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Audit Effort and Financial Report Misstatements

Question: Discuss about the Audit Effort and Financial Report Misstatements. Answer: Introduction: As per the case study provided in the question, Pharmaceutical ltd is engaged in business of chemical manufacturing. The ethical issues which the business is facing is regarding the disposal of toxic wastes of the company. The company is under investigation for a spill of toxic waste in a nearby river. The senior level employees of the business are trying to conceal the matter. As per Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), no organization is allowed ...

  • Published: 02 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 636

Stimulating Emotions and Behaviors in Individuals

Question: Discuss about the Stimulating Emotions and Behaviors in Individuals. Answer: Introduction: Dementia is a mental health condition that generally affects individuals older than 65 years. It affects the memory, communication, language, visual perception, reasoning, judgment, and ability to focus and pay attention. Such effects can increase several health risks for the patients (, 2018). Dementia Village in Netherlands addresses the health concerns of Dementia patients in the planning and management of the facility. The houses are uni...

  • Published: 11 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 490

Leadership and Transparent Communication

Question: Discuss about the Leadership and Transparent Communication. Answer: Introduction Human resource management in any organization plays a vital role for the success of the business by ensuring employee satisfaction. This employee satisfaction is achieved through various strategies including fair compensation, rewards & recognition, open communication and effective addressing of employee grievances. Performance management is a crucial function of the HR department of any business. Effective performance management leads to employee motiva...

  • Published: 12 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 525

Emerging Epidemic of Cardiovascular Risk

Question: Discuss about the Emerging Epidemic of Cardiovascular Risk. Answer: Introduction: The following annotated bibliography compiles peer-reviewed sources that tackle the topic of obesity among patients in the developed world and how the factor contributes to an increase in the risk of contracting heart disease. Xiao-Xu Xiea et al., (2016) examine the role of Ischemic heart disease in determining the state of health of world cities. The study examines the number of deaths that accrue from the disease, the number of people disabled by the dise...

  • Published: 13 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 504

International Review of Public Administration

Question: Discuss about the International Review of Public Administration. Answer: Cocoa is the most important export crop in Ghana and accounts for 8.2 percent of the nation’s GDP and 30% of the total earnings by exports (Asante-Poku & Angelucci , 2013). The total production of cocoa doubled from 450,000 in 2000 to 900,000 tons in 2010 (Asante-Poku & Angelucci , 2013). The main export destinations include countries in the European Union, the UNITED states and Japan. Cocoa in Ghana is an important item as it contributes 25% of Gh...

  • Published: 14 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 489

Influence of Employee Training and Discipline

Question: Discuss about the Influence of Employee Training and Discipline. Answer: Introduction Each and every employee in an organization or a workplace maintains a certain type of relationship with the other employee or the colleagues. The relationship can be either bad or warm. The relationship can exist between the different hierarchies. It can exist between the two members of the management, between the superiors and the employees, and also between the co-workers. It is important to mention that organizations pay a lot of attention in marinati...

  • Published: 15 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 585

Interpersonal Skills in Organisations

Question: Discuss about the Interpersonal Skills in Organisations. Answer: Intoroduction: Diversity is defined as the differences related to the gender, ethnicity, age, religion and sexual orientation.  This has direct impact on the origin of the business organization and development of the business organization.  This report is based on the examination of the diversity management in Australia and allowing in developing better facilities.   With the advent of globalization and rising migration, it has become important to manage ...

  • Published: 16 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 509

Stakeholders and Uncertainty Management

Question: Discuss about the Stakeholders and Uncertainty Management. Answer: Introduction Project Management is a discipline that allows the project managers, administration, leaders, and resources to effectively carry out the project activities to achieve project success. There are different standards and methodologies defined to execute and implement project management in the business organizations, such as Projects in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2), Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), Agile Project Management, etc. These standards ar...

  • Published: 18 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 554

E-HRM and Strategic Human Resource Management

Question: Discuss about the E-HRM and Strategic Human Resource Management. Answer: Introduction: The following essay attempts a critical review of two peer-reviewed journal articles that deal with the study of the concepts involved in human resource management. The essay stresses on the major issues and arguments that are discussed in the articles. The essay further tends to focus on the key point that the author intends to put forth through the concerned article as well as tends to comment on the veracity of the research that was undertaken by the...

  • Published: 19 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 574

Pedagogy for Positive Learning Environment

Question: Discuss about the Pedagogy for Positive Learning Environment. Answer: Introduction: Adolescence is one of the stages of development as proposed by psychologists Freud. It is the stage, which comes after infancy. Delving deep into the aspect, adolescence is the period, when a child penetrates into the first stage of maturity. Onset of puberty indicates the transformation of the child into an adult in case of the females (Meij, Meij & Harmsen, 2015). Adolescent period is usually known as teenage, although the symptoms initiate from an e...

  • Published: 20 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 456

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