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Economics for Methodology of a New Microeconomics

Question: Discuss about the Economics for Methodology of a New Microeconomics . Answer: Introduction: In Economics, the basic fundamental law involves the product price being linked to the demand for the product.  Accordingly, when there is a rise in the alcohol price due to the taxation it is expected there will be lower consumption of alcohol.  The action by the minister will help in achieving fruitful results for the society. Studies have proven increase in the price of alcohol has influenced consumption of alcohol among youths and reduced...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 152

Legal and Ethical Parameters in Nursing

Question: Discuss about the Legal and Ethical Parameters in Nursing. Answer: Introduction: In the given scenario related to the refusal of a Jehova’s witness to take blood transfusion, the ethical dilemma which exists is whether the autonomy of the patient should be respected and the standards of care compromised or the patient’s wishes are ignored and attempt is made for saving his life. In this case an ethical dilemma has been presented, a case if and when arises an choice has to be made between the alternatives that are mutually exclusive (B...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 172

Sociology and Social Science

Question: Discuss about the Sociology and Social Science, Answer: Introduction of Amnesty International Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization, which is focused on human rights protection, working with more than 7 million members and supporter throughout the world. The organization was established in London in the year 1961, followed by the news of an article in “The Observer” on 28th may 1961, named “The Forgotten Prisoners”, written by Peter Benenson. Amnesty focuses on human rights abuses and campaigns for obedience...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 147

Bachelor of Nursing

Question: Discuss about the Bachelor of Nursing. Answer: Introduction The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has laid down standards that suggest various means through which a nurse can enhance professional practice and ensure better quality patient care. Evidence- based practice by nurses helps them to use their expertise in the light of the new research findings so that their current practice improves and the patients are provided with better quality care. Critical reflection helps nurses to constantly think and attune their practice to the...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 140

Project Delivery System for Benefits Management

Question: Discuss about the Project Delivery System for Benefits Management. Answer: The intersection of agile and waterfall In this article, the author has discussed the project delivery model and its importance. Here, two project delivery model has been emphasize such as agile and waterfall. The author has suggested that it is highly important to rely on one delivery model for one project in order to avoid confusion. The waterfall delivery system is the traditional process and on the other hand, agile delivery system is a breakdown process wh...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 152

Quality Management and Operation Management

Question: Discuss about the Quality Management and Operation Management. Answer: Introduction This report will discuss the how operations management has an impact upon a large number of categories. Hence the objectives of operations management is wide. This report will try to look at the five major categories of operations management, we will thus look at the major stakeholders that who have interest or participate in the operations of a company. The foremost are the customers, and to keep them satisfied and delighted must be the goal around which...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 125

Project Consultants Capabilities in Projects Risks

Question: •For your area of practice/research, carry out a limited review of the literature. Try to review between 8 and 12 key peer reviewed journal articles? •Identify the key issues in your area of practice and research. •Part A: Which ‘types’ of research predominate in this field? (this includes research philosophy and methodology). Why do you think that is the case? •Part B: Evaluate what the key authors have said about these issues? What do you think of the coherence of their arguments? To what extent have they substantiated their a...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 146

Global Marketing and Communications

Question: Discuss about the Global Marketing and Communications. Answer: Brand Choice The report presents the selected brand H&M (Hennes & Mauritz AB), a Swedish company that deals in retailing of clothing for men, women and children. The brand currently exists in more than 60 countries with around 3700 stores and 132,000 people under employment and ranked as second largest clothing retailer across the world. This brand is selected due to its high demand and commanding financial resources with gross profit $3,620 million in the financial year 2015....

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 205

Business Analysis Project and Threats

Question: Discuss about the Business Analysis Project and Threats. Answer: Introduction Purpose Security threat is on one the major threats that a company has to encounter. The invasion of unauthorized entry in the data system of a company results in major loss and issues for the company. It hinders the business operation and consequently casts a detrimental effect on the financial conditions of the company. The following report is made on Nintendo. The incident relates to the leakage of confidential data of Nintendo on the internet. This caused p...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 183

System Security in IoT

Question: Discuss about the System Security in IoT. Answer: Introduction Internet of Things is related with the concept of computerizing the devices that are used in everyday life. These are devices like thermostats to automatically detect the weather condition and control he room temperature, automated light, cars and refrigerators. Soon all the devices would be connected to each other via the internet and they can be controlled from anywhere (Tankard 2015). These devices generally contain two parts; one part contains the sensor that collects the...

  • Published: 03 Oct, 2017
  • Views: 138

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