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Management Analysis of Tata Nano: Consumer Psychology

Question: Discuss about the Management Analysis of Tata Nano. Answer: Introduction Source Problem Nano as India's first "People's car" started its sales in 2010. Tata Motors in May 2006 announced that Nano would be manufactured in Singur, West Bengal, India ( 2016). Later, their dispute with a political party led them shifting their production finally in Sanand in 2010. Tata Motors purchased more than 600 acres of land costing around $350 million in Singur. The problem occurred when Tata came to know that the property which w...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 17

Theory and Philosophy of Organizations

Question: Discuss about the Theory and Philosophy of Organizations. Answer: Introduction: Reports state that more explosive allegations have been leveled against Australia’s major convenience store chain with strong claims of a management cover-up of widespread exploitation. It has been reported that 7-Eleven is being investigated over several allegations of wage theft that have seen its network of convenience stores demonstrated as operating “a sweatshop on every corner”. Moreover, it can be seen a fresh claim has emerged that the alleged sc...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 18

Intention to create legal relations

Question: Discuss about the Intention to Create Legal Relations. Answer: Introduction In the matter of Evans v Secretary, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Evans) a petition has been made in regard to the agreements which were affirmed to be made between Mrs. Joan Gladys Evans who died; her husband Mr. Douglas Evans and, their son Gordon Douglas Evans in the year 1993 or 1995. The controversy of Mr. Evans was that he contracted with his father that he would become the manager of the business of his par...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 24

Accounting Information System in Bakery Business

Question: Describe about the Accounting Information System in Bakery Business . Answer: Introduction This report includes processes for the selection of an accounting information system (AIS) in detail. B Bakers is the case organization for which, AIS is proposed in this report by performing consecutive steps such as definition of business processes, develop business requirements, and determine system requirements, software selection and vendor selection. These would be effective to ensure informed information technology (IT) investment. 1. Bu...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 31

International Auditing Standards

Question: Discuss about the International Auditing Standards. Answer: Introduction: In order to reduce an audit risk, an auditor is required by companies to attain reasonable assurance. The question that arises is how low is a low level. Therefore, an audit gap is created by the difference between the eyes of the auditor and the end users of the financial statements (Anandarajan and Kleinman, n.d.). In this paper, we shall analayze how an expectation gap arises and how it can be reduced in auditing. However, in audit, there is unprofessionalism as ...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 14

HRM in Singapore Airlines

Question: Discuss about the HRM in Singapore Airlines. Answer: Introduction Human resource management is one of the most important part in a business, as human resource is responsible for the growth and success of the business. Human resource management is one of the responsible elements in the corporate social responsibility of an organization. Corporate social responsibility is a business aspect that helps to develop a sustainable business through the delivery of social, economic and environmental benefits for the stakeholders. Organizations...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 26

Corporate Auditing and Assurance Services

Question: Discuss about the Corporate Auditing and Assurance Services. Answer: Introduction In wake of the high profile liquidation that have been witnessed in the recent times, the aim of this research is to analyse certain real cases of liquidation in order to better understand the circumstances that actually led to the liquidation of the firm. In this regard, particular relevance would be given to seek answer with regards to the role of liabilities in bringing about the underlying company liquidation based on the information available in public...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 14

Early Childhood Development and Nursing

Question: Discuss about the Early Childhood Development and Nursing. Answer: Introduction: The following essay addresses various aspects of early childhood of 3-6 years age group and assesses the role nursing plays throughout the development process. Although development is a subjective process, certain criteria must be fulfilled at a given age. Children of this age group achieve a number of milestones like learning to sit up and walk and language development and so on. The primary interest of this essay is to assess the influence of physical and c...

  • Published: 28 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 16

Operational management of Tourism and Hospitality

Question: Discuss about the Operational management of Tourism and Hospitality. Answer: Partnership and Alliances  The strategic seven partnerships can help the company Voyagers Point operating in the tourism and partnership industry in several ways. The companies can acquire vivid experience by way of building strong alliances and develop complimentary competence set and shared equipment as well as expenses among many others. The partner with hard money can enter into a partnership with another with intellectual capital (Altinay et al., 2...

  • Published: 29 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 17

Critical Care Nursing

Question: Discuss about the Critical Care Nursing. Answer: Introduction Critical care units including the ICU and the Emergency Departments form part of the most crucial units of a health care facility. The environment in these units must be fit enough to promote patients’ physical, spiritual, social and psychological healing.  Any compromises in the quality of the environment within these units interrupt the patient’s healing process (Harvey, 2011).   This is because the environmental factors may lead patients into vulnerable positions, ma...

  • Published: 29 Dec, 2017
  • Views: 17

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