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Implementing Activity Based Costing (ABC)

Question: Discuss about the Implementing Activity Based Costing (ABC). Answer: Introduction Management accounting comprised of making and offering statistical and financial information to the managers of the business such that they can take daily managerial decisions (Debitor, 2018). It is different from financial accounting. In financial accounting statements are organised for the internal stakeholders of the company and in management accounting reports are prepared for external stakeholders (Freedman, 2018). This report is being prepared in order...

  • Published: 30 May, 2019
  • Views: 678

Electroconvulsive Therapy on Cognitive Functioning

Question: Discuss about the Electroconvulsive Therapy on Cognitive Functioning. Answer: Introduction: The efficacy of the ECT in depression was found effective in both elders and younger patents. However, the efficacy was markedly greater in older patients than in younger.  Further, it was found effective in various areas of depression such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and melancholic depression (Kerner & Prudic, 2014). However, it can be criticised that it is not applicable for use in mild to moderate depression. In psychiatric condi...

  • Published: 31 May, 2019
  • Views: 483

Intelligence Pedagogic Grammar Analysis

Question: Discuss about the Intelligence Pedagogic Grammar Analysis. Answer: Introduction: In pedagogic grammar, a suprasegmental feature additionally called Prosodic feature, for instance in a discourse, features, for example, stretch, tone and word crossroads are included over consonants and vowels which are not ordinarily restricted to single sounds but rather syllables, words and furthermore phrases(Hill et al, 2016). In Dan Pinks Puzzle of motivation, he delivers a speech using a well-organized and condensed speech. He opens the speech by ver...

  • Published: 01 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 389

Strategic Management Analysis of Etisalat

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Management Analysis of Etisalat. Answer: Introduction The report will be based on the analysis of the strategic environment in which an organization operates in an effective manner. The organization that is taken into consideration for this analysis is Etisalat which has its operations in United Arab Emirates. The corporate social responsibility based activities of the organization will also analysed in the report in detail. The organization is thereby analysed based on various factors which include, the target...

  • Published: 03 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 1698

Catastrophe Management in Engineering Systems

Question: Discuss about the Catastrophe Management in Engineering Systems. Answer: Introduction: The identification of the risk that might be faced by the organization while undertaking the change is based on the utilization of Dose-Response Analysis. It helps in identifying the relationship between the different dosage and the type of response based on the probability of the events occurring as per the objectives of the business (Park et al.  2013).  The analysis will be enabling he organization to undertake a clear review of the differe...

  • Published: 04 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 416

Implementation Duration and New Venture Performance

Question: Discuss about the Implementation Duration and New Venture Performance. Answer: Introduction: A new product is an original commodity that is invented by individuals in the market. For a company to be successful, it has to remain competent by being able to roll out new products for the satisfaction of potential customers. A new produce could be a modification of the existing, or the company could acquire patent rights, brand, another company or license to produce a given invention. I have observed that innovation is what drives the growth o...

  • Published: 06 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 423

Collins Car Parking System

Question: Discuss about the Collins Car Parking System. Answer: Introduction: Colin’s car parking system is one of the popular cars parking organisation based in Melbourne. It operates over 20 car parks in the city of Melbourne CBD. The enterprise has decided to upgrade their services and want to shift to smart devices, in this way they can facilitate the customers and can gain competitive advantage. The car parking system should provide several services like the ticket generation, records maintenance, payments. As per requirements the system mus...

  • Published: 10 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 407

Journal of Information Systems and Telecommunication

Question: Discuss about the Journal of Information Systems and Telecommunication. Answer: Introduction The report is prepared for the presentation of a comparative study on the operation of the multiprotocol label switching, virtual private LAN services and the metropolitan Ethernet. The MPLS, VPLS and the Metro Ethernet are used for delivering a connectivity with the different form of service level agreements and maintaining the quality of service in the network. The metro Ethernet is an Ethernet based standard used for connecting the different ar...

  • Published: 11 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 407

Social Conflict Management Framework

Question: Discuss about the Social Conflict Management Framework. Answer: Introduction Risk is defined as the sudden unexpected change in the working environment. The risks can be associated with the processes and the project management. The risk defines the unwanted event that occurs in the working environment that will create the effect on the project or the process environment in a positive or the negative way. In most of the cases, the risks associated with the project management has the negative effect on the projects (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017...

  • Published: 12 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 612

Advantages and Limitations of Financial Ratios

Question: Discuss about the Advantages and Limitations of Financial Ratios. Answer: Introduction Every investor is aware of fundamental and technical analysis’s importance for evaluating the performance of the company. Financial ratios are the integral part for the financial statement of the company and it assists in comparing the entities among different accounting periods, among the industries and among the peers. In the same way, if any person wants to analyse the position of personal finance on the basis of his financial statement taking into...

  • Published: 13 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 515

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