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Principles of Primary Health

Question: Discuss about the Principles of Primary Health. Answer: Introduction The Ottawa Charter has been influential in strengthening and guiding the principles and practices of health promotion. It provides a framework in which to focus on the health of the whole generations on their lifelong while working towards strengthening the health potential of the people (Fry & Zask, 2016). The charter helps nurses understand their role in the healthcare system.  It gives them a scope of their practices in promoting health, practice in public he...

  • Published: 21 Sep, 2019
  • Views: 569

Ethics of Medical Practitioner Migration

Question: Discuss about the Ethics of Medical Practitioner Migration. Answer: Introduction: The work spectrum of duties of a Healthcare provider in Australia has a wide approach. The train to provide Healthcare support and a number of other facilities to the patients. There are number of cases where the interventions that are being used me not seem ethical and moral. There are a number of situations where a Healthcare personal will be caught up in a tricky situation. In this case study where Declan suffers from a degenerative disorders an epileptic...

  • Published: 11 Sep, 2019
  • Views: 489

Data Collection, Market Intelligence and Research

Question: Discuss about the Data Collection, Market Intelligence and Research. Answer: Introduction: The chosen organization for the paper is Marshfield Clinic. The organization operates in healthcare industry and has it’s headquarter in the Marshfield, WI, United States. The organization is a non-profit organization which was founded in the year 1916 by a group of 6 M.Ds including K.W. Doege, William Hipke, Victor Mason, Walter G. Sexton, H. H. Milbee and Roy P. Potter ( 2018). The best for the organization will be to use th...

  • Published: 09 Sep, 2019
  • Views: 342

Feasibility and Effectiveness of Delirium

Question: Discuss about the Feasibility and Effectiveness of Delirium. Answer: Introduction: Virginia Henderson is a renowned nurse who had out forward a nursing theory that had been highly appreciated and are used by modern day nursing professionals to ensure safe and quality care for the patients. She had developed this theory from her own experiences in nursing and the education she gained throughout her life (Fernandes et al., 2016). She stated that the main goal of nursing professionals should not be only ensuring clinically best care to patie...

  • Published: 07 Jun, 2019
  • Views: 653

Patient Involvement in Diagnosing Cancer

Question: Discuss about the Patient Involvement in Diagnosing Cancer. Answer: Introduction: Involving individuals in their own care and treatment implies that they are supported to manage their wellbeing and health for achieving better health outcomes. Patient involvement in healthcare enables individuals to take part in the decision making process regarding what and how they would be receiving care. It is argued that focus in on a comprehensive care delivery process. More precisely, patient involvement implies that the healthcare services regularl...

  • Published: 26 Mar, 2019
  • Views: 474

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Question: Discuss about the Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Answer: Introduction: The part 5 of the assignment topic about “if there is a place for alternative/traditional medicine options in our current health care” requires that a group member should discuss the quality and merit of research articles or journal which are related to the issue. The reference that was used in this research paper is listed below together with the quality and merit of the references.  Merits and Quality of Research Articles The research articles tha...

  • Published: 05 Oct, 2018
  • Views: 563

Curriculum Influencing Medical Education

Question: Discuss about the Curriculum Influencing Medical Education. Answer: Introduction The report summarizes the poor health condition of the Aboriginal and Torres Islanders of Australia and further explores that what can be done for them to get them out of their present condition. It is seen that the health issues of indigenous people are way more than the non-indigenous people of Australia (Parameswaran, et al., 2012). Thus the report sheds light on the factors those are responsible for these issues and how they can be solved. It is a matter...

  • Published: 27 Sep, 2018
  • Views: 539

Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety

Question: Discuss about the Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety. Answer: Introduction Occupational health management is the highest degree of health promotion and maintenance of social and physical well-being, and mental health of an employee in generalize occupations by averting aggress from health, restraining risks and the adaptation of individual workplace and their jobs. And in most cases workers that are assigned or employed by any company, they are prone to be affected negatively by occupational health hazard especially those th...

  • Published: 12 Sep, 2018
  • Views: 829

Innovation in Transformative Nursing Leadership

Question: Discuss about the Innovation in Transformative Nursing Leadership. Answer: Introduction Nursing leadership is a challenging task that requires an individual is equipped with the right skills and able to govern make decisional support over a group of nurses. Just like any other place, in medical practice, every decision is followed by some significant consequences and these factors guide an individual to make the right decision. Leadership in nursing is all about coordinating the responsibilities of a group of nurses and managing their pro...

  • Published: 03 Sep, 2018
  • Views: 797

Treatment of Resistant Schizophrenia

Question: Discuss about the Treatment of Resistant Schizophrenia. Answer: Introduction: The Chosen patient is Terry Oldie. He is 31 years old. He has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, drug & alcohol abuse and acquired brain injury. There is no objective diagnostic test of Schizophrenia as of 2013 (American Psychiatric Association 2013). Diagnosis is entirely clinical and is based on symptoms of patient and his experiences which he tells to clinician. The diagnosis is also based on the behaviour of patient as described by friends and family membe...

  • Published: 16 Aug, 2018
  • Views: 637

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