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Accounting Research Theory and Issue

Question: Discuss about the Accounting Research Theory and Issue. Answer: Introduction The article has carried out the critical analysis of the article ‘Half a Defence of positive Accounting Research’ for developing an understanding of the main accounting concepts illustrated in the paper. This article presents the evolution of positive accounting theory since its development in 1970’s. The article examines and analyses the recently emphasised theoretical approach in accounting literature of positive accounting theory. The major weaknesses th...

  • Published: 02 May, 2018
  • Views: 172

Preferable Alternatives to Downsizing Systems

Question: Discuss about the Preferable Alternatives to Downsizing Systems. Answer: Introduction Human resource management is an approach that aims at optimising the performance of the workforce and making the workplace more effective by improving the relationship between the employees and the employers and by improving the overall work conditions. The approach uses a number of concepts, such as training and development, career management, compensation & benefit, performance management, etc. to improve the condition of the employees in companies. Ap...

  • Published: 01 May, 2018
  • Views: 321

Xstrata Holdings Operation Management

Question: Discuss about the Xstrata Holdings Operation Management. Answer: Introduction Xstrata holdings in Australia is a major mining company that mainly deals with the mining of coal. Over the past years, the change in management strategies has led to some evident challenges within the organization. This has in turn led to some challenges in the operations department. Therefore, the operations department has to have everything under control to ease the running of the daily activities of the firm. One major challenge that the firm faces is techn...

  • Published: 30 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 161

Impairment of Assets and Calculation

Question: Discuss about the Impairment of Assets and Calculation. Answer: Introduction Longreach limited is a company enlisted in ASX. To comply with the impairment testing of assets, the company has sought for consultancy on 30.06.2014. To make them understand the implication of this practice, this report is being made focusing on the issues of objective of this practice, treatment of intangible asset like goodwill for this practice with the basic steps for implementing impairment testing of assets as per AASB standard 136. IASB has made it compulso...

  • Published: 28 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 143

Theory and Practice of Change Management

Question: Discuss about the Theory and Practice of Change Management. Answer: Introduction: This particular study has provided an in-depth understanding on the importance of implementing knowledge management and e-commerce within the business process. With the upgrading progress of civilization, the needs and demands of customers are changing gradually. Therefore, the business organizations have to form innovative strategies and policies for maintaining a constant demand in the market. Tata Motors India has been chosen as the selected company. The ...

  • Published: 27 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 138

Auditing Assurance and Services Liability

Question: Discuss about the Auditing Assurance and Services Liability. Answer: Introduction To understand potential liability of auditors in case of financial crisis occurred related to corporate entity, we have to realize the role of auditors in corporate aspect. Audit is a process which is being done by professionals to investigate about certain happenings to derive its trueness and fairness so far its impact is concerned for the stakeholders. For this purpose auditors normally follow certain tested and prefixed methods of techniques to match th...

  • Published: 26 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 133

Financial Impact of BP Oil Spill

Question: Discuss about the Financial Impact of BP Oil Spill. Answer: Introduction: The Deepwater oil spill incident of 2010 is considered as one of the biggest disasters of the twenty first century. The British oil giant BP was the developer of the field named Macondo prospect oil field, the owner of which was Transocean Limited and with whom it had a contract to develop that field for exploration of oil (Lilley and Firestone 2013). After the spillage, there was tremendous outcry with regard to the environmental impacts as damage to the same was u...

  • Published: 25 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 150

Origins and Concepts of Digital Literacy

Question: Discuss about the Origins and Concepts of Digital Literacy. Answer: Introduction Both parties consider different favorable aspects when employing and when getting hired. What the employers and their employees believe is discussed in the paragraphs below. The first one refers to individuals or an entity which hire services of others to perform a task for the organization. On the other hand, employees apply to the servants who are recruited to perform duties and functions assigned by their employers (De Jong, and Den Hartog, 2007, p.56). Th...

  • Published: 24 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 131

Workplace Culture Diversity in Sonic Telecommunication

Question: Discuss about the Workplace Culture Diversity in Sonic Telecommunication. Answer: Workplace Diversity Culture of Sonic Communication Existing workplace diversity culture of Sonic Telecommunication is not effective enough to provide equal opportunities for all the employees. As Kim was migrated to Australia and is from Asian background, here suggestions are not taken seriously by Matthew. Kim also does not get due credits for her productive ideas. Besides, at the time of meetings, Kim’s suggestions are not taken seriously. Therefore, it ...

  • Published: 23 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 127

Knowledge Management and E-Commerce Organization

Question: Discuss about the Knowledge Management and E-Commerce Organization. Answer: Introduction: Knowledge management is the systematic business process with the help of which the business managers can create, share, use and manage the necessary knowledge and information regarding the business process within an organization. Knowledge management is the particular procedure based on which both the managers from various departments tend to evaluate the rate of knowledge among the new employees as well as the existing employees (Aggestam, 2015). Th...

  • Published: 21 Apr, 2018
  • Views: 141

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