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Principles of Healthcare Quality

Question: Discuss about the Report for Principles of Healthcare Quality. Answer: Quality improvement (QI) comprises of efficient and unremitting engagements that lead to assessable enhancement in healthcare amenities and the health standard of the targeted patient group. Among many of the healthcare generated errors, one vital mistake is hospital acquired infections. HAI can be described as an infection that contracted after the hospitalisation a patient but was not present in the patients before hospitalisation. This infection result in serious h...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 591

Dose-Ranging Hemodynamic Study

Question: Discuss about the Dose-Ranging Hemodynamic Study. Answer: Introduction: Acute heart failure is a heterogeneous syndrome which worsens the heart and requires therapy on urgent basis (McMurray et al., 2012).  From the pathophysiological view, the important reason for the heart failure is heart dysfunction along with pulmonary and systemic vasculature. These failures cause an increase in the workload which would produce neurohormonal, cellular and hemodynamic changes. Since Mrs. Brown was diagnosed acute exacerbation of heart failure (A...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 559

Chronic Diseases in Australia for Major Disease

Question: Discuss about the Chronic Diseases in Australia for Major Disease. Answer: Introduction Chronic diseases are the major diseases that are causing the highest number of deaths in Australia. The percentage of the affected population by these illnesses amounts to 90% according to the death tolls in the country as of 2011. The growth the chronic diseases has been followed with many successes in the limitations to the infection and infant deaths in the past. The changing lifestyle and the high number of the aging population have led to the dis...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 743

Smoking Addiction A Major Problem In New Zealand

Question: Discuss the Report for Smoking Addiction A Major Problem In New Zealand. Answer: Every year in New Zealand, around 5000 people die due to smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke (Peto, Lopez, Boreham, & Thun, 2012). Use of tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths in New Zealand, and the reason why? smoking addiction. Smoking addiction is a medical condition that follows after prolonged nicotine intake.  Smoking is part of the concerns that majority of countries around the world deal with especially when it comes to the heal...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 574

Principles of Environment Health

Question: Discuss about the Principles of Environment Health. Answer: Introduction: The essay is an outcome of growing concern related to overpopulation and depletion of natural resources followed by climate change. Overpopulation is the condition where the carrying capacity of the earth is diminished and exceeds by existing human population. In the history, the birth and death rate was well balanced and the population growth rate was sustainable. Advancement in technology has improved humanity in various ways. The factor contributing overpopulatio...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 579

Health and the Federal Government

Question: 1. You have been employed as an economist to advise the Department of Health and the federal government about the following issue. The minister has argued that raising the tax on alcohol is the most effective way to reduce alcohol abuse in our society. Do you agree or disagree? Explain why or why not.   2. Explain the difference between comparative advantage and absolute advantage. Answer: 1. Alcohol is responsible for disease; injury and considerable burden of death in Australia. Hence, the ministers of federal government of this cou...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 538

Nursing for Mental Health

Question: Discuss about the Nursing for Mental Health. Answer: Introduction Compassion fatigue is a mixture of bodily, expressive, and divine exhaustion characterized with concern for patients in major sensitive agony and bodily sorrow (Lombardo, 2011). It denotes a phase of mind collapse. It is an intense feeling of discomfort, illness causing from patients suffering varying characteristics of distress or tension. Suggested in its behavior is engrossed with the shock practiced by patients. It progresses from feeling of slight pain to feeling of ch...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 488

Nursing Research for Biggest Challenges

Question: Discuss about the Nursing Research for Biggest Challenges. Answer: The Research Statement Topic: Factors leading to study stress among nursing students Poor performance and lack of motivation are among the biggest challenges faced by nursing students as a result of study stress. There have never been enough studies to come up with solutions for students on how to curb study stress and its diverse effects. Therefore, new solutions for these challenges need to be identified. Poor performance and lack of motivation in nursing students impact...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 543

Nursing: Ethical Practice in Nursing Care

Question: Discuss about the Nursing for Ethical Practice in Nursing Care.  Answer: Introduction: Nursing is one of the most important professional role n health care frameworks. As nurses deal with the contemporary health issues of patients, they should have effective skills for handling complex situations. Being a nurse, I also have these skills for dealing with contemporary situations in the health care context. In this reflective essay, I will discuss about my nursing skills, which I have undertook during my practice placement. I would reflect ...

  • Published: 04 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 1223

Nursing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Question: Discuss about the Nursing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Answer: Introduction This report will demonstrate the understanding of the clinical reasoning cycle by applying the first three components of the cycle to the given case study of Mrs. Amari who is a 59-year-old woman. Her husband brought her to the emergency department. She told her husband that she felt numbness on the right side of her face as well as in the right arm. Her husband is afraid that she had a stroke that is why he has brought her to the hospital. This clinical reason...

  • Published: 06 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 666

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