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Nursing and Health Care Welfare

Question: Discuss about the Nursing and Health Care Welfare. Answer: Introduction: The beliefs and attitude towards health differ in people according to their social position in society. Different population groups experience different health problems and issues. The approach to receiving health care also differs in a different group. Some groups might be having a major issue in health because of the specific barriers they face in health and access to healthcare service (Clifford et al., 2015). This report specifically focuses on the health charact...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 636

Evaluation of Health Care For Aged

Question: Discuss about the Evaluation of Health Care For Aged. Answer: Introduction: Health care encapsulates the measures taken through use of medical and nursing procedures. Health care comprises of medicated, surgical and non surgical procedures for prevention or recovery from undesirable health conditions. The current study focuses upon the reviewing and evaluation of predictive tools that can assist towards risk modeling in health and medical services. Recent tools such as ACG and DxCG are beneficial in light of examining health care practice...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 532

Unethical Practice of Animal Testing on Cosmetics at Procter & Gamble

Question:  Discuss about the Unethical Practice of Animal Testing on Cosmetics at Procter & Gamble. Answer: Introduction An animal test, animal experiment or animal research are unethical procedures that are conducted on live animals, wherein the animals are forced to undergo processes that cause them pain, distress, suffering, or lasting harm (Murnaghan, 2016). Animal testing is used for various products such as cosmetics, food additives, household products, supplements, medications pesticides, and industrial chemicals at some point in their pro...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 1206

Nursing Challenges and Opportunities

Question: Discuss about the Nursing Challenges and Opportunities. Answer: Introduction: The appendix is located under the liver and lower right abdomen the main store tissue in the human body, which performs numerous serious functions to retain the toxins and material contamination (In Coomarasamy, 2016). The appendix performs it functions as a depot for good microorganisms, “rebooting” the gastric system when diarrheal illnesses occurs. Appendicitis is of problematic to the Ajay Mahajan’s health system and requires some surgery treatment to ...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 523

Alzheimers Disease

Question: Discuss about the Alzheimers Disease. Answer: Introduction Alzheimer disease has a general characterization of having a progressive decline of the cognitive functions of an individual. (Alzheimer Association, 2014). It will substantially have an increase among people of the age 65 years and above, the gradual decrease of the memory, language, and thinking and the learning capacity will be having a vast effect on the patient. (Alzheimer Association, 2014). In a different aspect, it should be in a proper differentiation of the AD and t...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 816

Nursing Care for Mental Health of Fostering Research

Question:  Discuss about the Nursing Care for Mental Health of Fostering Research. Answer: 1. The UN principle of treatment for protection of persons with mental illness states that every patient will have the right to be treated in the least restrictive environment and treatment plan will be based on informed consent taken from patients. This principle will affect the health care provision of a person suffering from mental illness because often mentally ill patients are not informed about the treatment process, and they are given a restrictive en...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 528

Community Nursing

Question: Discuss about the Community Nursing. Answer: Introduction Clinical reasoning is an approach of rational thinking of physician and nurses in the cure of patients. In clinical reasoning two prominent points to be reflected are medical inference to recognize exact problem of the patient and medical judgement to give appropriate cure and management to the patient. In this case presentation of clinical reasoning by the nurse in three areas like activities of daily living (ADL) performance, fall risk and medication assessment and management ...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 642

Leading Company in Medical Science

Question:  Describe about the Leading Company in Medical Science. Answer: Company analysis 3M Littman is one of the most recognized companies providing stethoscopes in the healthcare industry. This company provides a large variety of stethoscopes which are built to last and having an innovative design and best features (Morrison, 2013). The Littman stethoscope is a brand that is distinguished from other in the total world for their best quality. The consistently high-level performance of the company the Littman stethoscope is the best choice for t...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 588

Critical Thinking for Pharmaceutical Industry

Question: Discuss about the Critical Thinking for Pharmaceutical Industry. Answer: The central issue in the given case is the relatively high pricing of medicines in US as compared to other developed countries such as Canada, Germany etc. One of the rationales that is extended for this apparent mismatch is that America accounts for the largest number of drugs being invented and therefore America needs to pay for the high fixed costs involved in the research and development process. The other nations primarily feed on the discoveries already made in ...

  • Published: 23 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 1051

Nursing for Down Syndrome

Question: Discuss about the Nursing for Down Syndrome. Answer: Introduction: Down syndrome is also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the disjunction of the chromosome and addition of a copy to the 21st chromosome pair. One of the main characteristics of such individuals with Down syndrome is an intellectual disability. Such individuals have a poor immune system and normally they have elevated the risk of several health problems that can be life-threatening. According to Deacon & Edirippulige (2015), Type 1 diabetes is an auto...

  • Published: 24 Nov, 2017
  • Views: 998

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