technology Ethics for Facebook is Chipping Away at Privacy. Answer: Introduction: Doing Ethics Technique: Doing ethics technique (DET) is a process that is capable of analyzing different ethical issues in any ICT related rather any other ethical dilemma. The process contains certain steps that are needed to be followed in order to achieve the actual ethical issue. The process also demonstrates some mitigation techniques that might be adopted in order to remove the appeared ethical issue. According to (Kosin...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 359

Ethics in Information and Communication Technology: Integration of Telecommunication

Question: Discuss about the Ethics in Information and Communication Technology for Integration of Telecommunication. Answer: Introduction Information and Communication technology is an extension of the information technology, which give priority to the unified communication and integration of telecommunication. There are billions of people who are accessing the internet daily basis for their usages. These rapidly increasing usages are making the ICT more popular and forcing it to become the key element for the development. This assignment is focu...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 387

IT Project Methodology

Question: Discuss about the IT Project Methodology. Answer: Introduction: Methodology in projects is defined as guidelines that a project manager can utilize to perform various project deliverables. The project methodology serves the purpose of defining the project scope, indicating time constraint, and outlining the resources needed to accomplish project deliverables (Conyers 2013, p.34). Examples of the methodologies and processes include; project management body of knowledge, prince2, SDLC, waterfall and agile. The waterfall is a process mode...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 430

Ethics in Information and Communication Technology

Question: Discuss about the Ethics in Information and Communication Technology. Answer: Introduction ICT is defined as Information and communication technology that comprised of communication devices and systems applications and as well as several service applications. This subpart of the Information technology focuses on the global communication perspective. The assignment is related to ethical issue highlighted regarding the ICT. The story chosen for this purpose is: “Africa’s great digital divide: you’re more likely to have access to the...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 464

Mobile Cloud Computing Application Model and Security Constraint

Question: Discuss about the Essay for Mobile Cloud Computing Application Model and Security Constraint. Answer: Abstract Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) provides a vast platform where mobile users can explore their data anywhere anytime using Cloud services. Mobile Cloud Computing integrates the advantage of cloud computing, internet technology and mobile computing. The major issue of using Mobile Cloud Computing is the security of data. Due to advancement in technology, the data security risks also increase tremendously. One of the major issues ...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 467

Computer Crime for Theft of Unprotected Data

Question: Discuss about the Computer Crime for Theft of unprotected data. Answer: Introduction Due to increasing trend of hacking, theft of unprotected data is becoming major issue for the government and non-government organisations along with the individuals in the society. Data theft is a growing issue in the technological world that is creating an alarming situation in present time. This is an issue of leaking data or data dispute caused by the system administrators and office workers. According to Simmons (2016), the data saved in the database...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 432

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